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How to deal with a job you do not like?

Things can always be solved or at least improve, we tell you that you must keep in mind to cope with your life in a job you do not like.

If you ask someone what comes to mind when they hear the word happiness, it is very difficult for someone to answer the office or think about their place of work. Most workers start on Monday thinking about the weekend, being able to rest and have some time. Happiness at work is a key to achieve good results and grow as a professional, the ideal thing in professional life is to do something that we like and get someone to pay us to do it; however this does not always happen, so there is Learn to face the different stages of life.

We all go through periods when we do not enjoy what we do, they are common crises. Many people at the end of college, and in the absence of opportunities, accept jobs that are not their interest but hold on to them because their main concern is to pay the debts. There is also the case of those who after years of work realized that they were not in the right place.

The best thing is always to move to get another job, but this step is not so simple and sometimes we must stay in a place for a certain time, so you have to learn to live with your job and this does not bitter life. Keep in mind that doing something you do not like is not a reason to do things halfway or wrong, nor does it cloud or stop seeing new opportunities, whatever the scenario you will always have some decision-making power to act and do more friendly things. Here are some practical tips to improve the situation:

Seek to negotiate change: if you do not feel well, this is not only a concern of yours, it is also for your boss and your peers. Even if you do not believe it, it is not in your best interest for you to feel bad, since it directly affects your productivity and that of the company. You may feel that your boss makes life impossible, this may be true, but it is also likely that you have another way of looking at things and your boss does not understand their frustrations.

Juan David Tous, communications manager at Manpower Group, a human talent management company, agrees that this is the first step “you have to know specifically what bothers you about your job to know if the situation can change, to say the least. Problem may not be the work itself, but it may be the deal with the boss, which can be temporary problem, usually things are composed by dialogue6 if you have a sensible person to the front.

If you feel frustrated with your salary, despised or overburdened with the amount of work, first of all meet with your boss, or superior, to voice these concerns. You just have to be honest, professional and do it politely, the essential thing is to be honest and try to negotiate flexible hours, transfer to another department or relieve their workload. If you consider that it is impossible to negotiate something and that your boss is a tyrant, you are only adding problems instead of solving them.

Adjust your attitude: Doing things reluctantly, or half-heartedly, because you do not like what you do only hurts you, remember that good habits are formed in things we do not like to do. We are a reflection of the things we do repeatedly, so always do things well to become a safe and reliable person, in addition excellence avoids problems such as attention calls, or having to correct mistakes. If you do things the best way possible the situation will improve, you will feel better about yourself and your life.

Set goals for yourself : If one of the reasons you are bored is because you feel your job is not a challenge that exploits your full potential, set yourself personal goals and at the end of the day ask yourself if what you did could have done better , Otherwise it is necessary to consider how to improve. If you do this you will feel more at ease with your work, but you will also expand your limits.

Jairo Pinilla, manager of Performia, a company dedicated to the selection of personnel and the improvement of productivity of its customers, considers that the games and work are similar: “If you do not like the job, it is because you are not considering a game. Games have purpose and the greatest failure of people is that they do not find a purpose in their craft. Games generally also have markers, so it’s important to get used to having them too at work, so you can keep a record of how much was executed during the day, which makes work more enjoyable. ”

One step each day to get the job of your dreams: if you are not happy in the office, surely you have imagined what it should be doing, try each day to take a step to get what you want, it can be something Small like sending an email, upload your resume to a network, apply for a scholarship to continue studying.

Give yourself a prize at the end of the day:   keep in mind an activity you like to do after work, this in order to release the stress, it may be to have a coffee, to eat at the restaurant that you like, to shop around the park, or exercise.

Cultivate relationships with people you like: remember that human beings are the most valuable resource, try to strengthen ties during lunch, invite a partner to have coffee after work, or even get involved with them by collaborating on projects,

Think about the advantages of what you are doing: not everything can be bad, consider the opportunities your current job offers you, make contacts, and have more free time than other jobs. Do not forget that you are at least gaining experience in a particular area and this can help you look for new directions.

Stay stable in the other: if you let yourself be overwhelmed by your work is going to be things will be worse, do not let the work you hate so much consume it in other aspects. Always try to sleep well, eat healthy, keep in touch with family members

Do not save things: although complaining to your boss or co-workers can only make things worse, it is never good to spread negativity, surely there is someone you can trust, whether your girlfriend, your brother or a friend, share your Frustrations and let them know the things that bother you, it is possible that they have been in a similar situation and can give you advice

Remember the things you are grateful for: It is advisable to try to balance the things that bother you by thinking about positive things; you can do it in different ways: you can remember them at the end of the day or write them down in a list. The second option is better, since in writing the good things of the day, you will inevitably read the good of the day before, you will have them present and you will be more positive.

It is important that you not only write positive things about work but about your life in general, it can be simple things like meeting someone you did not see long ago, or sharing quality time with anyone.

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How to deal with a job you do not like?


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