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How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Insect Repellent Mixtures

By Karen Wood

After this long and cold winter, it's time for summer, for grilling with friends and enjoying spending time outside the house. And then come these lovely insects to spice the whole experience. Luckily, they don't like certain plants' scents, and it is relatively easy to make your own essential Oil Insect Repellent mixture and keep those ugly vampires away from your loved ones.

Mother nature makes sure you can find something to protect you on perfectly natural way. For example, those blood sucking mosquitoes cannot bare some scents, such as cinnamon, geranium, rosemary and thyme. They will stay away from peppermint and eucalyptus, too, and lemon and lavender will always scare them away, and this really is something to feel good about.

Flies and gnats dislike eucalyptus and peppermint as well, but they are especially sensitive when it comes to tea tree oil, or Malaleuca. They also won't come near you if you use cedar wood oil or maybe Patchouli. Geranium and rosemary will also work really well if you want to protect yourself from these nasty insects. There are also some essential oils you do not want to use, because they actually attract some insects, for example lemongrass.

Ticks are also really nasty creatures, but, luckily, they will be repelled simply using one of these scents. The most effective ones will be geranium, cedar wood, thyme and tea tree. They won't appreciate spending time near peppermint either, and all thee info can be used in your advantage. Besides, you can make really appealing scents you will enjoy in, and this really sounds great.

DIY repellents can be in form of a lotion, or diluted and applied using a spray bottle. Some of these lovely scents are well-known, and you probably have some of these oils in your home already. Buy those you don't have and start preparing your favorite mixtures everyone will enjoy wearing. Besides, your home will be a really pleasant place as well. Smelling so lovely.

For making really simple rub on repellent you need some kind of carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, or maybe avocado or coconut oil. Using a carrier oil is really important, because some essential oils can be quite aggressive on your skin, if you don't dilute them with carrier oil, for example beautifully scented cinnamon, or also eucalyptus essential oil.

In any case, simply mix together two tbs of your favorite carrier oil with six to eight drops of selected essentials. You can combine any of mentioned oil in your favorite mixture, adding those you find more appealing. Take into consideration that some are more effective than others, but you will soon get to be an expert in it.

When you are making spray repellents, this mixture has to be additionally diluted. For this purpose you have to add some distilled water, together with a small quantity of witch hazel or vodka. Mix it well before each application, and make sure not to include lemongrass and similar essentials in your designing. Bees simply cannot resist this smell, and you don't want to become a main coarse on their menu.

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How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Insect Repellent Mixtures


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