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Thinking about Rental apartments near Grand Central… alone or with roommates?

Pros and cons about sharing a 3 bedroom apartment with friends.

rental apartments near grand central
Ok, so when I have to start writing about this kind of articles I really get excited cause I know many women will feel identified with my experience, most of all teenagers who are, at this right moment, thinking about moving to an apartment with friends….well not sure if after they read this article they´ll still be willing to move, but…anyway…sorry if I spoiled your dream!

Moving to an Apartment with friends near Grand Central or any other cool neighborhood could result in an excellent experience or in a complete disaster…believe me…not even comparable to the worst tsunami!

A few years ago, when I was young (still I am, of course), I was eager to move out of my parent´s house, but, as by that time I didn´t have a steady job, I couldn´t afford an apartment myself.  That´s when I decided it would be a great idea rent an apartment with two of my best friends who were also desirous of getting rid of their parents (yes, we were bad girls!)

So it was on July 9,th , ….and here you´ll ask yourself: “how the hell did she remember the date, and I´ll answer: “It was  midsummer with an absolutely unbearable heat, that believe, you wouldn´t forget either!” So, again, it was on July 9th that we moved to this three bedroom, beautiful apartment in Manhattan.

Wooww!! That felt sooo good! free girls, independent, pretty and young, ha! What else! But…every dream ends and soon problems started to show up…even in Grand Central area.

Head-desk- Yes, that´s how I felt every so often when I argued with my girls ( yes I call them that way lovingly) and I thought, if this happens while Living with friends can´t imagine how it would be like living with a guy! Ughhh, I´d better stay single!

Here are some of the cons about sharing your apartment with friends:


  1. No privacy-AT ALL

You´ll never feel it´s YOUR home while living with other people, even if they are your fabulous best friends of your childhood, you will have to get used to walk around in underwear…. (Yes! After this I bet boys will start using their binoculars more often! ) and forget about watching your favorite tv show (fights over the remote control will be a constant!)

  1. Disorder!!!- Save me from this Tsunamiiiii!!!!!

You are going to sort your clothes, neat and tidy, and someone is going to mess it up right away! You are going to find, towels, cigarette butts and pieces of paper all over the place! Now I´m thinking if this is something that usually happens or is it that I have such bad luck that this things only happen to me??? Hmmm.

  1. Food will disappear from the fridge- Abracadabra

What??!! Where´s my delicious piece of cake I just bought with my last dollar!!! ( silence…..) Ok, nobody was! I should blame the dog then, which we do not owe! It´s not like you are going to starve if you live with friends but make sure to hide …YES HIDE!!! Your at least, favorite food in a very, listen to me, VERY SAFE PLACE. Specially if you are on an specific and strange kind of diet (Atkins, vegan, paleo ) and you are only have permission to eat that kind of foods the 24/7 mini markets at the corner will never offer.

Ok, are you panicking and taking Prozac after what you read ??? Relax dude!! Here are the best things you will enjoy while moving with your friends, so keep walking:

Leave tragedy behind and enjoy the following pros!

  • You will achieve your best experiences while living with your friends- Yes! “FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS”

There will be countless situations that will make you lough, cry, enjoy and realize your friends are the most in this world! So spend time with them and always value friendship above all….snif snif…I´m already crying….

  • Share expenses- SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Just think that if it wasn´t because of your friends you´d probably never think about moving yourself to that penthouse for rent in Manhattan, ever in your life! Now you have your own space, located in the city of your dreams and best of all…… will still have money left!!! Your budget divided by 3 makes it not impossible at all, so take this ride and enjoy its trip it to the fullest!!

  • Feel safe! UNION MAKE FORCE!

So in a huge fantastic city like Manhattan, you too know, bad things happen, so living with friends will make you feel safe and sound, because, come on! you know that 3 woman together are more fearsome than the worst villain. So stick together and make the world stumble!

IMHO this are some of the things that would probably happen if you decide to move to an apartment with your friends.To me it was worth it!! You only live once so if you have the chance just take it and good luck!

This post first appeared on No Fee Apartment Rentals Magazine., please read the originial post: here

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Thinking about Rental apartments near Grand Central… alone or with roommates?


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