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8 most | haunted | items of the world


The recently released movies, Conjuring, and Annabelle has made people concerned about Haunted objects. Usually, humans were mostly concerned about ghostly activities in haunted house, possessions on individuals and animals. There are several such haunted items reported across the world which have succumbed to demonic possession. The truth behind there are not very clear, but they are enough to create a chill in the spine.


The picture is from Google pictures


The picture is from Google pictures

8. Tallman Bunk Beds

This creepy bunk bed was purchased by the Tallman couple in 1987 for their kids but left it in the cellar for about nine months before taking it up to be used. Hauntings were reported to have started soon after that with the first signs of kids falling ill. Children even claimed to have seen a witch. They brought in a pastor and did a cleansing of the House, but the disturbances started again soon later. They reportedly burned the bed which ended the hauntings.


This picture is from Google pictures

7. Conjure Chest

The Conjure Chest is presently placed in the Kentucky History Museum these are real items!! As the name depicts, the chest was enchanted with a curse to cause deaths to the family of Jacob Cooley. According to legends, he had killed his slave who built the chest and the other slaves who came to know of this heinous activity spread the dead man’s blood on the chest and had it conjured with curses over Cooley family. The family had seen multiple unusual deaths.

6. The Chair of Death

It was the last thing left in the Baleroy Mansion. The story behind the chair was narrated by George Meade Easby, who had reported having seen ghostly presence in the mansion. He gave the name of ‘Amelia’ to the unknown ghost and said that when Amelia is around the chair, anyone who sits on it will die soon. People did not believe in his story and four individuals who tried to prove him wrong Died shortly after they took their seats in the chair.

5. The Dibbuk Box

Dibbuk is the name given to any evil ghost which can possess the living. This haunted item gained all the attention when it was put for sale on eBay. The box was a possession of a person who had escaped a mass murder. Kevin Mannis got the box first, and he had reported strange smells coming from the box. It bought with it illness, nightmares, and strange activities. The box has now been sealed by a Rabbi and put away in some secret place.

4. The Cursed Painting

The painting of the ‘Crying Boy’ was a big hit in the British Isles in 1950’s. But it got a different turn of events in 1980’s when there were several cases of houses on fire, and all of these houses were reported to have had the ‘Crying Boy’ painting. And the haunting factor was that the painting was not burned, and it remained unscathed when the whole house went down in ashes. This created a big issue and the pictures were burned down.

3. Ring of Valentino

Rudolph Valentino bought this ring from a jeweler in his golden star times in 1920. Soon after his movies flopped and he died mysteriously within six years. He passed the ring on to his lover and she became severely ill and died consequently after her career went bad. Years later, Russ Columbo wore the ring when he was playing the role of Valentino in a biography movie. He died during the shoot. The last person to have possessed the ring was Joe Casino, who didn’t wear the ring for years and finally, he died within a week of wearing it. The whereabouts of the ring is currently unknown. So have a look at the ring and make sure you do not buy something looking similar.

2. The Mirror at Myrtles Plantation

There will be very fewer people in America who does not know about the haunts and horrors of the Myrtles Plantation. There are several legends behind the ghostly activities in this estate area. The place has stood witness about ten murders with twelve different ghosts reported. The mirror that was retrieved from the area is said to hold the spirits of the mistress of the estate Sara Woodruff and her two children. Their spirits are said to have trapped in the uncovered mirror after they died due to poisoning.

1. Annabelle

The paranormal investigators, Warrens had removed Annabelle from its place, and it is currently set at the Warren Occult Museum. The hauntings began in 1970 when the Doll was gifted to Donna by her mother. Donna and her friend reported weird hauntings like the doll moving on its own and notes of “Help Us.” They named the doll Annabelle after finding that the spirit of the Annabelle Higgins was possessing the doll. After several paranormal activities, it was removed by the investigators

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8 most | haunted | items of the world


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