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7 Amazing Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews make you best

Amazing 7 Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews make you best

It used to be when you had a Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews, you used it to cut wood for the fireplace. However, with the cutbacks on coal-fired electricity, wood burning stoves are taking on a new life. The price of electricity is skyrocketing and using alternative heating is coming to the forefront again.

To get enough firewood now is not a luxury it’s a necessity.

What’s more, weather, People’s carelessness or out and out vandalism is destroying thousands of acres of forest and residential areas in the west.

So having a Chainsaw is needed more than ever that can not only help get the fuel to heat your home, fight brush and forest fires along with helping people get out from under natural disasters that leave the landscape strewn with debris that needs to be cut away to clear the land or rescue the survivors.

That’s what the Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews will do and we are going to look at 7 of them. From these 7 we will give you our choice of the one we thing can handle all the demands that we’ve mentioned plus the mundane tasks that you would normally use a chainsaw from. Cutting firewood, sawing through downed tree limbs and clearing brush away from your home.

Dead trees pose no obstacle to a Husky and when you see what we have put together for you, you will be able to find just the right chainsaw that meets your needs and budget as well,

Get the right chainsaw and it will serve you faithfully for years with dependable service and that is what Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews has been doing for over a hundred years for Americans everywhere.

Husqvarna 952802154 Chainsaw Model 240, 16-Inch

Here is a lightweight Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews that it is perfect for the homeowner and gardener.

Small light and easy to manage this chainsaw gets the work done in the famous Husqvarna style.

Perfect for clearing brush for a garden plot as well as trimming small trees and saplings, Its 35 cc motor has just the right amount of power to make you work easy and quick.

Husqvarna 952802154 Chainsaw Model 240, 16-Inch

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, 500 chainsaws were donated to the UNHCR in the Philippines.

The 240’s light weight make it ideal for this and other relief efforts that require limbing on a large scale as well as clearing debris.

Most efforts center on the gathering of firewood, however, where it does its job as advertised.

You cut your weekly amount of wood and aren’t tired out with the effort.

Remember to start the chainsaw with the Red “Stop” switch in the up position, however; as this is a bit different from the other saws, you are used to. Some users have had problems as they are used to start and go with their other chainsaws they have owned.

After all the above, a bit of oil and a little TLC and it goes back into the shed until you need it again.

Others may brag about their larger more powerful chainsaws but the 240 with its 16-inch length is perfect for those who have a medium to large backyard or garden plot.

It also has been used successfully in nurseries and arboretums across the country to keep their ground shipshape and neat.

Working with limbs up to 8-10 inches is a snap and it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to get the job done. Cutting clean you will find you work done before you know it.

What’s even better is that you have an economical rugged little Gardner’s friend that is ready when you need it to get the work done fast and right the first time.

Husqvarna T435 12-Inch 35.2 cc X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw Reviews

Here is the perfect chainsaw for these small jobs. Limbs of up to 10″ can be hewn through in a snap. Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews makes the perfect tool for those who heat with wood.

This means those who run a clay oven for Pizza have it made. They can cut enough wood for a week’s worth of cooking in a few hours with ease.

For around the yard in rural areas, it is a lifesaver if storms knock down trees and you can trim the limbs until the municipality can come by to handle the trunk.

Husqvarna T435 12-Inch 35.2 cc X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

For fence rows, it lets you mow through them with ease. Recommended for two-handed use only, it still feels like you could use it one handed like Ash in his Sam Rami TV series. Mesquite melts under its cutting power and this saw is used extensively for clearing in the Southwest.

Keep the chain clean and the air filter as well and it will work wonders cutting up to 10″ in diameter with ease. In a pinch, it will gamely take on larger diameters with a little coaxing. The niche for this saw is limbing and brush clearing where it excels

So, you see this is a great general-purpose chainsaw with a thousand and one uses.

You can with a little coaxing handle larger diameter wood as the saw has a maximum bar length of 14″. It also sports a powerful 35.2 CC motor with Husqvarna X-Torque that wouldn’t leave you hanging when it comes time to get the job done. The saw is not CARB compliant so those in California may need an alternative to this particular model. But otherwise, people across America can find a home for this versatile and useful addition to your around the house arsenal of garden and lawn gear.

HUSQVARNA 372XP with 20″ Bar and Chain

Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews this professional grade chainsaw is so powerful. All you have to do is play the bar on the wood and the weight of the chainsaw itself does all the work for you as it cuts through almost any of your wood cutting needs.

So, if you make a living clearing land or if you are First Responder after a natural disaster. There is nothing better and faster than the 20-inch husqvarna chainsaw reviews to help you get through downed trees and other debris that separate you from those you are intending to help.

HUSQVARNA 372XP with 20″ Bar and Chain

Along with its obvious professional applications for a person living outside the city, it is the perfect tool for clearing land and it cuts through cords of wood to size. This is especially true if you’re heating your home with a wood-fired stove.

Using air injection and a 3/8 inch chain means no job is too big or tough for this chainsaw. It starts quickly and smoothly and you have virtually no vibration while it is running.

This includes when you’re taking down saplings and trees up to 15 and 17 inches in diameter.

Coconut trees that were felled by a Typhoon in the Philippines were no match for the power of Husqvarna chainsaws. This chainsaw can easily handle such a tree with ease and soon a pile of wood suitable for heating or building materials would transform debris into usable fuel or a new home.

The same can be done whether you live in Alaska or in Northern California where wood is still plentiful for building.

Now whether you are a professional logger or a homeowner and you need to have a chainsaw that is both versatile and heavy-duty for use around the home and property. This is the perfect all-around cutting tool that you need.

Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw Reviews

With 40.9 CCs of power, this two-stroke chainsaw is just what you need for medium-size cutting both at home or professionally.

This CARB compliant chainsaw is just the thing for California Orchard work as well as clearing away broken and damaged trees after a severe storm like those that have been occurring lately all across America.

Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

This is by far one of the most powerful for its size around chainsaws. So, as such you should take care when starting it. The on the ground method is preferred over the drop start method favored by many, using your foot to steady it instead.

This keeps everything from jumping around when you light it off.

Its high compression motor is the secret to the power it has on tap.

With this oak is no match when it comes time to be cut up by the cord for the fireplace or for chipping into wood chips for the BBQ.

The same can also be said for hickory as well.

The 16-inch bar makes it easy to deal with errant trees that have blocked your drive as well during that last storm as well.

This and other members of the Husqvarna line got their trial by fire in the Philippines and other disaster sites as Husky now supports international relief efforts worldwide.

In addition to its ruggedness, it has a durable three-part crankshaft system they can stand up to any load that you might be putting on it.

A quick remove air filter completes the package. Which means you can snap and snap out and have free reign to get back to work clearing brush and other debris.

This makes it ideal for cleanup work after one of the above-mentioned storms has left wreckage in its wake.

This is the top end and the Husqvarna line of homeowner husqvarna chainsaw reviews. However, due to its ruggedness, it can be used by a pro equally well.

Many use vegetable oil on the chain bar and find that this works even better than the oil that you buy at the hardware store just for this purpose. You’ll see people using canola, peanut, and even sunflower seed oil is all it takes to keeps things running smoothly.

The 440 is virtually indestructible and has been reported surviving and continuing to run after being dropped into rivers and streams.

The husk a name is synonymous with quality, durability, and economically priced.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch 55-1/2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw Reviews

The Rancher starts taking us into the Pro grade chainsaws that are ideal for the rancher as well as forestry personnel of all kinds in our Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews. Those people who live and work in the forests and in rural areas will like how this chainsaw can tackle almost any job effortlessly.

That but this one not only can be used in California and is ideal for use during brush fires and cut a firebreak.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch 55-1/2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw (CARB Compliant)

Right now in Alberta you had better believe that Husky is on the line in one of the worst Wildfire disasters in Canadian history.

Firebreaks are being cut and this Husky has been known to cut through pine trees of up 32″ in diameter. It’s rugged and lighter than many of the “so-call” pro-chainsaws.

So, look for a Husky wherever there is need today and in the future as the world climate continues to change with such rapidity and force. The world is now filled with places where life and property are in danger. There you will find Husqvarna in the think of it getting the job done. It doesn’t matter if it is in the tropics, at 9000 in the mountains, and in the arctic cold of the far north, Husky goes the distance and makes sure you are covered no matter what the situation.

When it’s all said and done men stand by their tools and Husqvarna has been providing the best for over 100 years.

55.5 CCs with a quick starting virtually vibration free action makes your job easier and simpler than ever before.

But it is still light enough to get into those hard to reach areas.

Rugged and able to be airdropped from a plane it has been used in many western stated during emergencies of fire and storm.

So, when it’s time to get the job done the Rancher is what you want in your hands when the chips are down.

Husqvarna 965030290 455 Rancher Chainsaw Kit Reviews

A smaller a lighter version of its longer brother,

It still gets the job done with the same power and precision you’ve come to expect from a Husky.

Solidly built and made tough. That is all you need in a chainsaw for brush, home, and outdoor work. This chainsaw is lighter than some of the others in the Husky line.

Husqvarna 965030290 455 Rancher Chainsaw Kit, 18-Inch

This is your basic Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews that gets the tree limbs gone, cuts kindling, and firewood for stove and grill.

There is nothing like a mesquite BBQ and this chainsaw cuts as much as you want and need. It also sizes tree limbs to fit into your fireplace or your wood burning stove or a Kiln for firing ceramics. It as we said husqvarna chainsaw reviews perfect for general work around the home and garden as well.

While it is a good chainsaw, it fits more in the homeowner arena and if you are working professionally, you might want to go with a heavier chainsaw for your work.

Even with the above, this chainsaw is great for cutting fence rows, a cord or two for a wood burning stove. Unfortunately, it isn’t CARB compliant so it can’t be used in California.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent buy for the money and you’ll get what you pay for without any frills or distracting gimmicks.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2-Stoke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw Reviews

Here is the next step up in the Husqvarna Rancher seriesin our Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews article.

This is more like a Cadillac than a Ford when it comes to being a workhorse. A bit heavier than its siblings with its added power and the 20-inch bar that lets, you tackle the tough jobs with panache and style. When you use this chainsaw fallen limbs, errant thickets, and storm debris fall by the wayside.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2-Stoke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw (CARB Compliant)

It is especially useful in the aftermath of bad weather. Tornados, typhoons, and hurricanes are hitting the world with great ferocity than ever before. This chainsaw has been in the forefront of many of them. Helping residents get out from under and begin the slow process of rebuilding.

The only drawback is that it is a might heavy and you can become tired. That’s why in the Philippines a lighter model was airlifted in t help recovery work after that last big Typhoon that killed many and left many more homeless.

However, this chainsaw is in use all over America and Canada fighting side by side with firefighters and first responders in the trouble spots that flare up expectantly. Canada right now is facing such a trial and you’ll find many chainsaws from Husky called into service to help with efforts to quell things and later in the cleanup efforts as well.

You have also one of the most reliable names in the business backing you up and this chainsaw will turn the tide if you need to stock up with firewood for the fire this coming winter.

When it’s all said and done Husqvarna does it again giving you the right amount of power into your hands that the other chainsaw makers can’t match.

Whether for home or keeping in the back of an emergency service vehicle the Rancher 460 will do the job and costs far less than those so-called professional grade chainsaws.

You can tension the chain in a flash and once adjusted it’s ready for the duration of your work.

No other Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews is as rugged and as durable as a Husqvarna.

You wouldn’t ever be daunted by the work that comes your way with a Husky by your side and in your hands.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Comparision

Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews in a nutshell

Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews

like the Rancher 455 as our choice for an all-purpose Chainsaw. It is heavy enough for most work that a pro will face and it can handle anything a homeowner can throw at it as well.

The others we have looked at are fine for small and medium work. The 460 has more power but it does so at the expense of adding weight.

This in the urban environment in an aftermath of a storm we feel would be too tiring a proposition for relief workers.

That and the fact, that its weight doesn’t add much to the equipment load outs for smoke jumpers all that much. This makes it ideal for those who have to go into harm’s way to fight the recent crop of wildfires and getting into hard hit tornado disasters. Super storms are becoming the norm and you need a piece of gear light enough for anyone to use and not just a beefy first responder. Normal men and women need equipment that they can use while waiting for the pros to show. This makes the Rancher the 455 our first choice for these and the following other reasons.

It is easy to start. It’s CARB compliant, and it is light enough to be used by a man or a woman.

Add to that its power curve and the length of its bar. It fits your physique and wouldn’t tire you out when using it.

So, remember whether you agree with our assessment or not. You still have seen some of the best that husqvarna chainsaw reviews has to offer and you’ll not find a better line of chainsaws on the market today both on the net and in stores anywhere. When you get a Husky You, have a friend for life!


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