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Why You Ought To Find The Best Cosmetic Dentist Nevada

By Cynthia Bailey

Teeth Whitening can reinstate brightness to a dimming and stained smile. This makes it one of the most famous procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Basically, Teeth can easily stain few days after you undertake a teeth whitening session. Eating right can help prevent your teeth from staining. Actually, eating right can help ensure that your teeth glow even more after the session. The best cosmetic dentist Nevada has will advise that after teeth whitening, it is important to avoid specific beverages and foods and reduce items, which might cause discomfort to the sensitive parts of your mouth.

In most cases, the food people take are the main agent of teeth staining. If only people can avoid certain food and beverages, stained teeth could be a thing of the past. Similarly, even after a complete teeth whitening session, you should watch what you eat. Colored food which may include dark marinades, dark chocolate, soy sauce, dark soup, beets, tomato sauce and beets may not go well with your whitened teeth.

You should also avoid taking dark beverages. Clear liquids such as milk and water are alright after whitening your teeth. However, colored beverages may stain teeth. Avoid taking red wine, dark soft drinks, and coffee for few days after undertaking a tooth whitening session.

You should also keep off acidic food. Teeth whitening process might leave teeth temporarily sensitive to food and drinks that are acidic. Taking such foods or drinking such fluids might make you experience discomfit or pain while eating. Also, foods with low PH such as soft drinks, pickles, vinegar, pineapple, limes, lemons, grapefruits may also enhance the acidity of your saliva thus damaging the areas of your teeth that have already been weakened by the chemical used during the whitening session.

You certainly love taking cold drinks during hot weather. However, you should avoid the drinks during the first few hours after a successful tooth whitening process. This is because taking such drinks can cause an excruciating pain on your teeth. You can still enjoy your yoghurt and other favorite drinks at room temperature instead of having them frozen. After all it is better than experiencing the pain that come with having such drinks after whitening teeth.

The way you brush the teeth matters. Some people think that their teeth are well cleaned when they brush them using a lot of force. However, this is not the case. Brushing teeth so hard only makes them weak. Also, ensure you brush teeth evenly to avoid giving more concentration on one area and doing away with other areas.

You should also be careful on the tooth pastes and the brush you use on teeth. Too hard tooth brush can easily wear off the enamel of this teeth. In case you have used your tooth brush for more than three month, you should consider changing. Again, avoid tooth pastes with high level of acidity.

It will cost you little to ensure that you do not lose the glowing white color after whitening. You cannot afford to ignore simple instructions, just to find the teeth stained once again. Again, maintaining yourself well after whitening can help avoid regular teeth whitening procedures which could be harmful to you.

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Why You Ought To Find The Best Cosmetic Dentist Nevada


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