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Nolvadex VS Clomid for PCT

Getting a proper post cycle therapy or PCT going after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids should absolutely be on your bodybuilding checklist if you’re looking to sculpt the physique that you’ve always wanted and keep it that way once you do during your training.

Besides ensuring that the gains you’ve achieved during your cycle won’t fizzle out before you know it, you’re also protecting yourself from health issues like gynecomastia, sailing blood pressure levels, low sex drive as well as possibly shutting down your body’s natural testosterone production completely.

And when it comes to PCT, one of the best ways to pull the whole thing off is getting your hands on a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). A SERM basically works by taking the place of estrogen in its receptor, preventing it from attaching it to a cell and causing the displaced hormone to die off sooner or later.

Nolvadex and Clomid are perhaps the two most popular SERM’s that you can get your hands on these days. But the question is which of them should you pick for your PCT needs? Make sure you follow along to find out more.


A Quick Primer on Clomid

Clomid also known as Clomiphene citrate was first introduced in the 1970’s as a fertility drug. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland to release a more than usual amount of gonadotropins, which have a direct effect on the production of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH).

The more LH and FSH are churned out in the body, the faster testosterone hormones are also released in the process. This helps pick up the pace on realigning the hormonal imbalance that usually takes place after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones.

The Benefits of Clomid

Unlike most PCT medications that attack the body’s estrogen production right then and there to keep it from triggering negative side effects, Clomid doesn’t inhibit aromatase activity or perhaps bring down estrogen levels when taken.

Clomid simply binds to the estrogen receptors to prevent problems like gynecomastia and similar issues brought on by a hormonal imbalance in the body. Moreover, it also promotes healthier cholesterol levels by supporting liver function.

Moreover, here's a quick trivia about this PCT drug that you'll find interesting: In 1989, two Yale University medical researchers, particularly Dr. Florence Comite and Dr. Pamela Jensen, were awarded with a patent for their use of Clomid as an agent to predict fertility in women by calculating overall density in bone mass.

Clomid Side Effects

Based on user feedback, Clomid doesn’t cause any major side effects when used for PCT. However, a handful of users may experience very mild bouts of nausea and headaches while using the product. These side effects are very rare, though.

Clomid PCT Administration

Here is a quick example of how much Clomid you should use for PCT purposes:

Regular/Mild Cycles
Week 1 50 mg/daily
Week 2 50 mg/daily
Week 3 25 mg/daily
Week 4 25 mg/daily
Stronger/Harsher Cycles
Week 1 75 mg/daily
Week 2 50 mg/daily
Week 3 50 mg/daily
Week 4 25 mg/daily

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Nolvadex: A Quick Primer

Known generically as Tamoxifen Citrate, Nolvadex was developed in 1961 as a medication that is formulated to combat hormone-responsive breast cancer. Subsequent clinical runs show that this SERM can also help the body recover its ideal hormonal levels that get disrupted during a cycle of anabolic steroids and prohormones.

Nolvadex is deemed as one of the best pharmaceutical products to go for when it comes to staving off possible side effects of having too much estrogen in the body like gynecomastia and hypertension because it has the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland to rev up its production of the luteinizing hormone (LH) when used properly and consistently during PCT.

When LH levels rise in the body, the testicles translate this as a signal that they need to produce and release more testosterone, which basically helps start you off on the right track to normalize your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis (HPTA).

The Benefits of Nolvadex

Interestingly, Nolvadex is quite similar to Clomid in terms of benefits. Instead of having a direct effect on the suppression of estrogen hormones, it simply acts on their receptors so they won’t be able to attach themselves to cells and function properly.

Since their function is significantly disrupted, the effects that these estrogen hormones can set off in the body won’t be triggered.

Nolvadex Side Effects

Akin to Clomid, the possibility of going through side effects when using Nolvadex is very rare. However, according to medical studies on Nolvadex, a few individuals may experience having rashes and an upset stomach while on this SERM.

Additionally, Nolvadex is not recommended for women who are looking to get pregnant. Aside from affecting overall fertility, this PCT drug can also possibly disrupt fetal development in a woman's body.

Nolvadex PCT Administration

Here is a quick example of how much Nolvadex you should use for PCT purposes:

Regular/Mild Cycles
Week 1 20 mg/daily
Week 2 20 mg/daily
Week 3 10 mg/daily
Week 4 10 mg/daily
Stronger/Harsher Cycles
Week 1 30 mg/daily
Week 2 20 mg/daily
Week 3 10 mg/daily
Week 4 10 mg/daily

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So Which of the Two SERMS Should You Use For PCT?

Now while you may have noticed that Nolvadex and Clomid are generally the same when it comes to how they can control estrogen hormones during PCT to prevent them from setting off adverse side effects sooner or later, the amount that you need to use is a noteworthy difference.

You don’t have to take a lot of Nolvadex during your PCT to get the results that you’re looking for. Sure this may not be very significant, but Nolvadex definitely gets the advantage when you factor in the cost that you’re going to dish out in the process.

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Nolvadex VS Clomid for PCT


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