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HostGator Review (Nov 2017) – A Data-Backed Rating

In this post, we'll examine the different HostGator hosting plans.

If you just want a quick recommendation- in our research, relying on's statistical tests of hosting providers, HostGator's shared hosting plans are great if you want a fast host, with best-in-class UpTime, but medicore support responsiveness. 

My Own Experience (I've Spend Thousands On Hosting)

In my experience, if you're just starting out creating a website, a shared hosting plan is where to start. It's cheap and you don't need all the bells and whistles of a costlier plans until you are getting more significant traffic to your site (say 50,000 unique visitors a month). 

If your concern is improving the speed of your existing site, rather than change hosting providers, you could get better results optimizing your current configuration rather than switching hosting providers.


I experienced increased page load speed of my sites (as measured by Google's Page Speed Insights tool), by working with a WordPress developer I hired on UpWork, than by switching hosting plans. You can email me here if you'd like to be connected with him. 

For the record, I initially started on a Bluehost shared hosting plan and switched to a SiteGround VPS plan

Now, let's take a quick overview of how the most popular hosting providers compare. All information comes from They run comprehensive and ongoing tests on hosting page speed, uptime and support responsiveness to produce this comparison information.

Performance Comparison

HostPage SpeedUptimeSupport Responsiveness
Bluehost3.11 s0.999334.7 h
DreamHost3.14 s0.99792.8 h
GoDaddy2.99 s0.99960.1 h
HostGator2.85 s0.999753.4 h
InMotion Hosting3.22 s0.99960.9 h
MDDHosting3.16 s0.99890.1 h
Namecheap3.23 s0.99942.2 h
Site53.37 s0.99760.3 h
StableHost3.05 s0.99940.4 h
Yahoo Small Business4.12 s0.998150.9 h

HostGator Performance Stats pegs HostGator as the fastest host with best-in-class UpTime, but low-rated support. They compared HostGator with other popular hosting providers including: Bluehost, DreamHost, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting, MDDHosting, Namecheap, StableHost, and Yahoo Small Business hosting plans.

Highest rated page speed (compared with other hosting providers)

  • As of October 2017, HostGator's shared hosting average Page Speed test score was the highest-rated with an average result of 2.85 seconds when compared with .

Highest rated UpTime %

  • As of November 2017, Hostgator's shared hosting UpTime was an estimated 99.97%. When buying hosting, you'll want hosting that's as close to 99.99% as possible. According to, that's a maximum outage of 5 minutes per month.

Lowest Rated Support

  • According to, HostGator performed under par in their Support Response test. This basically means that, on average, you can expect somewhat slow support responses.

    However, hasn't re-tested their support since March of 2016- so they might have improved since then. estimates that you can expect a response, on average, within a day. 

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans

Hostgator Shared Hosting Compared

An Objective Evaluation

As someone who's spent countless hours trying to find an honest comparison review of the different hosting plans, I've come to rely on

You may be wondering, 'why is the internet clogged with 'dishonest' reviews of web-hosting companies?' It's because web-hosting companies provide amazing payouts if if you throw business their way.


And before you ask, yes, I will get a commission if you decide to purchase a HostGator hosting plan after clicking one of the links on this page. But, as you might be able to tell, I'm not writing a spammy sales pitch here. 

For example, I'm recommending you buy the cheapest plan to start (shared hosting) and I'm recommending that if you're a current site owner looking to improve your site's performance- try working with a developer before changing hosting providers. 

The 3 Things You Need From A Good Host

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support

The 4 Different HostGator Hosting Plans  

  1. Shared Hosting: this is their primary entry-level Hosting offering. There are 3 different plans you can choose from: Hatchling Cloud ($4.95/month), Baby Cloud ($4.95/month), and Business Cloud ($9.95/month). You'll have to buy a 36 month plan to lock in those rates.
  2. WordPress Hosting: shared hosting optimized for WordPress users. There are 3 different plans you can choose from: Starter Plan ($5.95/month), Standard Plan ($7.95/month), Business Plan ($9.95/month). Again, you'll have to buy a 36 month plan to lock in those rates.
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: provides more dedicated resources for your websites than the shared hosting plans (Cloud Hosting & WordPress Hosting). This promises better performance- in my experience, if you're a new site builder, you don't need this yet. But if you have a site(s) that get more than 50,000 unique visitors a month, consider the performance improvements a VPS hosting plan can provide. In terms of pricing, there are 3 different plans with the following 36-month pricing: Snappy 2000 ($19.95/month), Snappy 4000 ($29.95/month), Snappy 8000 ($39.95/month). 

  4. Dedicated Hosting: A solution for large accounts and businsses that require enterprise-level performance and customization options. Thirty-six month plans include Value Server ($119.00/month), Power Server ($139.00/month), Enterprise Server ($149.00/month).

What Do The Experts Say?


HostingFacts says that Hostgator, while one of the largest, household website hosting brands, their standard, shared web hosting solution is merely adequate for someone who is just starting out.

They say that it’s not for seasoned solopreneurs and bloggers who are genuinely focused on building an online business.


While HostGator Shared web hosting average uptime is solid. Their speed isn't great.

They are an average host, HostingFacts says. And you will find much better choices for your hard earned money.


According to Whoishostingthis, HostGator is among the globe's largest web hosting brand names, recognized for its enormous scale of operations, and wide range of internet hosting services. HostGator truly does really well in providing unmetered resources on cheap plans, but be certain to get yourself a managed solution if you are not technically adept.

A number of HostGator's rivals permit clients to select a data center, which is an area where HostGator could possibly do more for its non-United-States buyers. However if you simply just need sound hosting option from a recognized brand, HostGator can give your website, and your company, room to grow.


According to HostingAdvice, HostGator has existed for more than 10 years and is highly regarded because of their multitude of servers and their reliable performance.

Recognized mainly as a shared web hosting supplier, HostGator still provides respectable dedicated and VPS alternatives if you want your website to scale. 

HostGator charges a bit more than a few of the other budget, shared hosting brands, however that plays a role in their reliability and famous support.


 They provide respectable features contained in their standard offerings, unrestricted disk space, a pleasant user interface, and free web templates. Even though the feature collection is brief when compared with other hosting companies, you do have the option to include them as you require.

Targeted mostly at the moderately skilled technical user, HostGator's versatility is their best attribute. Dedicated, VPS, and Windows web hosting can be obtained if that meets your needs. For all those than require it, SSH, root access, and support for Perl, Ruby Python, along with other computer languages can be obtained on all hosting plans.

HostGator has almost unlimited options and control readily available for their hosting server, even so, they might require a bit more expertise than beginner-friendly hosting companies. If you want to web host numerous web sites, their range of products make them a good solution.


HostGator delivers among the best customer support in the marketplace. This consists of 24/7 telephone and live chat support in addition to ticket based e-mail assistance.

Within your web hosting dash panel, you'll find their help support portal. This portal makes it possible to discover speedy solutions from a knowledge base of over 700 articles articles and 500+ instructional videos.

Each and every HostGator account is completely guaranteed by the CEO, Adam Farrar. If you happen to have trouble with the standard support, you'll be able to request your ticket to be sent to Adam. He'll genuinely respond individually to each and every ticket sent to him.

HostGator provides number of hosting plans that suit all budgets and specifications. They provide every one of the tools you need to create a website.

Over 2 million consumers have bought from HostGator. Regardless if you are an experienced Internet professional, or simply getting started with your very first web site, you’ll find every essential tech tool to create your internet site and boost it to the next level.


According to webhostingsecretrevealed, Hostgator service quality declined after the business was bought by EIG in 2012. However according to their studies, they're confident that Hostgator has become a quality provider again.

Customers usually pick a hosting company primarily based on a couple of important aspects: business reputation, cost, web hosting features, space to grow, customer care, and hosting server overall performance. Hostgator is actually exceptional in all these areas.

As basic level options are inexpensive and comparatively easy to startup - it is fast to begin building your online presence with them. Because of this they think that Hostgator would work for individuals only starting out, novice bloggers searching for their first WordPress install.

Using The HostGator Website Builder

I don't recommend you use HostGator for website building- I build all of my sites using WordPress, which offers far more advanced customization options.

If you don't want that, I'd suggest a simpler, dedicated content management system like Weebly, Squarespace or Wix- it's best to just use HostGator for hosting and go to a more dedicated CMS provider. 


Accoring to HostGator, however, there isn't any simpler method to create a website than using the HostGator Website Builder. The HostGator Website Builder is their means of providing their users with a straightforward point and click web site editor.

This means you're able to create a professional internet site within a few minutes with some important functions like a shopping cart software, a blog, and even a payment gateway. All of this is done with no coding or website design experience- just using a website builder.

This information will go over the distinctions between the HostGator Website Builder options, and just what each and everyfeature consists of:

In case you are prepared to begin and construct an internet site with HostGator Website Builder, the following blurb will take you step-by-step through activating the HostGator Website Builder for your internet domain:

HostGator Website Builder: Getting Started

HostGator Website Builder Plans

HostGator's website builder features a basic plan, free with each and every Shared or Cloud Sites plan, which will let anybody build an established looking web site. They also provide upgrades for consumers seeking even more pages or capabilities.

HostGator Website Builder Plan Features

Over 100 Responsive Templates

With the HostGator Website Builder, you don't need to start out from scratch. Create a website by choosing from over A hundred expertly developed web templates that look gorgeous on both desktop computer and mobile phone internet browsers.

Right after choosing your desired template, it's pretty easy to fill it up with content and alter it to fit your individual style and be completely unique to you. The best of this is that you simply will be able to modify your mobile and desktop site content individually!

Google Analytics And HostGator Integration

Using either their Business plan or Professional plan, Google Analytics integration is basically straightforward and constructed directly into the editor. This permits you to monitor just how well you are reaching your target audience along with your conversion rate.

HostGator Website Builder eCommerce Features

With their Business level website builder, you can actually produce a full product catalog, host a shopping cart solution for your web consumers, and HostGator actually, automatically incorporates a transaction gateway to work to process purchases. Everything you need to complete the package is your own credit card merchant account.

Without having an account provider, they advise Payment Sphere to help you take charge cards directly.

Facebook Integration

HostGator's Business level web site editor enables you to incorporate Facebook usage straight into your website. You can actually allow site visitors to like and share your products or services, articles, and pages with only a mouse click!

What About HostGator Reseller Plans?

Web host reseller plans have increased drastically in attractiveness in the last couple of years as web hosting companies are searching for increasingly more strategies to produce income. For customers, the possibility that it provides the chance to launch their very own website hosting business or just earn some cash on the side is incredibly interesting.

Examining HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans

HostGator continues to be one of the primary hosting companies accountable for this rise in popularity, because they provide a number of various options to make things pretty simple for people to create their own revenue. With the versatility, scalability, and robust tools they offer you, you undoubtedly can't go wrong with HostGator Reseller Hosting.

Let’s examine it a bit deeper.

HostGator Reseller Plan Comparison

Disk Space60 GB90 GB140 GB
Bandwidth600 GB900 GB1400 GB
First Month$19.95/mo*$24.95/mo*$24.95/mo*

HostGator has 5 distinct web host reseller options for customers to select from. These plans consist of Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each and every plan differs in the quantity of bandwidth& disk space available, although all 5 choices permit a limitless quantity of domain names to be created.

What Control Panel is Used?

HostGator uses cPanel as their primary user interface for each and every web hosting plan they offer. If you're not really acquainted with cPanel, it's commonly regarded as being probably the most simple control panel currently available and it has a lot of top quality functions incorporated. 

Among the exclusive benefits of the reseller program is the fact that your clients will get use of cPanel for his or her internet site.

What's the Main Distinction Between the Three Plans?

Although cost is clearly going to be the principal distinction between plans, the reason behind this particular difference in cost is due to the actual bandwidth and disk space that each and every reseller hosting plan permits. The Aluminum plan consists of 60GB of disk space and 600GB of bandwidth. The Copper plan is sold with 90GB of disk space and 900GB of bandwidth.

Users that go with the Silver plan will receive 140GB of disk space and 1400GB of bandwidth.

As for the pricing differences, the Aluminum plan is $19.95/month, the Copper plan is $24.95/month, the Silver plan is $24.95/month.

HostGator Coupon Codes- Great Strategies To Save Money!

HostGator Coupon Codes

These coupon codes are applicable for brand new website hosting accounts, domain name sign ups, or both! You can start your site with a coupon code on HostGator website hosting deals. You can apply these codes on cloud hosting, WordPress, & dedicated servers. Check out RetailMeNot for up-to-date coupons. 

How Do You Redeem These Coupon Codes?

In the course of the sign-up process, you'll be given a coupon field. This particular input field might be pre-populated, nevertheless, you can alter the default discount code to some other valid promotion to be able to increase your cost savings. Just type in the promotional code and then click the "Validate" option to have any current promo code immediately computed into your total.

Web hosting coupon codes may be used to save your money on the following plans: Web, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Servers.

Domain name coupon codes may be used to save money on brand new domain name registrations for the most well-known top-level domain names: .com, .org, .net, and .info.

All HostGator website hosting options include 24/7/365 help support, a 45 day money back guarantee, and 99.9% server uptime assurance.

HostGator & SSL

SSL and Secure Certificates supply protection for your internet site by encrypting information between your hosting server and also the individual exploring your internet site. It's recommended to be utilized on e-commerce sites when taking credit card payments on the internet.

SSL certificates secure information as it is transmitted over the world wide web. These certificates are needed for e-commerce sites which accept credit-based card payments on the internet; even so, they are often employed to protect transfer of data and sign in info, too.

SSL certificates are usually bought for a 1-year time period and are not refundable. Your SSL supplier might permit you to buy a certification for longer than 12 months. This cuts down on the number of times you have to re-install the SSL.

For circumstances where the average person is going to visit a safe and secure portion of your website (e.g., setting up a payment by charge card), you will want to use a private SSL certificate. It is specifically associated with your website name, allowing consumers the knowledge that they are on a secure internet site.

Private SSL Certificates are ideal for e-commerce web sites as well as for any circumstance in which you want to protect the connection involving the internet site and its guests.

Private SSL certificates are supplied totally free with HostGator's Enterprise & Business Packages, and are offered for sale with any of their other website hosting bundles (except the Hatchling plan).

How Websites Work and Why You Need Web Hosting

It is necessary for you to know what way web pages work before you try to make one of your own and before you launch it on the net.

Here are some basic concepts:

- Your browser sends a request for a page to the server.

- The browser is then connected to the server via an IP Address which is obtained as a result of the domain name translating.

- In return, the requested page is sent back by the server.

There are Markup Languages (HTML, Hypertext) in which web pages are written. These computer languages describe the format, content, and layout of a page. The page is rendered according to its HTML code.

Online servers are computers the main job of which is responding to requests for a webpage and delivering them through the internet. The pages that are hosted on a server can be accessed by anyone around the world. The online server is a 5hard drive that stores files and images of your site. If you want to host a page on a server you have to pay for it.

For displaying a website on the internet, an online hosting provider is needed.

It is possible for you to set up a hosting server yourself at home, but you will need a lot of knowledge and time to set up.

By paying for an internet service provider you get more freedom for your site and get the opportunity of doing professional work.

For creating your own site, you need a domain name first.

You can get a domain name either from your internet service provider or a separate provider that is specialized in domains names. In some cases, internet service providers provide you a domain name with your account. This option may appear to be very easy, but it could be much more costly.

There are a number of internet service providers that are available at different prices depending on such services as number of domains or the bandwidth provided. You need to choose carefully; otherwise, you could face periods of malfunction, slow servers or no support.

In general, there are four types of hosting servers: Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud, Shared and Dedicated.

All types of servers act as a storage space for your site; however, they are different in the amount of control, storage capacity, technical knowledge requirement, reliability and server speed.

How to Choose a Web Host

It can be difficult to pick up from the huge number of web hosts. Here are several quick tips that will help you choose the most appropriate one among the different options:

Is the host really reputable? Try doing a search for it to find what others are thinking about it.

Is the price of the host reasonable? Some hosts can offer a discount for the first year. Check to see if the price remains reasonable after the first year of usage.

Does the host provide the facilities necessary for you? Most hosts do offer all the basics. Yet you should check to find if you have any special requirements, for example, FrontPage extensions, a Windows server, and daily backups.

Are the servers of the host located close to the target audience you have? In case the company’s servers are located in India, and your audience is, let’s say, in North America, the visitors of your site will find pages very slow to open.

Is there anything your friends recommend? Internet reviews can be made-up, but honest reviews from your friends and people whom you know personally will be accurate and honest.

Pros & Cons of HostGator Shared Hosting

This shared plan has a number of noble qualities. Among them are the longer-than-average guarantee for money back and a very easy-to-use interface. Here’s a quick summary.

1. Uptime

A website needs to be stable, consistent and up-and-running to be considered useful.

According to HostingFacts, over the recent years its uptime hit 99.99% (which is .20% better than the average in the industry).

When their website was first connected to the host, their uptimes were terrible, but over time they managed to improve.

2. Support

HostGator provides 24/7/365 support via the phone, email and live chat.

According to reviewers, the average wait was about 16 minutes, but the representative was friendly and knowledgeable. They state that the level of the service was not fantastic, but it was still quite satisfactory.

3. Money Back Guarantee (45 days)

There is a standard guarantee for 30-day money back offered by most online hosts studied by us.  HostGator offers a money-back for 45 days, by giving the users two more weeks for test-driving their offerings before they get locked into a 1-3 year term.

4. Free Migration & Enhanced Security

If you want to relocate an already existing website over to HostGator services, it will help you with the process free of charge.

And if you are interested in buying one of their premium plans, you will be provided with automatic malware removal, automated daily database backups, and an SSL certificate for processing transactions on the site.

5. Beginner Friendly

Hostgator is extremely user-friendly for beginners, especially compared to some online hosts that have very complicated interfaces. 

They also have FAQ pages, endless tutorials, and documents for helping you at every step, with detailed explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs.

Cons of HostGator Shared Hosting

Aside from this shared plan’s redeeming qualities, it falls a little bit short in some categories that are really important (e.g. uptime and speed). Below are presented the results of our tests.

1. Average Speed

Hostgator’s lackluster uptime has mediocre page loading times.

According to HostingFacts, over the last year, their average has been 846ms, which is 20% faster compared to the average, which is 1059ms.

That is not good as speed is factored into the ranking algorithm of the organic search (SEO) of Google and each second delayed negatively impacts sales.

Load time of a site is really important, that is why it is among core metrics according to which we rank web hosts in our review.

It does not have a great showing taking into account the thing that there are much smaller web hosts with less experience in delivering FAR which have better times of page loading.

2. Extra Charge for Actual Backups

As advertised by the company, ‘instant backups’ are one of differentiating features they have on the site.

The thing here is that they, in fact, refer to manual ones, the ones that are available in cPanel by default.

If you want automated backups for simplifying your life, you will have to pay $15.95 more annually.

3. Standard Pricing Trickery

From afar, internet service provider pricing looks really fine, but it not that good up close.

In the book, the first trick is only offering their lowest rates that are for the longest terms. In this case, a user will be required to sign up for minimum three years if he/she wants the great ‘promotion pricing’ to be reflected on their site. But if a user wants an actual one month or even a one-year plan, his/her monthly rate will be over 50-150%.

In the book, the second trick concerning the ‘promotion pricing’, is to offer these low advertised rates only for the initial term. That means that once the plan expires and it is time for renewing it, the rates will jump up to their ordinary pricing (which could be twice as much as the original price).

Taking this into account, this host does not look like a good deal any longer.

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Examined

This provider does offer month-to-month plans for shared online hosting, but it pushes hard for users to sign up for much longer terms, starting at 6 months. During the process of sign up, HostGator defaults to a 3-year term. It is a bit too much to push users into such a long term from the start.

HostGator offers shared packages that are Linux- or Windows-based. They are aimed at giving small- and medium-sized businesses opportunity for growth.

  1. The Hatchling plan which starts at $10.95 a month, provides unlimited disk space, databases, bandwidth, email addresses, as well as support for a domain and such third-party applications as e-commerce platforms and content management systems. 
  2. The Baby plan which starts at $11.95 a month, adds unlimited domains to the Hatchling plan. 
  3. The top-tier Business plan which starts at $16.95 a month, offers highly specialized options including one toll-free number for your company and a private secure socket layer (SSL) certificate.

While other popular shared hosts provide similar basic features, HostGator offers more advanced features including a toll-free VoIP number and private SSL certificate.

HostGator VPS Web Hosting Examined

Linux-based VPS offered by this provider starts at $19.95 monthly. In case you want more power or high traffic volumes, or if you have specific requirements according to which you are not able to use shared servers, and at the same time you do not want to pay for a dedicated server, these are good options for you to consider.

  1. Snappy 2000, the most basic VPS plan, offers 120GB of disk space, 2GB of RAM, and 1.5TB of data transfers (monthly), and starts at $79.95 a month (or $19.95 per month if you sign up for a three-year plan). 
  2. The mid-tier Snappy 4000 package which starts at $119.95 a month (or $29.95 per month if you sign up for a three-year plan), offers 165GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and 2TB of monthly transfers of data. 
  3. The Snappy 8000, the most advanced plan, offers 240GB of disk space, 8GB of RAM, and 3TB of monthly data, and starts at $149.95 a month or $39.95 a month provided that you sign up for 3 years. The plans are more flexible than the ones offered by Network Solutions, nevertheless, they are not as well rounded as Hostwinds, the Editors' Choice for VPS.

VPS offerings by Hostwinds are wallet-friendly and well-rounded and start at $7.50 a month for 25GB of disk space, 1GB of RAM, unlimited mail, and unlimited monthly data transfers. Plans per month scale up to $129 for 130GB of disk space, 18.5GB of RAM, unlimited emails and monthly data transfers.  VPS plans offered by Hostwinds also have a Windows OS option, something not offered by HostGator.

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting

With this provider, you can install the WordPress CMS (content management system) onto any of its servers. However, the online host offers three managed WordPress web hosting tiers: Starter, Standard, and Business.

  1. Starter (starts at $14.95 a month) provides 25,000 visits monthly, the ability to host only one WordPress site, unlimited email and 50GB of storage. 
  2. Standard (starts at $20.95) provides two WordPress sites, 150GB of disk space and 200,000 monthly visits. 
  3. Business (starts at $27.95 a month) provides three WordPress sites, unlimited storage, and 300,000 monthly visits. All of the plans include page caching, as well as optimized WordPress hosting environment.

It is easy to setup WordPress on HostGator even in case you do not follow the managed-WordPress route. In the customer portal, there is an option called Quick Links which opens a dedicated interface designed for installing some third-party applications.

It also includes a handy shortcut that is called Get Started With WordPress Today which leads to the interface of Quick Links. You just need to set the path to your blog's installation, enter the username for admin account of WordPress, and click on the install button.

Quite simple steps and your site will be up and running. The hosting will also automatically install the WP-Super-Cache WordPress plug-in for improving blog performance.

During our testing, we found that the WordPress site set up process was very easy, as the database already existed there. Under WordPress services, there is also a link taking to the Mojo Marketplace with premium services and add-ons for your blog. The hosing does not have a blog import button; however, WordPress makes the process of importing quite easy.

HostGator Reseller Web Hosting

If you are interested in getting into the business of web hosting, but at the same time you do not want to handle infrastructure issues, check out reseller packages of this provider. The plans that start at $19.95 a month, offer unlimited email.

The shared, VPS and dedicated packages are of both Windows and Linux variety, but it does not provide monthly data transfers and unlimited storage at each tier, as Hostwind does with the plans it offers.

However, the hosting allows you to apply your branding to the servers that you rent, and it as well provides 24/7 tech support.

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Examined

Dedicated server packages of this host start at $119 a month and offer a set of features. A user can customize his/her server with 32GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage, and unlimited data transfers (monthly), which bests all the offerings from other dedicated server packages.

Dedicated servers of the hosing come in both Windows and Linux flavors, which is not very commonplace as Linux tends to dominate in the field. Actually, this shared plan is among the few web hosts tested by us that scored well and that offers both of OS. Even Dreamhost does not have Windows-based dedicated servers. Taking all that into account, the Editors' Choice for dedicated hosting is Hostwinds.

Hostwinds has a great set of features. Its dedicated packages (start at $99) can be customised with up to 128GB of RAM, 3TB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. In addition, the servers come in either Windows or Linux flavors.

Still, dedicated hosting offerings of HostGator are not that bad. You can check them out if you need high-capacity SSD storage dedicated provider.

History of HostGator

The company was established in October of 2002 by Brent Oxley, a Florida Atlantic University student at that time.

By 2006, the company had already passed the mark of 200,000 in registered domains.

In 2007, the company moved from its original office Florida to a new building (20,000 square foot) Texas.

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HostGator Review (Nov 2017) – A Data-Backed Rating


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