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Pre-workout products that contain Nitric Oxide precursors have long been a part of many professional bodybuilders’ daily supplement mixes. One major problem of such products was the fact that due to a limited amount of Nitric Oxide Synthase in our bodies it was nearly impossible to make full use of these Nitric Oxide precursors. This is where Axis Labs decided they could do some research and possible make a product that makes a lot more Nitric Oxide actually available to your body and this is how Hemodraulix came to be.

Hemodraulix ad

Hemodraulix is a pre-workout formula based on Arginine, advertising pumps, power and strength. Like most pre-workouts it emphasizes the pumps in your muscles but according to numerous testimonials this particular product actually does miracles in that area.

Hemodraulix creators promise:

  • Up-regulated Nitric Oxide Production
  • Deep Muscle Fiber Stimulation
  • Increased Physical Performance
  • Unmatched Skin-Bursting Pumps

What’s in it?

The product’s main ingredient is Arginine, a Nitric Oxide precursor. When Arginine is broken down in our bodies it creates Nitric Oxide which is the actual compound that helps with pumps and strength. Aside from Arginine here is a list of other ingredients contained within these capsules:

Hemodraulix Supplement Facts

Hemodraulix Supplement Facts

How does it work?

As I already mentioned Arginine is a Nitric Oxide precursor. Now, Nitric Oxide is powerful, but the issue is that our bodies don’t contain enough of the enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase to actually take advantage of many of the products that stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide.

This is why Axis Labs realized they needed to help increase the levels of this enzyme so Hemodraulix could achieve its maximal potency. By adding the compound by the name of Arachidonic Acid, they were able to greatly increase the production of Nitric Oxide Synthase allowing for greater conversion of Arginine to Nitric Oxide.

The Arachidonic Acid rapidly converts into Prostaglandins (PGE2) and PGE2 is actually the one that upregulates the Nitric Oxide Synthase in our bodies. Once the huge amounts of Nitric Oxide are released into our muscles the result is super intense pumps and incredible strength for a long period of time.

How do I take it?

The product comes in capsules, and 6 capsules one time a day is the suggested daily dose. Due to the great potency of this product, Axis Labs propose that you only use it once a day and no more than four times a week and this should allow for some intense pumps throughout the week.

The product comes in a 96 capsule container. With a 6 capsule dose per day and four days a week, you should spend about 24 capsules per week, giving you a full month of use for just $25.95.

What’s the talk on the streets?

This product has received nothing but stellar reviews and testimonials left and right. The reported pumps are unlike anything you will see from many other pre-workouts and the strength provided seems to be really massive. Here are a few testimonials:

Hemodraulix is a great pump! When I do arm training I still have pump 4 hours after the workout, it’s crazy. I have also had more focused and sustainable workouts. Overall it’s a good, long lasting pump. A+

Easy to take gives me a good pump and lasts for 2-3 hours and the caplets are flavored it works well especially with Smash 5.

Stack this with NO-Xplode and you won’t believe the pump you’ll get. Hemodraulix is by far the BEST supplement I’ve ever used.

Here is what Axis themselves have to say about it:

In conclusion

Hemodraulix is one of the best pre-workouts out there. The product comes in easy to swallow capsules with a nice vanilla scent making it pleasant to take. The product is extremely potent and gives you extreme pumps for hours after taking it, as well as improved mental focus and strength allowing for fantastic workout sessions. Hemodraulix is a fantastic Nitric Oxide precursor and I personally highly recommend it to anyone trying to build up some muscle and a healthy good looking body.

Buy it now for just $25.95.

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