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We Are All Fluoride-Overdosed; Ingestion Needless & Harmful

Tea-drinkers risk fluoride-damaged bones and more, studies shows

Some teas contain more Fluoride than EPA allows in public water supplies, which can do skeletal damage, according to research published in Environmental Pollution (Das, et al. 12/2017).

It’s undisputed that excessive fluoride ingestion can cause many adverse health effects, not just to bones.

In fact, US Children are fluoride overdosed, from all sources, at levels once thought to protect against dental Fluorosis (discolored teeth), dentist researchers report in the Journal of Public Health DentistryBhagavatula et al. (December 2017)

But Waugh and a team of researchers, paint a more dismal picture in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2016)

They write, "Tea plants (Camellia sinensis) absorb fluoride from soil and air then released from 1.47 to 6.9 milligrams fluoride per liter (mg/L) when brewed, reports Das’ research team
“It can be predicted that long-term consumption of copious quantities of traditional tea might increase the chances of fluorosis in the consumers,” they report.

Fluoride from  tea, alone, has reportedly caused skeletal fluorosis, an arthritic-type disease that most US physicians aren’t trained to diagnose and consumers aren’t informed about.

The US EPA caps fluoride water contamination at 4 mg/L to protect against skeletal fluorosis. But an EPA-requested review of fluoride toxicology research (NRC 2006) revealed 4 mg/L doesn’t protect bones. The level must be lowered – some say to as close to zero as possible.

Additionally, Waugh et al. brewed 54 different brands of tea to find  fluoride levels reaching up to 6.1 mg/L.  Waugh concludes that individuals’ total fluoride intake “could readily exceed the levels known to cause chronic fluoride intoxication.” Heart, liver, kidneys, endocrine and nervous systems are also at risk, they caution.

Alarmingly, some studies found 9 mg/L fluoride in brewed tea.

Without determining  constituents’ total fluoride intake from foods, medicines, dental products, etc., as advised by JV Kumar (formerly NYS DoH),  legislators, lobbied by rich and powerful special interest groups, often pass fluoridation laws quietly to avoid confrontation with science-savvy voters opposed to fluoridation.  This happened in California, Arkansas and New York State. Fluoridation is doing more harm than good as proven by dental researchers, themselves.

No one disputes that excessive fluoride is bad. Local market basket analyses of commonly consumed foods and beverages must be calculated before ever considering water fluoridation.

Fluoride intake to prevent Dental Fluorosis was set in the 1930s and 40s when naturally fluoridated water was the predominant source, reports Bhagavatula et al. “The number of sources of fluoride has increased substantially and so has the prevalence of dental fluorosis,” they write.
Bhagavatula found 30% of 13-year-olds in the ongoing Iowa Fluoride Study had fluorosis including most who consumed fluoride at levels once considered “optimal” to prevent fluoride-discolored teeth. More children are probably afflicted since children with only one fluorosed tooth were excluded.  Four of the 437 children had moderate or severe fluorosis - a level which can cause tooth decay.
Ninety-five percent were non-Hispanic white from higher socio-economic families. Fluorosis rates may be higher in the general population. Also, fluorosis is more prevalent in the black community.
Some children consumed over recommended doses but didn’t have fluorosis, “indicating differences in susceptibility to dental fluorosis,” they report.

Stephen Levy,  Principle Investigator of the Iowa Fluoride Study wrote in the April 2003 Dental Clinics of North America  "Current evidence strongly suggests that fluorides work primarily by topical means through direct action on the teeth and dental plaque. Thus ingestion of fluoride is not essential for caries prevention." 
Adding fluoride to water, fluoridation, began 73 years ago, promising to substantially reduce tooth decay with perhaps 10% afflicted with mild dental fluorosis.
Both promises were broken. Many are ingesting too much fluoride as evidenced by an increase of moderate/severe dental fluorosis from 4% to 23% in one decade.
Senator Bernie Sanders declared a dental health crisis in 2015 even though over 70% of US drinking water systems are fluoridated and have been for 7 decades along with foods and beverages made with that water.
One size doesn’t fit all. Dental fluorosis, often dismissed as merely cosmetic, is really the visible evidence of fluoride toxicity. Coupled with new disturbing evidence that fluoride and/or fluorosis are linked to cognitive decline, it’s time to stop artificially fluoridating water supplies. Put fluoride back in doctors’ offices where it can be better controlled.
Bhagavatula admits most researchers believe fluoride’s primary cavity-preventing mechanism is topical, not by ingestion.
However, fluoride ingestion causes fluorosis.
Dentists recommend reducing fluoride exposure.  HHS recommendation to reduce fluoride concentration in water was a good start, but inadequate.
Bhagavatula writes, “The clinical presentation of dental fluorosis ranges from almost imperceptible white lacy striations in milder forms to brownish discoloration and/or confluent pitting in severe cases.”
Levy suggested, along with other published fluoride researchers, in a 2009 research paper "perhaps it is time that the term optimal fluoride intake be dropped from common usage”
USDA provides fluoride content of some common foods. 

Many children already ingest and absorb above the recommended daily dose just from toothpaste .

Fifty-seven percent of US 6-19 year-olds have dental fluorosis, according to a 2016 Boston University dissertation by Behbehani, et al which was presented at the April 2017National Oral Health Conference,  Behbehani also reported "[t]here was a significant increase in caries [cavity] experience."

                              END FLUORIDATION

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We Are All Fluoride-Overdosed; Ingestion Needless & Harmful


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