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Zoomer Dino Boomer: Robot Dinosaur Toy Review

The red-eyed angry fellow, Zoomer Dino Boomer,  is currently the most popular robot dinosaur toy on the market.  Robotic dinosaurs utilize many different technologies and have brought an all-time favorite creature to a new level. If your kids are into prehistoric creatures and robots, this innovative remote control dinosaur toy will be a hit! Read on, our detailed review will provide you with detailed product knowledge, videos and helpful user feedback. At the bottom of the review, we do a comparison of Zoomer Dino and Zoomer Chomplingz, the two lines of robot dinosaur from Spin Master.

Zoomer Dino Boomer Robot Dinosaur Toy Features

  • Realistic dinosaur movements and terrific sound effects. Zoomer Dino Boomer will sense you are nearby and interact with you.
  • Using True Balance Technology, Boomer perfectly balances while roaming freely around your home with wheeled-feet, and even rights himself if he falls over!
  • Expresses his mood with his LED eyes by changing color.
  • Control and train him to speak, dance, chase, chomp and roar using a remote control and hand gestures or simply free him to roam around and he will do tricks.
  • Charges via USB cable for the dinosaur pet and requires 3 AAA batteries for remote control operation.
  • Recommended age: 5+.

Check Zoomer Dino Boomer price and customer reviews

Let’s check out Zoomer Dino Boomer the remote control dinosaur in action

Zoomer Dino Boomer – All the Details

Spin Master released remote control dinosaur, Zoomer Dino after its successful launch of Zoomer Robot Dog. The robot dinosaur toy takes another step further to incorporate True Balance Technology for more life-like movements as well as remote control operation for more interactive play. Some users report that it is hard for younger kids (5-6) to master gesture-based commands and the controls on the remote. With the help of an adult and practice, it is very satisfying once they figure out how to control the robotic dinosaur.  Eventually everyone who plays with Zoomer Dino comes to understand the product’s tagline “Control it if you can!” which is part of the fun of this incredible toy.

More about Zoomer Dino Boomer robot dinosaur

Zoomer Dino Boomer measures 14 x 9.2 x 8 inches. Although the remote control dinosaur’s design is slick and futuristic, its flexible neck and tail, expressive LED eyes, impressive sound effects and fluid motion with self balancing make it so realistic. He can spin in circles, move forward and backward, speak, laugh, get mad, chomp, roar, and more. His humorous personality shines though when Zoomer Dino robot dinosaur burps dino-size burps, laughs prehistoric laughs, and even lifts its tail to fart. The robotic dinosaur’s eyes change color with his mood. They turn blue when it senses your hand, green when he is happy, purple when he is ready for gesture commands, yellow when he is in control pod mode, red when he is mad – normally when you grab his tail or push down his head. With one hour to completely charge via the USB cable,  Zoomer interactive dinosaur can play about 30 minutes.

Zoomer Dino interactive robot dinosaur in training

Like a real pet, Boomer dinosaur needs to be trained and he may not listen sometimes. The remote control dinosaur has sensors around his nose and tail. His nose sensors can sense you are nearby, detect hand movements and know when you are interacting with him. The life-like robot dinosaur toy will react to being stroked and touched. After entering gesture command mode by pressing Zoomer Dino’s back button, kids can train Boomer to sit, speak, and perform tail whips with hand motions. Kids can also use the remote control to command the robot dinosaur to run around, chomp, move head and tail, and get angry. While it takes practice to master controlling this wild dinosaur pet, precise control of Zoomer isn’t critical because it is quite entertaining to interact with Zoomer Dino even when he doesn’t listen.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Zoomer Dino
  • 1 control pod
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 instruction booklet

Check Zoomer Dino Boomer price and customer reviews

Introducing Zoomer Dino Robot Dinosaur Family

Like Zoomer Puppy, Zoomer robot dinosaur has a big family. There are two lines of dinosaur toys, a bigger Zoomer Dino and a smaller Zoomer Chomplingz. Although they are from the same family, Dino and Chomplingz are quite different.

Zoomer Dino Interactive Robot Dinosaurs:

We have reviewed Boomer in details above and he shares the same features with other robot dinosaur toys in the Dino line.

Zoomer Dino - Sparky - Purple
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Zoomer Dino Snaptail Exclusive
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Zoomer Dino, Jester Interactive Dinosaur
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Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex
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Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino
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Zoomer Chomplingz Interactive Robot Dinosaurs:

Let’s watch a video to know better about Zoomer Chomplingz.

We have compiled the comparison table for you to know the differences between Zoomer Dino and Zoomer Chomplingz.

Zoomer Chomplingz vs. Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Chomplingz Zoomer Dino
Less than half the price About $100
Can’t move on its own. You have to push it to move. Independent and impressive moves with fluid motion with True Balance Technology.
Responds to touch and hand gestures to make sounds, change eye colors, chomp and fart. Responds to hand gestures and touch and is remote controlled. Can be trained and do many sophisticated tricks like spin around, roll forward and backward, whip tail, laugh, fart, burp, etc.
Play games like hot hands, catch, sound wrap No built-in games
Dimensions (in inches): 10L x 7W x 5.3H Dimensions (in inches): 14 x 9.2 x 8
3 AAA batteries Rechargeable with USB power cord, 3 AAA batteries for the remote control

Zoomer Chomplingz - Hydro Dino Interactive Dinosaur
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Zoomer Chomplingz - Exclusive Stealth Interactive Chomping Dino
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Zoomer Chomplingz - Hyjinx Interactive Dinosaur
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Zoomer Chomplingz - Z-Rex Interactive Dinosaur
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Zoomer Chomplingz - Tiger Tail Interactive Dinosaur
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Zoomer Chomplingz Chance
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Zoomer Chomplingz Sandstorm
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Zoomer Chomplingz Red Dinosaur Brute Exclusive
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Zoomer Chomplingz - Hydro
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What Customers are Saying?

Really great motion for a robot! So here are my pro’s and con’s.
The robotics are the best I’ve seen in one of these electronic pets. The noises are for the most part very realistic sounding and the movement in the head/neck and tail really make it feel like a living pet. I was quite impressed. Dino can correct his posture if he falls forward. This saves a lot effort for the operator when Dino falls forward for whatever reason. If the toy falls sideways, however, you need to correct his position. I love that the toy is rechargeable. As with all rechargeable toys, I would wish that a charge would last a little longer. Our full charges have been lasting about 20 minutes or so. I HATE burning through batteries with toys and we seem to do that a lot around here. The remote does take a battery, but I haven’t had to change it yet, so there’s that. But otherwise, I’m glad I don’t have to waste all that money on batteries for the Dino part of this toy. Dino did run on our carpet. We have a medium carpet and although he ran noticeably better on our linoleum floor, he would still perform on the carpet too.

The instructions aren’t very clear on how to operate Dino. My 4 year old was somewhat frustrated that he wouldn’t follow her and it took awhile for my 6 year old to “train” Dino to do much of anything. I think that if it had taken any longer for him to figure it out, he would’ve lost interest. I think that the noises imitating bodily functions (ie: burping) are what kept him entertained and engaged long enough to figure out some of the commands. The longer we play with it, the better he seems to respond. But it has taken some time and some help from the adults in our house to figure out this toy.

So in conclusion, we have had a lot of fun playing with this. My kids feel like it is another pet in our house. So for the sticker price you could save yourself a lot of money and effort by getting this over something like a puppy! Dino is a cute toy that has kept us engaged for at least the time it stays charged. Then we charge it up and save it again for the next day. I give this 4 stars. I take one star away because the instructions aren’t that detailed and it takes some work to get the robot to respond well to commands but overall, this is a good product. — druryenterprises

A great step up from Zoomer Dog, Dino is expressive and lots of fun; Updated  As we already have a Zoomer dog which I found to be fairly amusing but not stellar, I had a guess what the Dino would be like. I was thankfully wrong, as the Dino is a much more fun toy!

Straight out of the box he charmed my kids as he began exploring his surroundings. Though I have no idea how it manages to balance on two legs, the Dino seems much more mobile than Zoomer ever was, and with its moving tail and mouth, is way more expressive then the dog version. My kids love running around the house with Dino and love that he has a wide range of emotions (my son loves it when he gets mad!). The run time is about a half an hour, which goes by fast, but given the size I assume it was limited by how big the battery could be.

(Updated; four months later) The kids have been playing with Dino a lot and he is holding up well. Battery life is still ok, and in some ways I don’t mind that Dino runs out of power after 20 minutes since it limits the amount of time they can harass me with it! The remote on Dino is really great, since the kids love having some control over what Dino is doing. They really should think of offering the same with Zoomer as well, since this really seems to be a big plus. Dino runs well on our medium thick carpeting, and I have noticed no problems with his movements. Kids love sending Dino to battle with other toys too. On the whole, a great buy.  — outwest (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)


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Zoomer Dino Boomer: Robot Dinosaur Toy Review


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