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Thoughts about Comparisons

Hello Readers! 

This has been a month of self-realizations. Because I want this to be a blog of complete honesty, I have to admit: jealousy is actually one of my worst Qualities. I often ask God why I don't have a strong jawline, stellar academics, and a variety of other trivial factors. Especially as an Asian- American, it is common to be compared to basically... everyone. I have had people ask me why I wasn't a better Christian like them, why I didn't have large eyes like Asian pop stars, or why I wasn't "smart enough to get into UCLA my first time". 

But, I've begun to realize that this isn't a problem Unique to myself. In fact, my own best friend often compares herself to everyone around her- causing her to believe that she is not good enough, even though everyone else perceives her as perfect. As humans, we often compare ourselves to others by conscious and unconscious effort. But in the end, nothing good comes out of these negative comparisons. 

For a long time, I've been hesitant on whether or not I should write down my personal thoughts about comparisons in my blog. But in the end, if this post can somehow influence and inspire one reader, then it is definitely a post worth writing. Here are some tips on how to stop comparing yourself to others:

Reflect on the wise words of Hannah Montana. *cue Nobody's Perfect song* 
No one in this world is perfect. And that's what makes this world so great. As humans, we all have our different flaws. When you understand that no one is perfect, then you will stop being so harsh on yourself. Society often warps our mind into thinking that there are specific qualities or features we need to have in order to be "every man's perfect girl". But this expectation is impossible. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. And the ironic part, is that the imperfections in us... is actually what makes us perfect in the eyes of others. **ohh deeep**

Stop competing. Start appreciating. Even with the awards and scholarships I have won, it's easy to look to the person on your left and want to win more. But that type of behavior is unhealthy. Stop Competing with those around you. Stop focusing on the qualities of others that you lack. Stop thinking that you need to be like that person next to you. When you stop competing with others around you and start appreciating your strengths, you'll realize how beautiful & unique you truly are.

Take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments. Literally take a minute to jot down all that you have accomplished. Reflect on it. And know that you are absolutely, positively incredible. Use this to begin ignoring all the negative qualities in you and to only focus on your positive qualities. 

Breathe & tell yourself you are good enough. Do exactly what that says. Breathe. And genuinely tell yourself that you are good enough. A popular saying is that your worst enemy is yourself. And by telling yourself that you are good enough, you are declaring your self worth! You are good enough and there is no reason why you should think otherwise.

And finally, here's a verse that has guided me through my moments when I felt lost in a big sea of fishes.

Who cares if I was straight up rejected to UCLA when I first applied? Person A may have gotten in on their first try, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I am an exceptional & unique individual. Same for you. Don't let these negative comparisons take away from the fact that you are amazing.

Preach Selena !! ^^
 I hope this was somewhat informative or inspiring. Thanks for Reading!

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Thoughts about Comparisons


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