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5 Easy Ways Of Lowering Your Cholesterol

Unlike the olden days when ailments couldn’t be detected until they reveal themselves, technology has enabled the detection of the same before they take a toll on the patient. It’s very easy for doctors to detect your unhealthy condition when it’s in its very early stage. Cholesterol for instance is a threat to many people, mostly adults above 20 years of age.

High cholesterol is a problem that will narrow your arteries, which in turn raises the chances of getting heart related diseases. There are however two distinct types of cholesterol, which can be termed as good and bad cholesterol. There is High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) – the good type that assists in clearing the bad cholesterol from your body. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is what you should take care of because it’s the bad cholesterol.

When it’s out of control, it causes plaque to build up in your arteries and that can be a life-threatening condition. That is why you will always find shock on the face of a patient who has been told that he or she has high cholesterol. The announcement is to say that one’s cardiovascular health can be impacted in a bad way.

What then should one do to ensure that all is fine and protect their health? You don’t need prescription medication to control your cholesterol. You have the power over it by doing the following things.

  1. Lipid Profile is Important

High LDL cholesterol doesn’t show any symptoms and so you will need to take a test to determine its level. That test is the lipid profile blood test used to measure the two types of cholesterol. The results give you the total level of cholesterol, and the level of both LDL and HDL. In the normal situations, Low Density Lipoprotein will be under 200mg/dl.

That test will give you a clear idea of your condition in regard to your cholesterol levels. After that you will know the next step you will take, which can be towards maintaining a good health or bringing your health to normal if the levels are not okay.

  1. CBD Products for Good Cholesterol Levels

It’s always good to control your cholesterol through natural means. Rushing to use medication isn’t a good move at all. You can use cbd gummies that have been tried and tested in the reduction of LDL.

Their high absorption rate of cholesterol has been impressive in every use, and therefore you should go for them before you seek medical prescription.

  1. Take Care Of Your Diet

Weight is a huge factor that leads to high cholesterol. You have a high risk of having high LDL if you don’t take care of your weight. Doctors will always advise us to avoid obesity, which happens during childhood and into adolescence. That’s why people should regularly check their kids’ cholesterol just to ensure that everything is alright.

Instead of keeping on worrying however, eating the right food should ensure that you and your family avoid high LDL at all times. Always ensure that all meals are rich in high-fibre and low fat.

In that case, you should always eat fresh fruits, whole grains, fresh vegetables, dairy products with low fat, plant-based protein and lean meats. The motive of doing so is to maintain normal and healthy body weight.

  1. Track Your Fitness With an App

Physical fitness is a must for everyone because it helps in keeping cholesterol in check. You should have at least two hours of physical fitness in a week. You get rid of many health problems that could otherwise attack you if you weaken your body by not working out.

Fitness is not everyone’s cup of tea and so you should do things that will remind you to workout. Fitness apps are one way of doing it, and you will ensure to do an activity every day that makes your body to be active.

A fitness app will also do more than reminding you that you need to work out. It’s a great tool that also tracks the food that you eat, and so you will always maintain healthy feeding. If you adopt to using such, you will not only stay healthy but also maintain a perfect body shape.

  1. Put Your Smoking to a Stop

Coronary artery diseases are brought about by bad habits like smoking. You will be doubling the risks of experiencing a stroke or heart attack when high cholesterol and smoking are combined.

The build-up of plaque that is caused by Low Density Lipoprotein doubles when tar that comes from smoking adds itself to it. Another bad effect of smoking is that it reduces High Density Lipoprotein – the good cholesterol. It damages your arteries too in the process. Avoid smoking and do all that you can to get rid of the bad cholesterol.

If you want to control cholesterol, ensure that your lifestyle is on the right track. Eat right, exercise your body and avoid smoking like plague.

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5 Easy Ways Of Lowering Your Cholesterol


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