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How to be ridiculously productive by automating your blog tasks

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How does a busy blogger get everything done? One secret: she automates routine blog tasks to free up her time for bigger projects.

In terms of blogging, think of Automation as a “set it and forget it” system. You invest time in setting up an automation system, then the system runs without you needing to be present.

Pretty awesome, right?

The secret to getting more things done on your blog? Automate your routine tasks! Click through to learn which tasks you can automate and how to set up your automation systems.

Automation Makes You More Productive

In general, automation saves you time by decreasing your involvement in a process. Once you’ve set up an automation system, it will run by itself while you eat bonbons on your couch. And by eat bonbons on your couch, I mean get everything else done on your endless to do list. 🙂

It also gives your mind a break by allowing you to focus on fewer tasks. You don’t need to jump from Social Media marketing to sending your list an email, to writing a new blog post. Your automation system can take care of some of these tasks behind the scenes.

An Example of Automation

Here’s one example of how solopreneurs can automate social Media marketing:

Set up automation on a social media scheduling tool like Boardbooster.

  1. You create a hidden board on Pinterest and pin your most popular blog posts there.
  2. You set up a schedule on Boardbooster to pin from your hidden board onto the group boards you’ve joined.

From now until the end of time, BoardBooster automatically pins from your hidden board to your group boards on a schedule you set. You don’t ever need to log-in to BoardBooster or Pinterest to manage it. The pinning just happens, over and over until you tell BoardBooster to stop.

Through this exact automation set-up, I pin 500x/month, without lifting a finger! It definitely makes me feel like an all-powerful goddess of productivity.

Popular Automation Tools

Automation almost always requires tech tools, which replace the manual effort you would otherwise have to put in. Here are some of the most popular tools, some of which are free.


Connect your favorite programs and apps, then create recipes that tell each program or app what to do. For example, using IFTTT, I tell twitter to tweet a link right after a new blog post is published on my website.


Add your favorite social media platforms to buffer. When you find content you love, add it to your queue and Buffer will share that content on a schedule you’ve set up.


Like IFTTT, Zapier lets you connect your favorite programs and apps to one another and set up automatic processes. Zapier allows multi-step connects and is much more complex than IFTTT.


Tasks You Can Automate

On your website

  • If you offer services, create a Hire Me page to automate some of your client acquisition. You’ll still need to pitch clients and sell yourself, but over time you will start to attract clients automatically through your Hire Me page without having to do any extra work.
  • Create a F.A.Q. page to automate your answers to common reader questions. You’ll save time because people will be less likely to email you with these questions. And if they do, you can direct them to the F.A.Q. page instead of taking time out of your busy to day to write a custom response.

For marketing

  • Use IFTTT to connect all of your blogging apps together. You can connect your blog to almost every social media platform, so new posts are shared automatically. You can connect multiple social media platforms together, too. For example, you can set up a recipe so when you Pin, the pin will also be shared on Twitter.
  • Create templates for your blog posts and images so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you design a new Pinterest pin or Facebook image. I use Canva for Work to create image templates, but many programs, including Photoshop, have this feature. For blog posts, check if your theme lets you save templates. I use Divi by Elegant Themes, and I’m able to save all sorts of custom templates, including the template for my blog posts.
  • Schedule social media posts in advance. Tools like Buffer, mentioned above, require some weekly or monthly work on your part, but once you’ve added content to your social media scheduler it will post on your behalf at all hours of the day. I live in a different timezone than my target audience, so social media scheduling keeps my twitter and pinterest feeds active when my audience is active and I’m sleeping. 🙂

For email

  • Create a welcome series. After a blog reader subscribes, your email system automatically sends them a few emails to tell them about you, highlight some of your best material, and promote one of your products. All this is done automatically. Once you set up the system, you never have to do anything else.
  • Create a free or paid ecourse delivered by email. Free e-courses and free challenges are great opt-in carrots for your email list. After you create a course, you can automate the delivery so new subscribers get the materials they signed up for on a regular schedule while you work on other tasks.
  • If you offer services or coaching, use a system like Calendly to automatically send your clients email reminders of appointments.
  • Again, if you work with clients, set up templates of common email responses and just tweak slightly for each client.
  • Use to unsubscribe from many promo emails at once, and schedule the rest of your subscription emails to be automatically delivered all together once a day so you don’t get distracted by the constant flow of mail into your inbox.

coffee and list

At home

  • Automation systems for your home are just as advanced and useful as the business automation systems I mentioned above. Here are a few ways to automate routine tasks at home so you have more time to work (or to finally eat those bonbons on your couch).
  • Register for Amazon subscribe and save to have routine purchases automatically delivered to your house each month or each quarter. This is great for items like cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes, toilet paper, and favorite foods.
  • More and more supermarkets offer grocery delivery. Order your food online at your convenience and schedule the grocery delivery in advance.
  • Set up autopay for your bills. You’ll no longer have to worry about missing a payment, and you’ll have one less chore to take care of each month.

Automation is a cheap and easy way to improve your productivity. As you’ve noticed I am obsessed with automating as many facets of my life and business as possible, mostly because it gives me more free time to eat bonbons on my couch. 🙂

If you’ve got any automation tips, please share in the comments! And if you want to check out more automation resources, be sure to visit my Automation board on Pinterest.







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How to be ridiculously productive by automating your blog tasks


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