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How-To Prevent Acne Breakouts and Shrink Existing Ones Fast.


I’m posting this today because it’s taken me a very, very long time to find products that actually work for me, so I feel like when I find something amazing, I want to share it, nothing is better than helping someone and making them feel good about themselves.

Firstly, I’ll give you a bit of background regarding my Skin problems. It all started when I was 13 years old. Reaching that awkward stage where things start to change, acne and breakouts start to form. For me it was an ongoing problem I thought would never end. I remember going into classrooms at school and thinking everyone was staring and whispering.

By the time I was 15 it got really bad, my self esteem was at an all time low and I genuinely hated myself, I hid behind a thick mask of makeup to try and cover it up, but I knew I could only get away with people not knowing in certain lighting!

I decided to go to the doctors, they prescribed me with a Cream called Duac Once Daily Gel, I used this cream every night for around 5 years, it was an absolute must have for me, I got the odd pimple or two after that but ultimately, this stuff was just amazing! One of the ingredients in this cream is Benzoyl Peroxide, which basically kills bacteria and prevents it from forming under the skin, hence why it banishes acne.

Now I’m in my 20’s, I have stopped getting this from the doctors as my skin isn’t quite so bad as it was 8 years ago. However, I DO STILL get breakouts, usually around that time of the month or when I’ve been eating too much sugary foods, I have to get up at 03:00am for work, so when I haven’t had enough sleep, pimples start to show, at a quick rate too!

I can keep it all under control though, with lots of Herbal Tea, 7 hours of sleep, or more if I can and a skincare routine that I cannot go without, it genuinely works! So here’s what I do..

  • Drink Green Tea, or any herbal tea, as much as I can!
  • I go to bed early – this ones hard sometimes but it does make a lot of difference, trust me!
  • Every night when I’ve taken my makeup off, I get an ice cube from the freezer, wait about a minute so it can start to melt down, then rub it all around my face. By doing this it kills bacteria not just on top of my skin but under too, and shrinks pimples that I may already have.
  • After I’ve done my ice facial, while my skin is still wet, I use a Witch Hazel and Tea Tree night cream. I use one of Boots own brands, it works really well! Apply a coat of this, wait for skin to dry, then apply another layer.
  • Be cautious of your sugar intake.
  • I use a charcoal based facial wash, everyday, because it draws out impurities!
  • I wash my hands all the time –so I won’t be touching my face with lots of bacteria, you’d be surprised how much there could be on your phone screen!
  • I use a dab of mouthwash when I think I can see a spot coming, then it shrinks.
  • I also use Boots own moisturizer which controls oily skin, has witch hazel and tea tree in it.

AND THERE WE GO!! That’s what I do! It Works! I hope you can try it, it’s cheap as chips!

If I can think of anymore that I do I will add it to the list, because I’m a bit forgetful like that.

If there is anything that works for you, then let me know!?

Thank you for reading!



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How-To Prevent Acne Breakouts and Shrink Existing Ones Fast.


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