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Tips for Parents – To bring up your ward

As parents , the greatest asset which you can give to this nation is making your Children the responsible youth of tomorrow. Good parents try to bring in the best from their children. All kids need a little help, little hope and somebody who believes in them- and this should come from the parents.Good parents give their children Roots and Wings, roots to know where they are and wings to fly away and practise what they have been taught. As parents it is not just enough to mould the child but to provide the necessary tools so that they will succeed in achieving their wildest dreams.

Having said this, these are the top 8 parenting tips.

Mould your child by the age of 8.

90% of the child’s brain develops by the age of 8, so this is the right age where in you can make him learn new languages and new concepts so that it will be easier for him later to enhance the skills which were rooted during this period. Read out aloud to your kids because their grasping power is more during this period. Read more and more of stories, so that their vocabulary increases and also incultivate good habits and general awareness in them. This is because good habits formed at a young age makes all the difference.

Make your presence felt

As a parent, make your presence felt because even though they may not listen to you but going forward they will surely immitate you. Do not make gadgets steal your presence. Try to spend quality time with your kids, do not allow your children to get addicted to TV, mobiles , video games and etc. Play with your children, teach them how to mingle with other kids and deep root them with qualities like being independent, doing their task on their own, making friends. Also teaching only book stuff is not enough , teach your kids how to think and how to face life. Whenever you are free schedule a one on one activity with your child. Converse with your kids as that’s how they learn to speak.

Bring out the creativity

Each child is unique, and parents need to bring out the creative side of their child. Try to find out the strengths of your child, and try improving his strengths in a creative way. For example, if your child is good with writing and has good colour sense, teach him painting and drawing creatively. If he or she is good in oral then you can teach him how to sing. Always engage your child in doing some creative work so that he will enjoy the fun side of work apart from the usual home works. Engaging the child in some creative work , helps in improvement of concentration, motor skills, observation, and thus you can make him or her a allrounder.

Play indoor and outdoor games

Try to play more and more games with your ward, be it indoor or outdoor games, this promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. This helps them to explore the surroundings, develop muscle strength and helps in gaining confidence. So, take your children to play outside, its a wonderful way to spend the time.

Provide a affectionate and loving environment

Children are bound to be very naughty and parents require lot of patience to bring them up. Parents should never use bad language in front of their kids as they learn these words very quickly. Parents should always use good and encouraging words towards their wards, they should never demotivate their kids as this installs inferiority in the child. They should not compare him with other kids and say, ‘he is better than you’ as this makes him grow with a negative feeling. Each kid is unique and some kids take time to grow and hence we should not pave way for comparing with others.

Share your feelings

If your ward has done something good, praise him and express your feelings. This makes your ward happy and he will be encouraged to do many good things. If he does something bad, tell him its not good to do this way and show him the correct way of doing it. Teach him discipline, how to respect elders, how to be independent, good habits etc. As Chanakya said, till the age of 5 give unconditional love for your kids, from 5 to 15 scold them and after 15 be their friend. This is how we need to raise our kids.

Eat at least one meal as a family each day

Sitting down together is like a family get together where in each one shares his day’s views , talks about his day, shares a joke, laugh together and also the kids will learn good and healthy eating habits. So all of you connect together atleast during one meal time. In this way the kid gets on well with his parents, grand parents and his siblings.

Listen to your kids

When the kids are speaking, lend a listening ear. Kids will get a feeling that there is someone who can understand their feelings, and in the later part of life also they will share their feelings with you. If you tend not to listen to them they feel discouraged and will hide things from you. Also when kids ask any questions to you, try to answer them, because that’s the way they learn more things. They may keep on asking more and more questions, do not panic but try to give in your best answers and solutions.

Parenting is a hard  and an ongoing task and cannot be achieved overnight, so parents need to have patience in bringing up their wards, they cannot expect immediate results as the kid takes time in growing and meeting their parents expectations. So as a parent give in your best and the best will surely come out from your kid.

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Tips for Parents – To bring up your ward


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