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The 5 Best Weed Burners [Ranked]

Weed torches are chemical-free ways to destroy weeds.

When you pass the torch over a weed, the heat boils and bursts water-based plant cells. If you're a gardener, all you have to do is walk slowly (1 to 2 miles an hour) along your garden plots with your burner- weeds die when exposed to the heat for only 1/10 of a second (Source).

Our top pick is the Red Dragon (VT 2-23 C) Weed Dragon. Buyers say that this is an ultra-powerful burner- but does require strategic use. For young weeds, the burner will kill them down to the root. For older, more developed weeds, you'll have to circle by in a couple days and hit it again. That's not the burner's fault- it's just how weeds work.

Watch The Red Dragon Burn Weeds

What are weed torches?

Weed torches are devices used to kill weeds using fire. They’re often preferred around gardens when people don’t want to use harmful pesticides or chemicals that can affect edibles or get into the groundwater (Source).

How do they work?

These garden torches are essentially metal tubes that connect to small Propane tanks. This makes them very portable and easy to carry. To be effective, the user would walk slowly and apply enough heat so the plant changes from shiny to dull. Some people also use weed torches for melting ice.

Buyers say that while these systems are effective, weeding can take a long time if you have a large area to cover. They also recommend checking to be sure they’re legal in your area, and lastly, be careful when using in hot, dry conditions due to it being a fire hazard (Source).

Comparing The Options

 Weed TorchOur RatingPrice ($)
The Bernzomatic (19425 JT850) Outdoor Torch4.2$47.98
The Greenwood Durable Steel Torch4.1$35.50
The Red Dragon (VT 2-23 C)Vapor Torch Kit4.4$53.88
The Mag-Torch (MT 450) Garden Torch3.7$29.34
The Hot Max (500G) Propane Torch4.0$53.96

How Do They Compare

  • The first torch we looked at is the Hot Max 500G Big Max 500,000 BTU Propane Torch. This is the largest BTU torch we looked at and it features a molded handle for extra comfort and control. No assembly needed and is designed to work with standard propane cylinder. Has two settings: Normal Flow and Turbo, which is suited for thick overgrown areas. The flame is strong and makes short work of weeds. Buyers noted the included striker didn’t hold up through repeated uses.
  • Next we looked at the Mag-Torch MT 450 Garden Torch, which features a self-lighting Peizo ignitor. Works with a standard propane cylinder. Like the Hot Max, some buyers complained about the ignitor not working all the time. Also, while effective, some buyers say it can take awhile if you have a lot of weeds to burn. Source
  • The Red Dragon VT 2-23 C Weed Dragon is a USA made, 100,000 BTU propane torch kit that quickly hooks up to virtually any propane cylinder (up to 20 lbs.) It can generate heat up to 2,000˚. Made in the USA. Pressure can easily be controlled via the handle. Users say the flame is very powerful and this torch is rated as one of the easiest to use and has the National Home Gardening Club Member Tested Seal of Approval.Source
  • Next up is the Greenwood Steel Nozzle Propane Torch with Turbo Blast Trigger. This torch features a durable steel nozzle and an ergonomic handle for better grip and control. Like the others we looked at, this hooks up to standard propane tanks. Buyers love the amount of heat put out, but taller users say the wand is a bit short for them making it difficult to use.
  • Last up is the Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self Lighting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch. This torch produces a large flame but offers great control with the valve on the handle. Flame is adjustable up to 36 inch reach. Made in the USA. While most buyers were impressed with the product and said a standard bottle of propane can last up to six hours.

Best Weed Torches For 2017

1. The Bernzomatic (19425 JT850) Outdoor Torch Review





Ease Of Use

The Bernzomatic self-igniting outdoor torch could be a solid option for burning off weeds and leaves. Users love the functionality of this tool, but some do complain about the lack of power.

This product is an outdoor torch, specifically designed to produce a high-output flame for a wide variety of outdoor uses.It features an integrated trigger-start mechanism for quick flaming and an adjustable flame control. The torch works on propane or MAPP gas. This item might be a solid choice if you want a propane torch for controlling weed.

In general, buyers have a very favorable opinion of the Bernzomatic weed torch. They agree that it is easy to use and lightweight, which is great because you can carry it for long periods without fatigue. Users conclude that it’s a handy tool to have in the yard.

However, some purchasers do complain that the torch needs more power. As they share, this item is great for emerging seedlings, but not so powerful for established weeds.

Video Overview


  • ​Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
Easy to use/Lightweight/Handy


  • ​Complaint – needs more power
Complaint – needs more power

2. The Greenwood Durable Steel Torch Review


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The 5 Best Weed Burners [Ranked]


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