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Trojan PCT Review: The Post Cycle Therapy You Deserve

Prohormone cycles can be really hard on the organism in many ways. With hormones running wild, libido screwed up by the excess Estrogen and liver at danger of serious issues or failures, it is very important to use proper post Cycle therapy after every cycle to insure maximum protection.

Sparta Nutrition swear they have the answer to all your post cycle ailments in their latest product, Trojan Pct. The product promises to help with all your post cycle symptoms with a singular formula, eliminating further need of purchasing multiple products for various PCT areas.

How good is Trojan PCT really? Can it really be the only PCT product you need to use ever again? This is what we decided to find out for your benefit, so keep reading and find out just how good of a PCT this is.

What’s In It?

The product features several different matrixes which aim different areas a PCT should include. The matrixes work together to protect your body from the various symptoms a prohormone cycle may end up causing.

HMB: An ingredient never before used in a PCT, HMB is a metabolite of Leucine which helps reduce protein breakdown and reduce the catabolic effects of a cycle. While this compound is not anabolic (it will not promote muscle growth) it is anti-catabolic in nature (it will reduce the muscle breakdown), which is very helpful following a cycle as this is a time when muscle breakdown is very common.

Testosterone Boosting Matrix: Featuring common Testosterone boosters such as Tribulus and Fadogia Agrestis, the Testosterone Boosting Matrix in Trojan PCT is designed to elevate your Testosterone levels which may drop after a cycle of powerful prohormones. This blend of ingredients increases all your male attributes including your sexual desire and libido.

Aromatase Inhibitor Matrix: Based on Arimistane and Trans-Resveratrol, this matrix is designed to help protect against one of the major side effects of prohormones, the excessive Estrogen levels. The matrix inhibits the production of Estrogen and Cortisol, the two hormones you absolutely want to avoid having in surplus.

Liver Support: NAC is one of the most common liver support agents used in PCT products as it helps retain healthy function of the liver, which can be seriously damaged during cycles of some of the more potent prohormones.

Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix: Many modern supplements have a delivery matrix integrated within them, and Trojan PCT wasn’t going to not have one. The matrix helps the other compounds in the product get delivered to their proper locations in a faster and more optimal way and in this way it makes the product more powerful as a whole.

Here is the complete product label by Sparta Nutrition showing off all the ingredients and doses:

Trojan PCT Supplement Facts
Trojan PCT Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Most of us are used to purchasing multiple products during the PCT phase to ensure we are well protected in every aspect. Sparta Nutrition promises to change all that by providing a singular product that will protect your body from all the nasty side effects of prohormone use.

Trojan PCT truly does live up to its promises as it features a powerful blend of ingredients commonly found in PCT products and some brand new products that promise to become industry standards in the coming years.

We tried Trojan PCT ourselves and it is our opinion that the promises made by Sparta Nutrition hold up, at least for the most part as the product does a great job protecting the liver and restoring hormonal balance, which are the two basic areas of post cycle therapy.

How Do I Take It?

Consume 5 capsules of Trojan PCT per day during your PCT period. Dose the capsules evenly throughout the day and consume them with meals. Do not take more than 5 capsules per day. Do not use if you are under the age of 18 or suffering from any medical issues. Consult your physician before using if you are being treated for anything.

Final Verdict

This product may actually very well revolutionize the way we look at post cycle therapy. Gone are the days of having to use 3 – 5 products to protect our body from the side effects left over from our prohormone cycles.

Now, with Trojan PCT, you can use a single formula and keep your liver safe, stop the muscles from deteriorating and get your hormonal balance back to normal and healthy levels.

If this is the kind of product you have been dreaming of, don’t hesitate and order Trojan PCT in time for your next break between the cycles. Remember to come back and leave a written review of the product as user feedback is something we truly appreciate.

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Trojan PCT Review: The Post Cycle Therapy You Deserve


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