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Vegetarian Cooking Meatless Cooking Vegan & Vegeta Blog
Easy cooking ideas for vegetarians and vegans. Delicious, simple, low fat and inexpensive meatless and animal free recipes and cooking ideas.
Vegan Chile Garlic Puree Recipe
2022-08-04 02:49
I love a good puree almost as much as I love a good sauce. Building flavor is especially important when you're only working with plants. A little bit of stovetop heat and some blen… Read More
Vegan Tofu Ice Cream Recipe
2022-07-30 02:54
I got an ice cream maker on Amazon for $20 and was excited to try to make vegan ice cream. It was something I'd been thinking about for a while. Since I was new to this particular proce… Read More
Garlic Arugula Pesto Puree Vegan Recipe
2022-07-28 03:04
If you like pesto and you also like garlic puree, then you'll like this. It combines both into one.When it's hot outside I try to limit my heat based cooking. Using the oven or stove in a he… Read More
Very Hot Vegan Garlic Chile Sauce Recipe
2022-07-20 02:44
This recipe is another exploration of creating vegan sauces using almond milk and beans. I've sort of spoiled myself with so many different sauces that now, if I don't have one, I feel… Read More
Vegan Lentil Bacon Bits Recipe
2022-07-16 02:32
A google search for lentil bacon bits results in many recipes. The ones I read just didn't seem all that great. My vegan lentil bacon bits are super crunchy and also very easy to make… Read More
Vegan El Diablo Sauce Recipe
2022-07-09 02:53
As I've learned from years of watching the Food Network and Masterchef UK, it's the sauce that brings it all together. A good sauce can take your food from mediocre to magnificent.There are… Read More
Fiery Mustard Sauce Vegan Recipe
2022-06-25 02:10
Sauces... they're so much fun. You can get so creative. So many flavor possibilities. In this case, I was going for something hot and fiery, but also with a slight classic influence.&nb&hell…Read More
Vegan Cashew Oat Blondie Cakes Recipe
2022-06-19 00:56
Finding myself in the mood for a dessert and not having many desserty ingredients on hand, I came up with this four ingredient recipe that I think is a total winner. It's easy to make a… Read More
Vegan Mushroom Mole Recipe
2022-05-31 23:50
This is a very loose translation of a mole style sauce. It uses lots of chiles and it uses chocolate (in the form of cocoa powder), so I think it's fair to call it by that name. The mai… Read More
Turmeric Paprika Vegan Sauce Recipe
2022-05-24 02:54
 Sauces are kind of an obsession of mine. I spend a lot of thought trying to come up with new flavor combinations and ways to create the prefect viscosity using strictly vegan ingredien… Read More
Tofu And Lentil Vegan Meatballs Recipe
2022-05-06 03:02
I love plating a recipe beautifully almost as much as I love creating one.Getting to eat them is equally as  intoxicating. If it looks beautiful, it's more likely to persuade someo… Read More
Vegan Lentil Crisps Recipe
2022-04-26 03:29
When I first came up with this idea, I googled it. That's usually what I do when I come up with a recipe idea. There are always numerous other similar ideas out there done by other p… Read More
Tofu Brownies Low Carb Vegan Recipe
2022-04-17 03:11
This recipe is for low carb, vegan brownies. They certainly don't look vegan or low carb, do they?I've made low carb brownies before, but they contained peanut butter. In this case, I replac… Read More
Spicy Vegan Bechamel Sauce Recipe
2022-04-13 02:16
Tofu is my magic ingredient to replace so many things. Cream, eggs, meat, even flour. In this case I made a white sauce (bechamel) using it as the foundation. The tofu substitutes for t… Read More
Easy Vegan Lentil Brown Gravy Recipe
2022-04-07 03:48
 Whenever I cook lentils there's always this super tasty liquid in there after they're done cooking. Sure, you can just leave the liquid with the lentils as you eat them. Perfectly wond… Read More
Vegan Recipe: Turmeric Aioli
2022-03-22 02:37
The quest for new ways to create tofu purees is never-ending. This is my latest idea. I love the flavor of turmeric and if you do too, you'll like this. The garlic in this recipe w… Read More
Hot And Sweet Vegan Tofu Puree
2022-03-02 03:34
This one is hot. Layers of heat. But it's also a little bit sweet thanks to the corn component. The creamy smooth texture is deceptively innocent, but this one has some teeth.&nbsp&hell…Read More
Creamy Poblano Corn Puree Vegan Recipe
2022-02-23 03:37
 Tofu purees are an easy way to incorporate more protein into a vegan diet. They're easy to make and add that extra punch of texture and flavor that is always welcome. The poblano… Read More
Spicy Kale And Spinach Sauce Vegan
2022-02-17 03:53
Thought I might try to extract a sauce out of kale and see how that would work. Kale isn't traditionally thought of as a base for sauces, but maybe it should be. Ingredients4 cups… Read More
Corn, Tofu And Arugula Puree
2022-02-02 04:33
 Purees... I love them. Pretty much every foodie does. They are this silky, saucy blanket that envelopes everything in their rainbow of flavors. Tofu purees are at the top of my fa… Read More
Tofu Oatmeal Cookies Vegan Recipe
2022-02-01 03:27
Every once in a while I get the urge for some dessert and so I bake. I'm not a particularly gifted baker, but I do all right. I'm an intuitive baker. It's pretty easy for me to eyeball measu… Read More
Vegan Turmeric Cream Sauce
2022-01-21 03:51
 If I've learned anything from all the TV cooking shows that I watch, it's that it's the sauce that brings it all together. Making vegan sauces can be a challenge. Especially if yo… Read More
Meaty Dry Rubbed Tofu
2022-01-18 03:37
 Crispy tofu is a little tricky to achieve, but all it really takes is patience. As Alton Brown is so fond of saying, "Your patience will be rewarded."Still, texture is only part of the… Read More
Low Carb Vegan Brownies Recipe
2022-01-12 04:30
The thing I love about brownies is that it's relatively easy to make them low carb. You just replace the flour with cocoa powder. To make them vegan you replace the eggs with some other… Read More
Italian Cauliflower Puree
2022-01-04 04:16
I thought I'd try to do a cauliflower puree. Vegan. No cream. No butter. I kept it pretty simple. Ingredients2 cups cauliflower florets1 cup water1 tbl olive oil3 cloves garlic2 tsps sa… Read More
Kale And Arugula Soup Recipe
2022-01-02 03:47
I haven't really been experimenting with recipes much lately. I've been on a broccoli salad regiment for about a month. Nothing worth posting. No messing around with most other stuff. H… Read More
Tofu And Black Bean Sausage
2021-11-26 03:55
So, I remember as a kid really enjoying sausage. For whatever reason, I just really liked the flavor and the texture.Fast forward more years than I care to admit and I'm wondering why can't… Read More
Vegan Garlic Sriracha Sauce Recipe
2021-11-23 04:01
This is an easy one. Lots of flavor, very little effort. I love sriracha. If you do as well, this is a sauce you'll want to make. It starts with a classic roux as the thickening ag… Read More
Saffron Cream Sauce Vegan Recipe
2021-11-16 04:06
 This is an idea I had to accompany my tofu/black bean non-meatballs. Saffron is touted as such an expensive ingredient, but it really isn't when you shop online. Also, very little is r… Read More
Avocado Hummus Recipe
2021-11-15 04:01
 Some people love avocadoes. They just slice them and eat them. Personally, I only like avocadoes as a component combined with other things. They have a lot to offer as far as texture… Read More
Vegan Meatless Tofu Meatballs Recipe
2021-10-20 02:31
I think tofu is one of the most misunderstood ingredients of all time. Most chefs don't understand it and the average person is repulsed by it. But my experience with tofu is that if yo… Read More
Vegan Recipe: Arugula Sauce
2021-10-07 02:20
A good sauce is always an interesting challenge. There are already a million sauces out there floating around the internet. Not to mention all the classic sauces that have existed for who kn… Read More
Vegan Hot Pepper Mustard Sauce
2021-09-28 02:34
 Sauce time again. Who doesn't love a good sauce? Ingredients1 Italian Long Hot Pepper, seeded and chunked2 Jalapenos, seeded, chunked1 Serrano, seeded, chunked3 cloves garlic, dic… Read More
2021-09-16 02:52
Potatoes are interesting in that subjecting them to multiple cooking methods actually improves their texture and flavor. While you can certainly achieve great potatoes through a singular bak… Read More
2021-09-10 02:58
One of my co-workers gave me a big bag of thai chili peppers. Awesome stuff.The grocery stores around here have jalapeno, long hot, serrano, habanero and poblano. That's it. So this fiery, f… Read More
Creamy Soy Milk Béchamel Garlic Sauce
2021-09-02 02:42
Have always wanted to try making a classic French Béchamel sauce. I never actually have. However, I've seen lots of other people make it on various TV programs. So it's quite familiar… Read More
Vegan Rice Pilaf Inspired By Alton Brown
2021-09-01 02:44
 Recently, I re-watched the season 1 'Good Eats' episode where he does rice pilaf. This inspired me to come up with my own vegan version. I used to eat pre-made pilaf back in the d… Read More
Vegan Red Saffron Sauce Recipe
2021-08-24 02:47
Wanted to do something quick that didn't take too much fuss. I had a single can of V8 juice in my cabinet that wasn't getting any younger. I thought that I could probably make a nice sauce f… Read More
Vegan Spicy Curry Vinaigrette Recipe
2021-08-12 02:52
I was thinking about ways to make classic curry lighter and more summery. A flash idea that I had was curry vinaigrette. Eliminate the heavy coconut milk. Forego thick tomato based sauce. Re… Read More
2021-08-05 03:08
Fresh summer corn is a thing of beauty. However, its true beauty can only be extracted through proper cooking techniques. It's not difficult, but is often misunderstood.. Corn, black be… Read More
Quick Vegan Summer Stew Recipe
2021-07-27 02:34
Cooking on the stovetop or in the oven when it's hot just turns me off. I don't want anything to do with any extra heat sources. But I simply couldn't bear the thought of consuming another r… Read More
2021-07-07 02:35
It's been very hot here. Don't much like to cook when it's very hot. But I always like to cook. Faced with this conundrum I figured I'd try something that didn't require cooking. Everyt… Read More
Arugula Edamame Pesto Vegan Recipe
2021-06-28 02:42
 I haven't done an interesting puree in a while. Power outage anxiety makes me disinclined to use high powered kitchen electrics during the summer. Even though my rational mind knows my… Read More
Vegan Creamy: I Got You!
2021-06-09 03:09
Had an urge for something 'creamy'. Said to myself, "What do I have that's creamy?" Self answered, "Hummus!"So this is a kind of riff on tuna salad and that sort of thing. It resulted in a r… Read More
2021-06-06 02:27
Trying to come up with something to do with some stray tomatoes yielded this sudden flash of inspiration. I've done various bean purees and some tomato purees too. Why not see what happ… Read More
Shortening Free Vegan Biscuits
2021-06-02 02:47
My quest for tender and savory vegan biscuits has reached a new echelon. While these are not what I would consider perfect, they are very near to it. A while back, I discovered by exper… Read More
2021-05-21 03:30
This is a fusion of harissa and hummus. Two of my favorite purees. I tried to keep it pretty clean and not cloud the flavors with too many ingredients. It's a little spicy. It's got some Afr… Read More
Middle Eastern Lentils In Broth
2021-05-18 02:55
 We're sticking with the lentil theme for another recipe. It turns out that making lentils really tasty is one of my super powers. Who knew?One way to really extract flavor from simple… Read More
Mushroom Lentils
2021-05-14 02:46
Lentils. They're tiny little disks of nutritional gold, but they don't boast much in the way of flavor. This is easily remedied with the right ingredients and cooking methods. It doesn't tak… Read More
2021-04-27 03:43
Roasted cauliflower is a thing of beauty. Never boil. Never steam. Never use any cooking method other than roasting to prepare your cauliflower!Not really. Just kidding. But roasted cau… Read More
Crispy Tofu Cubes
2021-04-15 03:09
Twice cooked tofu marinated in soy sauce and spices has a pleasing texture on the outside and a soft center. Drain your tofu, the cut your block of extra firm tofu into 1 inch cubes. St… Read More
Easy Vegan Queso Sauce Recipe
2021-04-08 02:52
I always have a lot of fun creating vegan sauces using tofu and the food processor. If there's one thing I've learned from so many years of watching TV cooking shows, it's that the sauc… Read More
Broccoli Chimichurri Recipe
2021-03-31 02:58
This is a whimsical one where I was going for a riff on classic steak and chimichurri. I used baked potato and a chili pepper and broccoli puree. It's cute, but it's also a really tasty… Read More
2021-03-24 03:27
Just looking for different flavors and textures. This sauce is basically just an amalgam of interesting ingredients that I had available to me. I figured let's see what happens. It… Read More
Vegan Red Bean Sauce Recipe
2021-03-19 03:49
The quest for good sauces compels me. I love to mess around with combining and pureeing beans with various flavor enhancers. The results are usually pretty satisfying. It's a prett… Read More
Mustard Cream Sauce Vegan Recipe
2021-03-11 03:46
I find myself fascinated by sauces lately. A good sauce goes a long way to making everything else on the plate or in the bowl really shine. This sauce is thick, rich, creamy and delicio… Read More
Vegan Spicy Parmesan Garlic Spinach Pasta
2021-03-01 04:24
I love pasta. It's satisfying, protein rich and great running fuel. A fusion of pasta Florentine, Cacio e Pepe and pasta in garlic oil, this dish is quick and easy to make. However, it… Read More
Vegan Black Bean Gravy
2021-02-24 03:52
A little something different. An easy sauce you can quickly whip up in the blender.You don't need to cook it, but it can be heated if you prefer. It's a thicker sauce. More gravy like. Inspi… Read More
Creamy Vegan Tomato Saffron Sauce Recipe
2021-02-10 03:33
 I was just trying to come up with something a little different to eat that would also incorporate tofu. The result is a tomato and saffron sauce that's thick, rich and creamy. I didn't… Read More
Tandoori Vegan Garden Recipe
2021-01-28 04:40
If you haven't yet tried using indian spice mixtures as a subtle way to intensify existing flavor, now is the time to start. They flawlessly create a subtle flavor backbone that seamles… Read More
2021-01-19 03:46
This is an easy puree that boasts plenty of protein. Tofu and edamame don't inherently have much flavor, but they act as vehicles to carry tthe other flavors we'll be adding. Ingredient… Read More
Green Pea And Tofu Puree Vegan Recipe
2021-01-12 03:32
Peas have lots of protein. Tofu does too. Why not combine them for that much more. This is a simple, quick recipe to execute. Still, it delivers on flavor and nutrition. Ingredient… Read More
2021-01-06 05:35
I thought a poblano pepper puree sounded like a good idea. Turns out I was right. Poblano Pepper Puree Ingredients1/2 box silken firm tofu5 cloves garlic, chunked1 large poblano, roaste… Read More
Chocolate Power Truffles Vegan Recipe
2021-01-04 03:37
These are a great little candy substitute. They're a sweet treat with some decent nutritional benefits. Very easy to make. Vegan Truffle Ingredients 2 cups quick oats1/2 cup c… Read More
Accidental Pita Bread
2020-12-30 03:40
I have tried to make pita bread a few times by following recipes. All attempts resulted in good flat bread, but no puffy pitas. When I was first learning how to work with various forms… Read More
2020-12-22 04:06
Recently, I was discussing red beans and rice with a colleague. She'd never made it, but was curious to try. She contemplated buying a boxed mix. I cautioned that it may contain pork. She do… Read More
Olive And Corn Risotto Vegan Recipe
2020-12-16 03:42
Just an idea I had to try an unusual risotto flavor profile. They eat olives and corn in Italy, so why not. As far as I'm concerned, risotto is just creamy rice. You can pretty much throw an… Read More
Vegan Remoulade Sauce
2020-12-10 03:40
Remoulade is a classic French mayonnaise based sauce. It's spicy and tangy and generally just a great accompaniment to many dishes. This is a creamy vegan version. It doesn't use store… Read More
Spicy Barbecue Lentils
2020-12-03 03:48
1/2 cup dry lentils1 small can low sodium V8 juice1 guajillo pepper, broken, seeds discarded1 chile de arbol, broken, seeds discarded1 jalapeno, desseeded, diced1 habanero,desseeded, &n&hell…Read More
Vegan Recipe: 5 Minute Chocolate Mousse
2020-11-28 03:38
This recipe is extremely easy to execute and it's also very kind to your wallet. It has only four ingredients. It's made in seconds using only your food processor. Yet, somehow it tastes jus… Read More
A Little Goes A Long Way
2020-11-19 03:59
Here's a refreshing little mixture that's easy to put together. It features a tiny hint of indian flavor. Just as a background note for add a little depth to an otherwise simple array o… Read More
Asparagus And Tomato Salad
2020-11-12 03:47
Asparagus is usually prepared cooked, but it's actually great in raw preparations. There's no worrying about losing that crunch and snap. It also has a milder, less grassy taste uncooked.&nb&hell…Read More
Vegan Recipe: Hearty Fall Soup
2020-11-05 03:55
If you're looking for a soup to make you feel warm and full on a cold winter day, this is the one. Warming spices and exotic mushrooms give it umami and depth. Meaty garbanzos add textu… Read More
Tofu Curry Lentils Vegan Recipe
2020-11-03 04:09
I finally went ahead and tried something I'd been considering for a while. I used a silken tofu slurry to create a curry sauce base. I wasn't entirely confident going in, but it came out gre… Read More
Vegan Potato Rosti Recipe
2020-11-01 02:58
I made some potato pancakes. Oh, they are an effort. All that potato shredding is rough on the biceps and shoulders. I used a v slicer with a julienne attachment and it was still a lot of wo… Read More
2020-10-25 04:56
 I started taking a lysine supplement to prevent cold sores and accidentally discovered that it's something really important for a vegan diet. While plants are a source of lysine a… Read More
Green And Red Autumn Salad Vegan Recipe
2020-10-14 03:06
Colorful and satisfying. Sweet and savory thanks to the celery, peppers and corn. Brimming with textures, freshness, crunch and meatines. Simple, yet complex. 100% vegan and 1… Read More
2020-10-11 03:49
Who doesn't love spaghetti and meatballs? I've had store bought vegan meatballs and they're pretty tasty, but my vegan meatballs are orders of magnitude better. They're easy to make. Pr… Read More
Ras El Hanout Vegan Rice Pudding Recipe
2020-10-09 02:43
There are plenty of vegan rice pudding recipes already out there. Ones that start from scratch and many more that use leftover rice. Rice pudding is one of my favorite desserts. I've al… Read More
No Cook Vegan Espagnole Sauce Recipe
2020-10-06 02:58
I was trying to come up with a new sauce. Sauces really bring it all together. Sauces that don't require cooking are my favorite kind. Whisk together a few odds and ends and suddenly yo… Read More
Broccoli Olive And Corn Salsa Recipe
2020-09-23 02:41
I'm just mixing up cultures as I see fit. All cuisines, from all over the world, have the human palate in common. They can blend in some amazing ways. This has a really fresh and clean… Read More
Summer Corn Two Bean Salad
2020-08-27 02:56
 Sweet and spicy with a hint of Italian. Kidney beans and black beans in a zesty dressing. Apple cider vinegar, olive oil and thyme. A little bit of hot sauce. A pinch of cayenne… Read More
Kale Tofu Pesto
2020-08-19 02:28
1/2 package silken tofu1/3 lb kale7 garlic cloves1 tbl caraway seed2 tsps celery seed1 jalapeno1 serrano2 tbls olive oil1 tbl salt1 tsp black pepperCook the kale in a frying pan with a 1/4 c… Read More
Cucumber, Corn And Tomato Salsa
2020-08-03 03:30
My co-worker gave me some cucumbers she and her husband had grown in their garden. I wanted to use them right away as they were so fresh. This is a variation on a classic cucumber and tomato… Read More
Vegan Beef Stew Recipe
2020-07-28 02:49
The tricky thing about vegan cooking is how to get that depth of flavor that comes from animal products without actually using them. . I mostly just stick with the cleaner and simpler f… Read More

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