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Tren-V 600

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The modern day pro-hormone market is very saturated with various pro-hormone products aimed at muscle mass increase and gains. The ingredients in each of these usually convert into a Powerful anabolic that helps increase your muscles. Today I will be reviewing Tren-V 600, a Tren based product that converts into Trenbolone, one of the most powerful steroids out there.
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Tren-V 600 is a powerful prohormone to be sure, but our research has discovered that it may not be all that it is advertised to be, mainly because the product seems to come with a lot of Side Effects that you may not want to deal with.

As advertised, the product promises:

  • Lean Muscle Building
  • Huge Strength Boost
  • Improved Vascularity
  • Fat Burning

The ingredients

Tren-V 600 is a Genetech Pharma Labs prohormone based on Tren and Anavar, with the addition of milk thistle. As such, the product will enter your system and will than convert to Trenbolone, a powerful anabolic that will greatly increase your strength. Tren based prohormones almost always work as Tren is extremely powerful, but the side effects are what worries most people.

Tren-V 600 Supplement Facts

Tren-V 600 Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

The product works, yes. That is the short answer. Once your system is hit by the dose of Trenbolone it will undoubtedly allow for good gains and some fat burning while giving you the power of a horse and great desire to workout. These are the good things it does for you, but don’t decide on buying it before you hear the bad.

The Side Effects

This is where it gets bad. The simple fact is, Trenbolone is simply too powerful. In its pure form Trenbolone is injected intravenously and is a classic steroid, one of the most powerful ones out there at that. Trenbolone was often used in the past by body builders, but was banned from the market with all other steroids. The big problem with Trenbolone is the side effects. Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Sleeplessness: Many of the Tren-V 600 users experienced problems sleeping at night.
  • Night sweats: An old and well known side effect of Trenbolone, night sweats you may get from this product will leave you in pure water come morning.
  • Mood shifts: Experiencing sudden and inexplicable mood swings may come as a common side effect of Tren-V 600.
  • Loss of libido: Getting an erection and keeping it in place may become increasingly difficult while consuming Tren-V 600.
  • Agression: The product may cause you to be unnecessarily agressive with no cause or reason at random times.
  • PCT: The product will absolutely require you to take aditional cycle support and post cycle support increasing the cost greatly.

How do I take it?

If you do decide to buy Tren-V 600 the product will come in a container of 60 capsules. A single pill taken twice a day will be the highest allowed dosage. Do not exceed this dosage. Do not take if you are under the age of 21.


I don’t have the balls to take those oral steroids anymore. They are way too fucking powerful. Results are off the charts though.

This stuff made by Genetech. Bought it online… Stuff is nuts. Had to come off after a week. Basically an undercover oral Trenbolone. I was getting the night sweats, sleepless nights and aggression through the roof.   man I was pissed. the strength increase was damn good too. just couldn’t tolerate the sides……considered a “prohormone” …..ha! How they get away with selling this legally?

This is huge down here even among hardcore juicers, people love it, very powerful compounds, just a matter of time before it is officially labeled ”steroids”.

The bottom line

To be perfectly honest here, Tren-V 600 is not in itself a bad product. The product delivers on what it promises for most people. In this particular case it is the immense side effects that worry me and we only listed the short term ones we could have a testimonial on… who knows if other longer term side effects are likely from using it. I personally would probably skip on this one and go on to get something milder and build it up at a slower rate. A product like 1st Phorm’s Conquest HD will be more likelz to give you the gains and strength you are looking for, while avoiding the nasty side effects.

Check out Conquest HD Now and buy it at $54.99.

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Tren-V 600


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