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Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia E dual C1604(11.3.A.2.1)

Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia E dual C1604(11.3.A.2.1)

**Note that you will end up losing your warranty after unlocking your bootloader.

What is bootloader?
-> Bootloader is to mobile as BIOS is to the computer. Bootloader is understood as the first program that runs when the device is powered on, which does the hardware checks and then selects the rom and gives it control after starting it.
In othere words your bootloader knows where your rom is and it is responsible for starting it. ROM of your Phone can be understood as similar to the Operating System of the computer. As we have different operating systems like windows, linux. Similarly there are different roms. If your bootloader is unlocked then you are able to flash custom rom like Cyanogenmod, AOSP. But if you flash a rom while your bootloader is locked then you may end up soft bricking your device.

Why Unlock the Bootloader?
-> Unlocking the bootloader will allow you to flash a custom rom, which can increase the performance of your phone.
Custom roms will give you root access, overclocking and many more features that will breathe a new life into your phone.

Usually companies lock the bootloader thereby preventing the end user from running custom roms and thus making them stick to the stock rom. But now the trend is changing. Companies are themselves providing unlock key to users to unlock bootloader of devices.

******************************************************There are two general ways, which are considerd safe, and are tested by me, using which you can unlock the bootloader of your Xperia phone.

*Prerequisite for both the methods is the Unlock key.

To get the key go to Sony Xperia's site (here) and follow the instructions given there. Fill in the appropriate details and you'll get the key in you e-mail id. Now the unlocking can be done.
Charge your phone to atleast 75% before starting this.

First Method(Easy Method)-
1.Download Flashtool and install it. Search flashtool on google and you'll get it or use the link provided below, download the latest version.

2.Connect the phone in flashmode. To enter in flashmode first switch off your phone and while connecting it with your computer, using the USB cable, continue to hold the volume down button until you'll see the notification led glowing green. In simple words "hold down the volume down button" as your connecting the phone to the computer.
3.Start flashtool and install the appropriate drivers for the phone from the list of devices that will appear.

**If your having problem with the flashtool not detecting your phone. Than consider installing PC companion software from the official site. That will take care of the driver problems.

4.Now click on BLU button it will ask for the unlock key, enter it.

**Here is the link to get flashtool for windows-here

There it is now your phone is Unlocked.

 *If it isn't successful in the first try then restart your computer and give it a second go, that should probably get it going.

 * You can use the flashtool to relock your bootloader again, just connect your device in flashmode again and click on   BLU, then on relock it will relock your bootloader.

Second Method-
->Go to Sony Website and follow the instructions given there. Also download the files given there but don't download android sdk. The file you have downloaded from the website contains the drivers (name it as file b) which are essential to connect the phone to the computer.

1.Download the following  file, this will fulfill the role of android sdk, on your computer. Name it as File a
2.Hold shift and then right click on the  downloaded file a then choose the option of run command prompt here.
3.Connect the phone in fastboot mode, that is while connecting it to the computer keep on holding the volume up key until  the led starts glowing blue.
4.Type the following in the command prompt 
 fastboot getvar version

 You should get a reply such as 0.5 or something. If you don't get any such reply then reinstall the file b downloaded from sony website once again. To install the file b right click it and choose install.

5.Then type the following command 
 fastboot oem unlock 0xYour Unlock key 

**Hash file not found error on windows 8? 
->Windows 8 users need to turn the driver signing off then only they can install the file downloaded from sony website.

 *To Turn Driver Signing off go to the settings option in the charms bar, then select Change PC settings-> Then click on   General-> Then click on advanced startup ->On restart Select the troubleshoot option ->type the number which says turn driver signing off.

**Experiencing Bootloops? 
->If your experiencing bootloops that is the device just goes to the loading screen and restarts, then you'll need to follow the given steps-

1.Download Flashtool
2.Download custom recovery. Here is the link that will install dual custom recovery on your device- here
3.Flash the recovery by connecting phone in fastboot mode and then selecting the lightning icon given in the flashtool.
4.Then select fastboot mode then choose select kernel to flash then browse to the file downloaded above and then flashing would be done.
5.To boot into recovery keep on pressing the volume down button when the led below is glowing blue. This would get into TWRP custom recovery. If you want to boot into CWM recovery then keep on pressing the volume up button when the led below is glowing green.
6.Then select wipe data/cache and also wipe dalvik cache.

This should probably solve the bootloop problem.

If you're still confused and can't get out of the bootloop then refer to this post.

Now if you want to root your phone or want to install CyanogenMod refer to this post.

After rooting you'll definitely not want consider installing these cool apps........

***I am not responsible for damages to your device that may arise while you apply the above mentioned methods, apply them carefully or you may end up bricking your device.

If you end up bricking your device don't panic, help is on the way, refer to this post. It'll bring your beloved android device back to life.

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I'd be happy to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

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Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia E dual C1604(11.3.A.2.1)


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