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Top 10 Best Portfolio Management Books

portfolio management books

Top Best Portfolio Management Books – “If you want to improve your skill in any subject, read as many books as you can.” This is the advice we all have got when we were growing up. Still, we seem to neglect this advice and get busy in the noise of the information world.

Today, we would hand you an opportunity to pay heed to this old advice. We will list down best books on Portfolio Management. These books will help you figure out what to learn in portfolio management if you are a beginner and these books will also teach how to reach the next level of your career if you already have few years of experience.

So if your interest or profession is portfolio management, read these top 10 books and you will make great things happen.

Let’s plunge in right away.

#1 – Pioneering Portfolio Management:

An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment, Fully Revised and Updated

by David F. Swensen

As the title suggests, this book is really pioneering. If you want to get a grip over institutional portfolio management, this book is for you.

Book Review

This best Portfolio Management Book is not only a conglomeration of insights about how to multiple your return, but it is also the combination of great insights of finance, strategy, asset allocation, investment and management. Readers who have read through this book not only recommended this book to every finance students, they also mentioned that this book is a must read for MBA students. This book is not written on the basis of the knowledge the authors have about the subject; rather this book is personally tested and this technique generated stunning 41% annual return.

Best takeaways from this Best Portfolio Management book

  • This best portfolio management book is a must read if you are a student of finance. Experts have mentioned that this is among the top 10 must reads on investment.
  • You will not only learn the fundamentals of portfolio management, you will also learn long-time horizon investing which is unconventional and which helped authors made billions of dollars.
  • The material of the book has been tested over 15 years and yielded tremendous results. Imagine what you would be able to do if you grab this book.
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#2 – Active Portfolio Management:

A Quantitative Approach for Producing Superior Returns and Controlling Risk

by Richard Grinold & Ronald Kahn

This top portfolio management book is a great account on the quantitative approach of portfolio management. Have a look at the review and the best takeaways to know more.

Book Review

As per the readers of this book, this book is a must read for every risk manager and trader. This book is useful to risk managers and traders because they can use this book as a manual for building Barclays Index Plus funds. But if you don’t have any idea about quants, then this book won’t be suitable for you. You need to know the basic calculus and linear algebra to be able to decipher the merit of this book. That means this book is not for beginners. If you have some domain experience, this book will be invaluable to you.

Best takeaways from this Top Portfolio Management book

  • This best portfolio management book will teach you the perfect balance between management skill and portfolio risk.
  • This book is a great combination of fundamental concepts and quantitative approach so that you can learn the portfolio management in its truest sense.
  • This book is a must read book on portfolio management and very much comprehensive. This book is 624 pages long.
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#3 – Behavioral Portfolio Management:

How successful investors master their emotions and build superior portfolios

C. Thomas Howard

Most people think that portfolio management has to do most with money, but it’s all about the psychology of the investor. Know more in the review and in the best takeaways.

Book Review

This top portfolio management book is all about how you can master your emotions to fetch better return. The author talks about maintaining a healthy distance between you and your portfolio. For example, the author mentioned that we believe that over-diversification will mitigate the risk, but if we are holding more than 20 stocks, there is no actual benefit in holding more than 20 stocks. Moreover, you would also learn some unconventional tips on behavioral finance. And you would also learn how to optimize the irrationality of the market.

Key takeaways from this Best Portfolio Management book

There are four things you would learn from this book (in detail) –

  • Go for only one strategy that you have been using and be consistent with it. Don’t change it because of short term loss.
  • Don’t go for 15-20 stocks in the portfolio. Rather keep a small number of stocks. Author’s favorite number is 10 at most.
  • If you want to emphasize on a single industry or a country, go with that. Do not afraid to concentrate on one thing for long time.
  • And the last part of the puzzle which is the most controversial is to keep your own independence. According to the author, investing by committee never works.
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#4 – Portfolio Management under Stress:

A Bayesian-Net Approach to Coherent Asset Allocation

by Riccardo Rebonato & Alexander Denev

This book will break the status-quo and will talk about the most unconventional best practices of portfolio management.

Book Review

This top portfolio management book presents a ground-breaking concept on stress testing methodology. They have mentioned that risk models based on historical data fails to warn us about the major events that would shake the economic world. This is not usual way to look at portfolio management. The only issue with this book it is very lengthy for usual readers, but professionals who have the habit of dealing with thousands of pages regularly would seem to find great value in this book.

Best takeaways from this Top Portfolio Management book

  • This best portfolio management book targets the core finance professionals and does a great job providing value.
  • This book has not only conveyed an unconventional approach of portfolio management, it has also provided a step-by-step plan so that readers can implement this new approach.
  • This book is priced quite reasonably compared to the materials provided in the book.
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#5 – Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

(with Thomson ONE – Business School Edition and Stock-Trak Coupon) 

by Frank K. Reilly & Keith C. Brown

If you are ever worried about your investment in your personal life, pick this book up and learn how professionals think about investments.

Book Review

This book is certainly not for everyone. If you are someone who wants to read portfolio management without the complexity of quantitative finance, this book will serve the purpose. Moreover, this book is of 1080 pages which is a quite huge in terms of being applicable to people who love practical examples. However, many readers of this book have mentioned that this book has long explanations which build intuition for your own investment decisions.

Key takeaways from this Best Portfolio Management book

  • If you use this book as a textbook, it will serve the purpose.
  • This best portfolio management book is quite comprehensive and doesn’t necessarily suit beginners because it will go in depth of most of the topics in portfolio management.
  • All finance major should read this book at least once to build the sensibility in investment analysis.
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#6 – Running Money:

Professional Portfolio Management (Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate)

by Scott Stewart, Christopher Piros & Jeffrey Heisler

If you want to master business investment decision making, pick up this book. Let’s know more about this in the review and in the best takeaways.

Book Review

If you are new to portfolio management and want to start with a book, this book will serve your purpose. This book is particularly written for beginners and intermediate students; thus you would be able to master fundamentals in portfolio management. Moreover, you will also learn about the practical aspects of portfolio management. If you are preparing for CFA curriculum, this book will aid you with its directly applicable fundamentals. Moreover, you will get to know what works in portfolio management, what doesn’t work and also how to make things work in the most profitable manner. This book is one of the best books for portfolio managers and you certainly can’t give it a miss if you want to take your investment career to the next level.

Best takeaways from this Portfolio Management book

  • If you have ever thought of reading something useful and practical under 600 pages, this is the book you should pick up. This book is not only recommended by top portfolio managers, they also carry this book with them.
  • If you pick this book up, you will get covered up because this book covers almost all topics you need to learn in portfolio management and investment analysis.
  • The readers have strongly mentioned that if you are a financial advisor, you must read this nook.
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#7 – Portfolio Management for New Products: Second Edition

by Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett & Elko J. Kleinschmidt

This book is easy to read and would be able to give you access to the vast concepts of portfolio management on new product development.

Book Review

Most readers who have gone through this top portfolio management book have mentioned that this book is a bible on portfolio management. You would be able to receive great insights on portfolio management especially in those cases where you would like to revise portfolio management process. You will also get to learn about many companies and how they manage their portfolio which will give ideas about how to manage yours. Moreover, this book covers a lot of issues in portfolio management and how to solve them.

Best takeaways from this Top Portfolio Management book

  • This is a perfect guide for those who would like to minimize their errors in new product development and want to understand the practical application of portfolio management.
  • You will learn new strategies to assess and re-align your organization’s current R&D operations.
  • This best portfolio management book is treated as a bible of portfolio management. Thus within 400 pages you will get to know most of the fundamentals in portfolio management to make your mark in your career.
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#8 – Investment Leadership and Portfolio Management:

The Path to Successful Stewardship for Investment Firms (Wiley Finance)

by Brian D. Singer & Greg Fedorinchik

This book will explain perfectly the role of investment leadership in portfolio management.

Book Review

This is a great book on diverse perspectives of portfolio management. It is not a book which will explain “how to beat the market”, but it will surely give you the fundamentals for operations – investment process, valuation and analysis and portfolio design. The author encourages readers that they should go for top-down, fundamental long-term investment. And they think making investments is a discipline which you become good at over time. This book is great in terms of merit and all finance professionals should read this book.

Key takeaways from this Top Portfolio Management book

  • This best portfolio management book addresses the concerns of leadership in portfolio management and offers tentative solutions for these concerns.
  • One of the authors of this book is Chairman of the CFA Institute Board of Governors, so you can understand the value he would provide in this book.
  • This book will explain the strong correlation between investment leadership and portfolio management and how to make use of the information.
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#9 – Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management:

Aligning Investment Proposals with Organizational Strategy

by Anand Sanwal & Gary Crittenden

This book aligns the organizational strategy with portfolio management. Portfolio management can’t get better than this.

Book Review

This is a great book on corporate portfolio management. And if you want to learn a no-nonsense approach to corporate portfolio management, go no further than this book. Moreover, if you want to build a corporate portfolio in your organization, the practical insights and pragmatic solutions will help you install the processes. And if you would like to become a good resource allocator, this book would be invaluable to you.

Key takeaways from this Best Portfolio Management book

  • If you want to take the leap from the theoretical portfolio to the application, this book is for you.
  • Author’s “Seven Deadly Sins” are a great guide for anyone who are responsible for capital/corporate allocation.
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#10 – Portfolio Management Formulas:

Mathematical Trading Methods for the Futures, Options, and Stock Markets

by Ralph Vince

This book is an old one but carries tremendous value about portfolio management and its different aspects.

Book Review

This book is old but specific. In this book you will find two neglected mathematical tools you need to successfully compete in today’s commodities’ market. You will also learn how to diversify your portfolio in terms of right quantities for each market. But this book needs a background in mathematics without which it would be difficult for you to understand the computations and explanations.

Key takeaways from this Best Portfolio Management book

  • This book will teach you a systematic way to build portfolio so that you don’t lose money in the long run.
  • It’s not a collection of old thoughts in a new guide. The author has thought through all the fundamentals and gave a refreshing alternative to all already believed concepts.
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Top 10 Best Portfolio Management Books


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