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What Makes Handmade Shoes Ideal for You?

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Shoes are said to make the outfit, but they are far more important than that. Your feet support the entire weight of your body, while shoes protect them from the cold, the walking surface etc. And you want this item that essentially gives support to your entire body to be quality and comfortable.


With all the great responsibilities shoes have, you should definitely buy them to last, like you would a car, a sofa, eyeglasses, or any other item that is there to give you comfort, as well as make your life easier.

Sore feet will ruin your steps, making it difficult to walk tall: buy quality shoes, to never deny yourself the option to skip from happiness. The way someone is walking is one of the first things our mind notices about them: buy quality shoes for leaving a good impression. After all, shoes are made to make us feel light and beautiful, but above all, they are made for walking.

Good for a Lifetime

Mass production and the so-called fast fashion, offer vast variety of affordable options for clothes, footwear, accessories, just like with everything, really.

Buying handmade shoes will ensure you to be unique. There are many reasons to buy shoes made by hand, not the least of which is the fact that they will last long, which in turn will help reduce the environment impact from the shoe industry. Additionally, by buying handmade, you’ll support artistry, as well as smaller businesses.

The most important traits of handcrafted shoes, are their unquestionable quality and durability. They are also way more personal than factory shoes, because a person has spent time and used their skills for every single detail you can and you can’t see on your shoe.


Shoemakers take a long time to perfect their craftsmanship. Not only will they pay close attention to every detail, but also, they’ll make sure they’re using raw materials with the highest quality. The leather generally used in the production is premium Italian leather, and, as it’s been proven over and over again, with quality leather, good shoes will only become better over time. When you buy handmade shoes, you are investing in shoes that can last you a lifetime.

But quality doesn’t only depend on the materials. There are many other factors that contribute to the fact that handmade shoes are often the better choice. The welt, for instance, is another element of the shoe that makes a huge difference. Hand welting a shoe is the most time-consuming part of the production process, and it’s the most demanding skill a shoemaker must have.

When shoes are produced by machines, quality is compromised – making room for speed in the production process. Whereas, making shoes by hand, takes time. The process can have more than 150 stages, which allows the leather to breathe and rest, resulting in a very good quality shoe, that will be comfortable from the first try.

Good for Your Pocket

Sure, the quality of the materials, and the craftsmanship required to make shoes by hand means you’ll spend more money, but like the saying goes: a poor man pays twice.

Buying cheap and low quality always means having a product that will have to be replaced sooner than later. So, in the end, spending less money becomes more expensive. Factory produced shoes will often be made of thin or synthetic leather. So, fine Italian leather shoes made by skilled cobblers are cost-effective.


Good for Your Well-being

Uncomfortable shoes are not only that, uncomfortable. They are, more importantly, bad for your wellbeing. Good shoes not only mean pain-free feet, but they also promote good posture, which in turn helps against back problems and promotes better health all together.

Besides, unlike some factory-made shoes, quality Italian handmade shoes won’t cause you skin damage after prolonged wearing. Due to the production process, handcrafted shoes are more breathable because they allow for more ventilation, which in turn makes them the more hygienic option.

Good for Your Style

What will visibly set handmade apart from the majority of mass-produced machine-made footwear, is their appearance. Impressive high end Italian shoes made by hand can improve anyone’s style. Owning a pair of stylish classic leather shoes with beautiful design will change your life. And if they are authentic handcrafted shoes, even better.

But, don’t worry, with handmade shoes, choices are vast for both men and women. From boots to sneakers, you can find anything. And, what’s more, handcrafted shoes are either one-of-a-kind or produced in very limited numbers, making your sophisticated look even more unique, your steps lighter and your body happier.

Some shoemakers will do everything by hand. The stitching, sewing, putting the sole in etc. These finishing processes are what gives the shoes the final details that makes them look beautiful. It provides the shoe with something that no machine ever could. And this is apparent, not only in the quality and longevity, but in the style as well.


In conclusion, while of course some machine-made shoes have better quality than others, with handmade you can’t go wrong. Buying handcrafted products, gives you an insight in the origin of the materials, the way your footwear is made, as well as the makers, which means you can be sure about the quality you are buying. So, next time you are buying shoes, don’t hesitate to spend some more money, so that you have comfortable, stylish and quality shoes to wear for as long as you want.

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What Makes Handmade Shoes Ideal for You?


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