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Important Knowledge About Sleep Apnea California

By Robert Powell

If you find yourself feeling out of sorts in the morning, chronically fatigued, or unable to concentrate on even the simplest tasks, you may be suffering from one of two distinct forms of Apnea. Obstructive apnea literally means that during your sleep, something physical blocks your airway, cutting off needed oxygen for a full and complete rest. This could be enlarged tonsils or your tongue shifting momentarily. The loss of air in apnea only lasts seconds and the snoring occurs when the air flow is restored. It is advisable to seek medical help from Sleep Apnea California as soon as you can.

Conservative estimations by the World Health Organization are that as many as one-hundred million individuals may be struggling with one or more types of this condition. This can be associated with very special problems for workers within performance-related jobs and especially in the commercial trucking industry, air carriers and pilots, air-traffic control and other transport related industries along with other high-stress occupations.

The second kind, central apnea, happens when your brain fails to send the proper signals to continue your breathing. You might think that breathing is automatic, but it really depends on your, telling you to. This kind of condition, as well as the obstructive kind, is best diagnosed by undergoing a sleep study.

This disorder is not easily realized by the patient suffering from it, in most cases a year passes without the person noticing he is suffering from this condition. However, the symptoms are easily noted by other people who see the patient sleeping. There are a number of different symptoms that the person suffering from the condition will suffer from, some of which are as follows.

One of the biggest problems with the condition is that it is not easy to diagnose and that it cannot be done in simple office timings. The only way to diagnose it is when the person is asleep and then a sleep study kind of test known as polysomnogram needs to be done.

In this test, batteries are connected to the person while he is asleep and then he is monitored throughout the night to see what areas of the brain are affected by this disorder.

Continuously low oxygen levels can lead to a loss in equilibrium, chronic fatigue, and memory loss. Oxygen is required in the blood to aid in healing and in fighting off infections. Longterm condition can compromise your immune system to where it can no longer resist viruses, bacteria, and infections, which can lead to more serious complications later on.

Unless an individual admits they fell asleep at the wheel, the actual accident is going to be reported as being an improper lane change, speeding, or other driver error. Regrettably, there is little an individual can do regarding other drivers on the road but you can take care of your own health and that of your family. But if everybody would do that, the problem may improve significantly.

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Important Knowledge About Sleep Apnea California


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