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Ten Places To Train Your Brain For Free

Whether you’re just getting started on your Brain training regimen, or you’re deep in the thick of it, variety can be the thing that keeps you going. I’ve put together 10 fantastic free brain games resources to give your brain a boost. Get comfortable, take a little break and dig into some quality free brain training.

What is Brain Training?

Train your brainTraining your brain involves doing mental activities that help improve the strength of the brain in order to benefit Memory, cognitive function, attention, and more.

Brain training also includes doing things to achieve a healthy mind reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Such activities such as meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude journaling can aid in accomplishing a calm mind.

With an increased prevalence of diseases that are related to the degeneration of the brain, it’s easy to see why so many people have made these activities a part of their everyday life. While in the past you might have had to buy special supplies in order to train your brain, this is no longer the case. Now there are resources right at the tip of your fingers, including those listed below.

The first 5 resources are apps that you can download and play on your phone for free. The last set are websites where you can train your brain. These brain training exercises are designed for adults, but some games can be played by a younger audience.

Top 10 Free Brain Games

1. Free Brain Game App: WordScapes

Wordscapes - Free brain gameThe WordScapes app not only trains your brain but it’s also fun and addicting! This game is a fusion of the crossword and searching for words. There are over 5,000 puzzles that starts easy and progressively gets difficult as you move from one level to the next.

The game is completely free, however, there are features that you can get, such as purchasing currency in order for you to buy hints to help you solve a challenging puzzle. But you do get the opportunity to earn money for free as you play the game. My recommendation is to not get tempted to use your pot, and use it only when you’re completely stuck.

What I love about this game is that it’s educational and it does train your brain. You get to expand your vocabulary as you go up the levels. Also, I like that I can play this offline.

Wordscapes is quite entertaining and it’s suitable for kids and adults. The changing background landscapes as you move to different levels are a nice touch.

Suitable for: All ages

  • WordScapes on Google Play
  • WordScapes on iTunes

2. Free Brain Game App: Mind Games by Mindware

Mindgames brain training appThis app offers several free brain training exercises that aim to improve your arithmetic skills, attention, memory, vocabulary, processing speed, categorization, among others.

What’s great about this app, aside from the fact that you can train your brain at no cost, each game targets specific cognitive function, and you’re able to determine your strengths and areas of improvements.

The Pro version is $6.99, however, it allows you to try some premium games 3 times for free. But you’ll be plenty happy with the free version!

Suitable for: Adults

  • Mind Games on Google Play
  • Mind Games on iTunes

3. Free Brain Game App: Duolingo

Duolingo language appQuiere hablar Espanol? If learning a new language is your thing, then Duolingo is for you. Mastering a non-native language can be frustrating and boring, however, this app’s strength is in their design and approach that helps achieve the goal, fluency, in a fun and non-intimidating way.

Understanding a new language is the ultimate brain exercise, as it improves your intelligence, sharpens your brain and it literally expands your brain, according to this Swedish study.

Duolingo’s gamification approach and crowdsourced model for translations and lessons differentiates it from traditional language learning programs, like Rosetta Stone. It offers 21 languages, and is available on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The premium ad-free version, Duolingo Plus, costs $9.99 a month. But you can get sufficient lessons on the free version.

Suitable for all: All ages

  • Duolingo on iTunes
  • Duolingo on Google Play

4. Free Brain Game App: Memory Match Cards

Card match brain gameIf you want a simple, fun, yet effective brain training for your memory, this brain game app is it.
The Memory Match Cards game has 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. You take turns against app – you can turn over 2 cards at a time, and when it comes to your move, you’re required to use your memory to flip 2 cards that match.
The more you match, the higher your score. The winner is given to the player with the most card pairs matched. Suitable for: All ages
This game is only available on android – Google Play.

5. Free Brain Game App: Memory King

Memory King - brain game appSince the above memory match game is only available on Androids, the Memory King app, via iTunes only, is a comparable brain game. Scoring a 4.4/5 stars on iTunes is a testament to how great this memory training app is.

What I like about Memory King is that it allows you to select up to 32 pairs to include in each game, and supports multi-players (max. 4).

Here’s one of their customer testimonial:

“All other Memory apps pale in comparison

My daughter loves memory, and I like it well enough, too. This version has some nice twists in the two special cards, one of which turns over every card in the game suddenly, the other of which turns over every card that has been previously exposed during the game. You can disable those if you like, as, with all Alligator Apps, everything in the game is fully customizable. I haven’t played around much at all with customizing it but the options are extensive, including adding your own pictures. I recall that there is even a rather intriguing option to use audio and video together or even turn off the pictures so that you have to remember which word was spoken when each card was turned over. I’ve downloaded other Memory apps since and deleted them quite quickly because this one makes them all quite blah in comparison.”

Suitable for: All ages

  • Get the Memory King app on iTunes

6. Free Brain Training App: Let’s Meditate: Heartfulness

Let's Meditate AppThis app is not so much a game, but more a training tool to aid in relaxation and enjoy the many benefits of meditation. Besides a reduction in stress and anxiety, meditation, a form of mindfulness, may reduce age-related memory challenges, improve your sleep, and increase awareness and attention span.

I searched for a truly free meditation app, and most offer free trials but you’ll eventually have to pay. I found a couple of apps, one only available on Androids, and the other only on iTunes:

  • iTunes: Let’s Meditate: Heartfulness
  • Google Play: Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

7. Free Brain Game at logoIf you’re looking for free brain training games, this is the website to visit. You can choose from math games, puzzle games, crosswords, sudoku, and memory games so you’ll never get bored.

There are also a variety of unique brain training games that help with memory and concentration in a fun and interactive way. There are always new games being added, so this is a site you can visit for a few minutes per day when you want something beneficial yet fun to do.

Suitable for: All ages

  • Go to

8. Free Brain Games at

Gamesforthebrain.comThis website is a collection of free brain games, such as word training like Anagramania, Lettermaze, and Spellice.

There are also board games like checkers and chess. And memory games such as Mastermind and Masterpieces.

If you want to improve your concentration and memory, there are matching pairs like Mastercards and TwinCol.

What I like about this resource is that it’s straightforward, user-friendly, and no-frills type of games, but still you’re able to play for free and enhance your intellectual skills.  Suitable for: All ages

  • Go to

9. Free Brain Games at

brain metrix intelligence testingThis brain training website is one of my favorite brain boosting resource. also made our top 5 sites to get a free IQ test.

When you visit this resource, you’ll see that it’s a pretty approachable website. This is excellent if you want a free way to play games that will help train your brain without flashy graphics or games that take a while to load. Here you will find puzzles that help with spatial intelligence, concentration games, math problems, and problem-solving to help with memory and reasoning.

  • Go to

10. Free Brain Games at logoSimilar to and, is a straight-to-the-point site for your brain busting needs. These are some of the games they offer:

  • Brain teasers
  • Word search
  • Sudoku and Kakuro
  • Vocabulary builder
  • Memory tests

Suitable for: All ages

  • Go to

Let me know what you think of these brain training games. If it’s not on the list, where do you go to play brain games for free? Share in the comments.

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Ten Places To Train Your Brain For Free


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