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Gel Memory Pillow Foam Reviews / Lists of the Century

History of the Cool Gel Pillow Memory Foam

The Gel Pillow Magnet Memory Foam is one among the gel fiber pervaded cushions that have been manufactured mostly in China. The gel cushions are made by infusing memory foam with Hydroluxe gel expertise.

The gel in the pillows is polyester gel fibers and not in any way liquid gel. Memory foam was first made by NASA back in 1966 with the aim of providing coziness for the NASA flights.


The gel pillows are designed to provide consumers with maximum muscle relaxation especially for the neckline and the back. The manufacture of the gel pillows has lately become a common role as it is currently the most sought after type of pillow.

However, not all pillows work for everyone and the Gel Memory Foam pillows are not an exception. As much as they are sought after, the gel pillows have disadvantages among them being their susceptibility to dust mites.

Other than that, the Gel Memory Foam pillows are the most prevalent types of pillows when it comes to coziness and sustenance. The Gel Memory Foam pillows are different from other pillows as they do not need to be fluffed or shaken before sleep.

They also do not require that you keep changing your position as you take a nap as you seek to cool as you sleep. The gel fibers in the pillow absorb heat and provide  They also do not require that you keep changing your position as you take a nap as you seek to cool as you sleep. The gel fibers in the pillow absorb heat and provide the cool environment.

How Does It Work?

  • The gel cushions are a coolant. This means that the gel fibers in the pillows absorb heat. You do not have to toss and turn as you sleep in search of a cool spot. This is the main role of the gel fiber in the pillows.


  •  The memory foam of the gel pervaded pillows and the gel fibers provide all-out sustenance for your neck and back.
  • For the fact that the pillows do not require fluffing, the gel pillows are good for resting and recovering patients with orthopedic issues.

Advantage of Gel Infused Pillows

  • Though they are as soft as other cushions that are packed with down, the gel pillows are known to provide more support in comparison with the other pillows.
  • For ordinary pillows like the down-filled pillows, you would need to fluff them or shake them before you lay on them. This is unlikely for the gel pillows. They are usually already in foam.
  • Gel pillows are non-allergenic. Some people might find themselves allergic to down. Gel pillows provide ease for them hence they can lay in comfort without requiring using drugs to curb their allergies.
  • Although they are known to last only a few years. The Gel pillows are cost-friendly.

Memory Foam Pillow Types

Disparate from other pillow brands, memory foam headrest comes in assorted sizes and forms. Eventually, their purpose is for supporting your head while you have a great slumber, but the kind that you select rests on precise needs, as each and every one of them aids in a tad different purpose.

Below you will get information on all the offered types and their various recommendations:


This one has several titles and has additional usages than the typical quadrangular fashioned kinds. In setting, a memory foam wedge cushion is fashioned like a large equilateral triangle, skewed with a steady incline, and is usually cast-off to brace the figure up for diverse uses.


Characteristically, the slant and extent of the incline prominently define its usage and if it’s for kids or grown-ups. Owing to the compatible and temperature absorbent nature of this physical, it has an enormously warm and comfy exterior to lie on.

This is widely endorsed for health complications like respirational complications or sinus complications; they are not only used for slumbering. Correspondingly known as bed wedges, reading is among the accepted ways of using it while sitting erect and rested against the pillow. On the other hand, they can correspondingly be cast-off to raise the down half of the body when placed beneath the knee back.

This assists in decreasing the weight on the down- part of the back. Moreover, they are equally considered the unsurpassed prenatal support as they can be positioned below the belly protrusion to decrease pressure on the back.


This one is rather dissimilar from the contour one mentioned above. They are rectangular in shape, comparable to that of primitive brands.


The sizes are regular of Queen, King and Standard size subject to the diverse marques; the dimensions can be somewhat diverse. The loftiness is rather consistent. It is not too high or too low; enabling diverse slumbering situations.

They are denoted as shredded for the reason that their inside is made up of many minute fragments of foam bits compressed collectively to fashion their fillers.

The tattered nature benefits the consumer in that the foam gets to be extra breathable. This, in turn, causes the slumber to be more chilled and thus not forming a temperature snare. Furthermore, the shredded pad can have its height attuned by fluffing if need be unlike the contour type.


This variety of memory foam cushion is precisely a lump of viscoelastic froth which has a delicate furrow and double crests successively parallel from one point to a different one.


This furrow is the place in which the skull is supported, and with the folds supportive to the collar, supreme steadiness is provided for the cranium as well.

Owing to the outlined figure joined with the viscoelastic auxiliary feature, the memory foam contour pad is a general selection of individuals with décolletage complications and is equally deliberated to be one of the finest paddings for people who sleep on their back as well.


This is the everyday rectangular shaped pillow you are probably accustomed to. The foam cushions have two comparable distinctions precisely the most prevalent ones. They are both exactly one-piece and cut to size.


The first one is the customary everyday one that is fastened by a single seam around all four ends. It also has a somewhat slanted edge which is a standard feature of the bulk of bed pillows. The second one has similar shape and size to the first one. The difference comes in the seaming whereas this one has a double one instead of a single one.

This enables consistency around the edge not forgetting a higher loft. Their brand name is the gusset pillow. This is because of amplified support for the décolletage and shoulders. These features make them highly acceptable as some of the best bed pillows.

thumpsup-8Merits of Memory Foam Pillow

Backbone alignment: With its feature of molding and conforming due to its sensitivity to compression and gravity, the spine stays effortlessly aligned. This is especially beneficial to people who sleep on their back or their side.Soreness Relief: Owing to the compression-relieving nature of the pillow, it relieves décolletage, back, and shoulder aches. It does this by letting muscles completely relax and descend in the pillow while at the same time enabling support.

Anti-allergy: They are well thought-out to be anti-allergy pillows owing to their exceptional foam properties which immensely diminish the chance of household dust mites and fungus. This gradually minimizes the severity of respirational reactions, asthma bouts, and any other allergic reactions.

Hygienic: The shredded type is ordinarily machine washable. However, check the producers care guidelines first before washing. For the contoured models, the zip cover can be detached and washed, but the pillow should never be machine washed.

Firmness: Not everyone loves soft and lush cushions, others prefer firm pads hence these are the best cushions for you if you are one of them. Unlike other types, their regular compactness inclines to be medium-firm.

Support: Generally, viscoelastic is quite a supportive filling. This feature is quite visible in the contoured bed cushions since people sleeping on their backs usually love this pad. This function does an excellent job of supporting the body all through the night.

thumbsdownDe-merits of Memory Foam

Temperature retention: This may be a negative impact instead of a positive.  In a hot type of weather, a cushion that stays warm may cause uneasiness all through the night. Viscoelastic is known to warm up most times somewhat. However, this feature is being counteracted by ventilated designs or great superiority breathable strips.

Weight: They are relatively heftier than other cushion types due to the foam nature. Talking about heavier doesn’t mean kilograms or density; the standard weight of these pads is something between two-five pounds.

Scent: The notorious odor of memory foam is something that can on no occasion be evaded, whether it’s a futon or a pad. There will at all times be a fresh scent from new which is commonly known as off-gassing.

However, the scent will dispel after a few days, so the best strategy is to unpack it and leave it unexploited in a standby room until the smell gradually vanishes. Alternatively, if you purchased pads that can be washed, wash and dry them so that the scent release process is sped up.

Price: Although they are not as costly as others, they are moderately pricey as well. A single item can cost a huge chunk of money. To buy a pair is seemingly more expensive but mostly, the cushions are sold in individual units; for better deals on affordable pads, it is preferable to purchase them online.

Some of the Top Reviewed Memory Foam pillows include:

Memory Foam Neck Pillow ChiSoft® by Vitactivate

The Memory Foam Neck Pillow ChiSoft® from Vitactivate is created to be used for in home, office, and travel use. The neck is made up of numerous glands and muscle tissues. It is a vital connector to the head.

The average head weighs between 10-13 pounds. This memory foam pillow is additional assistance.

starsblack5  “The Memory Foam Neck Pillow provides amazing padding to the neck. The best feature that makes this product stand out is the de-attachable sleeve this comes in gray and blue.” – Jackie


  • This promotes added support within the cervical spine of the neck.
  • Softness of the microfibers inside the neck pillow allows it to be in the form of the shape of your neck
  • Interchangeable slip covers with zippers for easy cleaning
  • Comes with button infront for security


  • May have to be dusted once in a while
  • Cannot be scrunched up for travel because it will lose it’s shape
  • Do not put in baby cribs may cause suffocation

Hydraluxe Gel™ Dual-Sided Cooling Standard by Bed Bath and Beyond

whitepillow1pThe Silicone Gel Pillow, Memory Foam pillow is a cooling Gel Pillow. The pillow acts to consistently transfer heat away as you sleep and hence regulating your sleep temperature.

starsblack4 “The gel fiber technology provides the cool effect that is responsible for this act. This pillow is among the top among the gel pillows. Quite outstanding!”   – Brody J. James


  • The gel fiber technology provides the cool effect that is responsible for this act.
  • This pillow is among the top reviewed among the gel pillows


  • When having night sweats it may absorb the liquid coming from your forehead or neck
  • Do not put in baby cribs may cause suffocation

CoolGel HD Gel-Memory Foam Pillow by Sleep Innovations

1.jpgThe cool gel pillow is available at affordable price. It is rated among the top five Gel pillows that offer a consistent temperature for you as you sleep. The Cool Gel Pillow is infused with gel fiber technology to fulfill the main role that is to deliver cooling for the customers. The product is best used while laying down.

starsblack4 “Okay, seriously fantastic, use it rigorously. I’ve been sleeping like a baby because of this not too shabby I must say.”  
– Momentum Mommy


  • Pain-free sleep
  • Cushion does not need to be fluffed or shaken
  • Comfortability and durability
  • Will decrease back aches and muscle tensions


  • Somewhat on the heavy side in terms of product weight
  • It may have a slight odor smell to it like plasticity
  • Do not put in baby cribs may cause suffocation

The Aisleep Memory Foam Pillow By Aisleep Direct


Rated as a 2016 top gel pillow, as the label suggests, the Cooling Memory Foam conglomerates the gel fiber technology with the Memory Foam technology to offer consumer with quality neck sustenance and relaxation through the night.

3Starsblack.jpg “Comfort I give this a 4 there’s honestly better ones out there but this one is not too pricey low on the price range. The slope caters and shapes my neck and the back of my head is nicely, neatly propped up.”  – André Mellien


  • The main function of this pillow is to normalize temperature throughout slumber
  • Absorbs heat from the body and providing a cooling result
  • You do not have to toss and turn as you sleep


  • Do not put in baby cribs may cause suffocation

Obus Forme Cervical Pillow by Obus

This pillow also combines the Memory Foam and the Gel Fiber technologies to provide consumers with maximum coziness and sustenance during slumber. The cooling outcome of the gel regulates sleep temperature ensuring maximum coziness during slumber by absorbing the heat away from the body.

  • The product has been rated as one of the best Gel Memory Foam Pillows by customers, attributing to its success.
  • There are multiple safe preferences with which you can purchase this product and the prices are customer friendly.
  • Do not put in baby’s crib
  • Not environmentally eco-friendly
3starsblack “Woooppiee Doopiee! T-hh-aat’s how I say brilliant c’mon. I give credit to whoever conjured this. Good job with manufacturing.    Pillow lasts long I’ve been using it for 3 years still no rips.” – Royce

World’s Best™ Memory Foam U-Shaped Neck Pillow by Bed Bath and Beyond

31325941957042p.jpgThe pillow has also had great reviews from customers rating it as one of the best pillows when it comes to supporting, comfort, temperature regulation and non-allergic travel pillow.The home furniture market today has many different types of pillows. The most common and naturally filled one for travel pillows are the U-shaped neck pillows. This beats the feathers or down from birds and geese. The gel fiber technology is new and has so far been recognized as one of the most sought after.

3starsblack  “This is not susceptibility to dust mites. Anyways! It’s not the best out there but it works. Not for everyone. Kinda clunky and heavy.” – Sephten M. Lory
  • Designated to cater to the shape of the head with ease
  • Functionality serves and used for mostly travel in planes or by any means of long transportation
  • Cover cannot be washed
  • Will be difficult to wear in hot summer days
  • Do not put in baby cribs may cause suffocation


Last Few Words.

Make sure after looking into your preferred Memory Foam Pillow whichever you choose to do some added research. It is also best to find the most affordable, top quality out there. It is really up to you as a consumer to choose which one is the best suitable pillow for you whether it is used for travel or sleeping.Happy Hunting!

  • Do not put in baby’s cribs
  • Not environmentally eco-friendly

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Gel Memory Pillow Foam Reviews / Lists of the Century


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