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How to cut a tree best way in your garden

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How to cut a tree best way in your garden

Do you have a Tree in your garden that is growing too much or has occurred you any problems with plumbing or walls? It is relatively easy to cut a tree fall in the direction you want. The key is to create a cut that will weaken the tree in the direction you want it to fall. The best tool for this type of precision cutting is a best chainsaw. An ax is difficult to apply accurately, and can make weak branches derived therefrom, and can fall on you or anyone in the area.

How to cut a tree



you must first ensure the direction of fall of the same to avoid accidents and clear a large area. In addition to the mountains, grab glasses, helmet, gloves and helmets for safety ears.

Powerful Chainsaw

There are several on the market as electric or gasoline chain saws, saws alligator, etc. There are specific saws for cutting logs such as best professional chainsaw, which are can be electric or gasoline. Familiarize yourself with the saw so you do not move to anywhere when driving. Once you have all this, you can now begin the task.


Cutting the trunk where wedge-shaped fall. Make a horizontal cut on the opposite side. To pry him down.

Surely you have recommended have to cut it down, but do not know how to do it correctly. Pay attention to these tips.

Instructions to cut a tree

  1. Felling a tree in your garden is important to choose the direction where it will fall. The fall of large branches or trees can cause an accident and, therefore, plan how to fall it is essential before beginning the work. Look at the tree to determine the direction in which it will fall, if possible. It is very likely that a tree falls in the direction leaning, or on the side that has a disproportionate number of branches in the prevailing wind direction, or the direction of any significant decay of the trunk. If possible, let these factors guide where the tree will fall. If you prefer cut a tree to fall in another direction, first follow the instructions in step two.
  2. To help with the fall of the tree, use a rope. Tie a rope to the tree trunk, as high as you can. Leave enough slack to pull the tree in the right direction without standing in the accident area. If possible, find a tree that is slightly tilted to the left or right. Use the tree as a fulcrum so you can pull a 90-degree angle. Tightrope leaves just after the fulcrum shaft, then turns 90 degrees and leaves a gap of 3 to 4 feet (91 centimeters or 1.21 meters) so that the string forms an angle with the fulcrum shaft in the middle. Place the rope on the ground until you are ready to begin cutting the tree. When the time comes, your partner can pull the rope at an angle and stay out of the direct path of the falling tree.
  3. Check the desired path to see if there are obstacles. A tree falls in the branches of another tree represents a significant hazard. You can fall at any time, or drop a large branch that could injure or even kill someone. If other trees are in the way of the falling tree, choose another path.
  4. Plan two escape routes to take if the tree fall. Make every escape route at an angle of 45 degrees away from the base of the tree. To start cutting down the tree follow these recommendations to be successful. See if the tree is tilted or some large branches are hanging a specific side. It is much better than the tree fall on the side that is tilted or where more branches hang, as the effort will be less. The safety zone will have to be clear. To calculate this area, doubles the length of the tree you are going to cut.
  5. Notifies all the property that the tree will come down soon. The safety zone will have to be clear. To calculate this area, doubles the length of the tree you are going to cut.
  6. Cut a tree in the direction you want it to fall. Do the waist, cutting horizontally through the trunk 1/3. Make a second cut, well above the first angled down and match the first cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Take the piece of wood.
  7. Have your partner hold the rope taut manner without being in the way of the falling tree.
  8. Have your friend hold the rope tied in step two. Hold the rope taut, but not throw yet.
  9. Make a horizontal cut cutting on the opposite side of the trunk, about 2 inches (5 centimeters) above the floor on the opposite side. Court until a hinge (space between the rim and the back cut) to be about 1/8 to 1/6 the diameter of the tree trunk is created. Keep hinge in a uniform thickness. If the saw is angled, cutting can be thicker on one side than the other and the shaft spinning and fall into the small side.
  10. Look short while advancing the tree. The tree can start to fall before you finish making the cut. If it appears that the tree leans in a different direction than you planned (or is beginning to fall over himself), stop cutting, turn the chainsaw and put it down and give your partner the signal to pull the tree in correct address.
  11. Off quickly and let the saw on the ground, and then take the escape route planned when the cut is opened and the tree starts to fall. Tell your partner to do the same.

Subsequently, if the tree is not very big, finish cutting it down with a chainsaw or a lever takedown in the horizontal section.


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How to cut a tree best way in your garden


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