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The 5 Best Online Anger Management Classes [Ranked]

In this post, we examined five of the best-selling Udemy Anger management classes.

Anger management is a set of tools that enables you to recognize when you’re becoming angry and frustrated so you can deal with it and not let it ruin your productivity or escalate into a bad situation. 

These courses help you identify when you’re becoming angry, and how best to deal with it (Source).

How do they work?

Udemy classes work like any other online training service. Students select the class they wish to take, pay a small fee, and then can view and download the course materials at their leisure. 

While anger is normal, some people lose control of their anger, which negatively affects their relationships and their employment.

Anger management isn’t about getting rid of anger; rather it teaches you how to properly deal with this emotion so that you remain healthy and productive (Source).

Comparing The Options

The ClassesOur RatingPrice ($)
Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work4.1$
Anger Management: How to Manage Your Anger On A Daily Basis4.1$
Transforming Anger4.7$
Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps. Anger Management.4.4$
Breaking Free from the Anger Trap4.6$

How Do They Compare

In this section, we take a deep dive into these five Udemy Anger Management courses and examine their differences.

  • Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps is the first course we looked at and with this, you will learn to identify angry feelings as soon as they crop up and how to stop them from escalating. Students also gained an understanding of how to better communicate when they feel angry rather than lashing out. This course is taught by a licensed counselor and certified anger management specialist. Most people taking this course said the information and techniques presented are invaluable to controlling anger and remaining calm in stressful situations.
  • The next course is titled: Transforming Anger. This video series helps people take the powerful anger emotion and transform it into a peaceful experience. This course will help you reduce the amount of conflict you experience at work and in your relationships. This course only requires you to devote approximately 20 minutes each day to complete the tasks.
  • Next is the course: How to Manage Your Anger on a Daily Basis. This course recognizes that there are many stresses we experience every day and those stresses often lead to anger. This program teaches how to quickly identify situations where you’re likely to become angry and manage that situation so that you remain in control. Most users taking this course found it helpful and the techniques taught helped them in their daily lives (Source).
  • Up next is the course titled: Breaking Free from the Anger Trap. This is a 13 step program that helps you develop useful tools and strategies to mitigate the effects of anger on your life. This course teaches you not to suppress anger, but rather to channel it into something positive. This course is taught by a professional relationship specialist who holds a Ph.D. and has over 35 years of experience.
  • Last is the Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work course. This helps you understand what it is that makes you angry, find out what makes you angry, and helps you employ techniques to cool off quickly. Users said this had good information, but mentioned that the process takes a lot of work to change your habits.

Best Anger Management Classes For 2018

1. Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work

Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work | Udemy

How to Control Anger so You Can Feel Good, Have Better Relationships and Reduce Stress – Anger Management Techniques





Ease Of Use

This tutorial for managing anger, created byKen Wells, is useful, well-structured, and interesting. Students love that the lectures are short and practical, but some do note that there are many repetitions. This class aims at teaching you to understand your emotions better and how to control your temper so that it doesn’t turn into a problem.

The lecturer provides techniques and exercises to deal with things/people that make you angry and achieve a state of relaxation. Another great thing is that will get 21 supplemental resources and quizzes to judge how much you’ve understood. Moreover, the instructor has over 20 years track record of success.

In general, students have a high opinion of this anger management course, and they highly recommend it to anyone having issues with his emotions. They don’t have any major complaints and agree it’s one of the best online courses for managing rage. A reviewer comments that the summary at the end of each lesson is handy and that the material is easy to understand. He adds that the exercises are practical and helpful, but they require commitment.

Another pupil mentions that he was skeptical at the beginning, but the tutorials turned out to be very efficient after he stuck to the tips for a couple of weeks. An enrollee observes that the lectures are precise, practical, and you can take notes.

Meet The Instructor


  • ​Short
  • Practical
  • Supplemental resources
  • Quizzes to check your progress
  • Well-experienced lector


  • ​Too much repetition for a couple of users

2. Anger Management: How to Manage Your Anger On A Daily Basis

Anger Management: How to Manage Your Anger On A Daily Basis

Anger and Stress Management



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The 5 Best Online Anger Management Classes [Ranked]


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