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Effort is for everyone!

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Many of us are paralyzed by the fear of failure while we think “talented” or “genius” people have an easier time making an Effort. This is a very common misconception and the goal of this article is to crush it.

Making an effort or not?

I remember my college years when passing the course was more important to me than knowledge itself. I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one with this. People with a passive mindset often want the make the least amount of effort and still expect good results, not to mention, how scary a real effort can look. While not making an effort, they are in a safe zone, but when they do, there is a chance of failure. With passive mindset, failure can be a devastating experience. Failure will make them think they are not good enough, lose their self-esteem and not want to try again ever. This fear of failure plays a major of holding us back, but that is not all.

We often use the lack of effort as an excuse. Sayings like “I could have been the greatest [BLANK]” are the best weapons of low achievers. If they make an effort, they will be robbed of this excuse and the feeling of being a failure will get into the core of their heads.

How effort is done right

People with an active mindset will make a great effort to get the expected results. They know success is something you have to work for. The results that they are expecting are much valuable than their time and energy. They desire their goals so much, they don’t care about excuses or failure. They try to fail as little as they can but know failure is part of life. They keep their eyes on the prize. But what is the correlation between effort and talent?

It is true, some people are more talented than others. Some people has a natural gift, but that is no more than a head start. Without effort talent will go to waste and less gifted people who make an effort will be the high achievers. The only thing that can make an effort look lighter is opportunity and resources like money, education, energy and time.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

-Napoleon Hill

Some thoughts to make your own:

  • There is no long term success without effort.
  • Everyone has to make an effort to make it big.
  • Learning from failure will turn a defeat into a victory.
  • Excuses never made anyone successful or a high achiever.

Effort is for everyone, no matter how talented or genius they are. Everyone has to work for long term success. Making an effort carries the risk of failure and the fear of this failure is what keeps a lot of us from achieving our goals. I really hope you found this article valuable, and if you did, id would be really helpful if you’d share this article with someone. It costs nothing and it will help the site to grow. We also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to here.


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Effort is for everyone!


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