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Sasquatch Resurrection

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Is Sasquatch Resurrection really that powerful?

Xcel Sports is presenting us with another great supplement in their “DNA Resurrection” series, which excel at muscle and strength gains along with that extra hormonal control your body craves for! If you are looking for a class A prohormone supplement that will take care of business for you, you might want to take a look at Sasquatch Resurrection as it has all the ingredients to create that magic spark you need so much!

What does it actually do?

Sasquatch Resurrection is another great prohormone product created by Xcel Sports and is marketed as the strongest prohormone muscle and mass gainer available on the market. It promises incredible lean muscle mass improvements as well as through-the-roof strength increases, which is surely something all of you want from a prohormone supplement! It is basically a mix of extremely powerful ingredients that have the ability to get the job done really quickly, which is no surprise considering that the Sasquatch Resurrection cycle lasts for only 30 days. Now that we know what is this product used for, let’s check out those powerful ingredients that we just mentioned above.

What exactly is inside of this product?

Let’s start off by looking at the label on the back side of the bottle:

Sasquatch Resurrection Supplement Facts

Sasquatch Resurrection Supplement Facts

Now that we have read through the label, we will thoroughly analyze the key ingredients of this product in order to understand it better.

Durabolin – You have probably heard about this one – Durabolin is a well known anabolic steroid comprised of the steroidal hormone Nandrolone. It first appeared in 1960’s and was quickly developed for wide commercial use because of its ability to produce high-quality lean muscle mass gains.

Dymethazine This is also a well known illegal prohormone which offers amazing gains in both strength and mass. It was produced in 2009 by iForce Nutrition but it was quickly banned by the FDA due to it’s nasty side effects, which include: aggressive behavior, severe acne, hair loss and back pumps.

Cyanostane – This is a relatively new ingredient that effectively increases both muscle mass and overall strength. It also has no significant side effect which makes it one of the better prohormonal ingredients today.

Who should take this product?

With a really interesting name, Sasquatch Resurrection is among the strongest bulking prohormones ever to reach the shelves. This product consists of relatively known prohormones and its main goal is to let you bulk up in no time. Keep in mind that this product is meant specifically for experienced prohormone users and promises very serious mass gains but should be taken with caution if you are new to the world of prohormones.

What do other people say about this product?

I liked this product, I didn’t gain much size or strength from it though. Mostly a better appetite and more energy in the gym. I myself do have a higher tolerance to most supplements, so this is about what I expected from a prohormone.

After a full month cycle on this product I have to say that I am simply amazed by the results. It gave me significant increases in my muscles. Not only that, my strength has been AMAZING latelty. I do more reps than before, and I am usually not even that tired! This product is a masterpiece! I reccomend it!

I have wanted to try these DNA stacks for years and finally got the drive to do it. It took about 3 weeks to see results and I’d imagine if I weren’t already mass based and has years of training behind me, the results would be greater. I did notice a decent amount of muscle hardening and fat loss/definition but no gains in mass to write home about. The prohormones in the stack are excellent, but the mg’s are so low to compensate for the built in liver support that they aren’t used to their full potential.

Does it have any significant side effects that you should know about?

Sasquatch Resurrection has a couple of minor side effects such as:

  • acne
  • possible hair loss
  • back pumps
  • aggressive behavior

Our final thoughts on this product? Is it worth the price?

Xcel Sports really did an amazing job with their DNA Resurrection series. All products in the series are amazing and can be considered as excellent class A supplements. Sasquatch Resurrection is no different, it has the ability to significantly increase your muscle size as well as your strength, and it will show improvements over the course of its cycle, which is just 30 days. If you are not worried about those minor side effects that we mentioned above, we warmly recommend you to buy it HERE for just $94.95.
Try it out for yourself, you won’t regret it!

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Sasquatch Resurrection


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