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JacVapour Series B DNA75 25mm Mod Review – Sandstorm Edition

Upgrade In Size and Finish But How Does the Series B DNA75 25mm Vape?

JacVapour had a real hit on their hands with the previous Series B DNA75 however it’s fair to say the one tiny flaw was the size – fitting atties of 22mm only – unless you liked huge overhangs!

So the release of the larger 25mm Series B DNA75 and the addition of a new ‘sandstorm’ finish had my ears pricking up – particularly as the original is a mod I’ve used every single day since I first received it – with the wear and tear to prove it!

The new version comes with the usual bunch of options on the website – I received the mod plus an 18650 battery and 30mls of Bryn’s Special Sauce eliquid [lovely stuff!] – both of which come as standard – but please check the site!


OK given the only real thing that’s changed from the previous version is the size and finish this Review may be a little shorter than most – to see the full review of the original please click HERE.

This was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review direct from Scottish based JacVapour – thank you – and as always and despite using the company’s very early kits to finally quit smoking – my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Inside the Box

The usual sturdy tough plastic clear packaging though mine arrived cracked – probably down to Royal Mail’s gentle handling 😉

dna75 boxed

OK inside you’ll find:

  • SERIES B DNA75 25mm Sandstorm Edition box mod
  • USB charging lead
  • Manual
  • IMR 18650 battery
  • Pack of Bryn’s Special Sauce



  • Max output – 75 watts
  • Max temperature – 600F
  • 9cm tall
  • Requires 1x rechargeable 20A (or above) IMR 18650 flat-top
  • Temperature control compatible (using a suitable TC coil material, such as Ni-200, SS316, Titanium etc)
  • USB charging and pass-through capable (pass thru function requires a 20 Amp battery)

Key Features

Obviously key here is the DNA chip which the vast majority of vapers say is the best on the market.

By hooking up with the Evolv software you can fine tune your vape to literally the unth degree.

Please checkout our detailed guide to all things DNA and Evolv HERE.

OK the predecessor to this latest release – the Jacvapour Series B DNA75 came out at just 22mm which made it the smallest DNA device on the market at the time.

dna 75 compared
the 22mm and new 25mm

I did mention the size in my review of that one which meant only the smallest vape tanks, RDAs and RTAs could fit on top without any overhang.

So apart from the extra few mm and the new ‘sandstorm’ finish – there’s really not a lot more going on – so a shorter review than usual!

One other issue I had with the previous version was the battery door and in particular the magnets.

I have used the original every single day since it arrived – look at the scratches!

However within a couple of months the magnets had fallen off – they were easy enough to pop back in with a bit of super-glue – but still a bit of a niggle – especially as I now have a pronounced rattle – so I was very pleased to get this upgrade to review!

The new version has exactly the same battery compartment and door though it might just be the newness [I’ve had this one close to a month] but they do feel housed better and maybe even a little stronger.

The other new bit is the finish – marketed as ‘sandstorm’ it’s a clever word for ‘brushed’ and whilst the original had a rubberized body – the 25mm is metal has a nice feel to it and certainly not slippery.

Jacvapour describes the body as being made out of ‘premium quality materials’ over the ‘black rubber oil finish’ – it doesn’t feel rubbery at all but certainly not slippery.

Design and Build Quality

As I’ve mentioned above not a lot has changed with the shape and build of the original – it’s well manufactured and maybe a touch lighter.

The fire button and up and down bar [which is on a rocker switch] are black and plastic making a nice contrast on the stainless steel version I received.

I say it every time I review a JacVapour product but you really can’t fault the build or indeed the design – they make high quality and very nice looking stuff!

Design wise it’s a cross between a box mod and vape pen style and given the extra width there’s a kind of foot outlining the battery on the base that makes it a lot more stable when standing up than the former version!

If I’m honest this sandstorm finish wouldn’t be my go to colour – I really liked the rubberized body and the contrasting battery door on it’s baby brother – however it really has begun to grow on me – listen I tend to go for black mods so purely a subjective thing.

Incidentally I did try swapping the doors but couldn’t make them fit 😉

Jacvapour say this is aimed at the ‘executive’ end of the market – so sitting here barefoot in lounge pants and hoodie hardly makes me the target market lol.

So a good looking well-made mod – so how does it vape?

How Does the Jacvapour Series B DNA75 25mm Mod Perform?

OK like all DNA devices you can spend as long as you like fiddling with the settings – however it’s good to go straight out of the box in both temp and power mode.

Speaking of temp mod I popped a simple micro coil stainless steel build into my DigiFlavour Drop RDA and pulsed whilst the cotton was pretty dry.

As this is a DNA chip I expected the temp control to work perfectly which it did indeed – leaving only the slightest darker banding.

The original DNA 75w had a feather touch fire button – drove me nuts lol – however this one thankfully takes a bit of pressure to fire.

OK and once again as you’d expect from the onboard DNA chip performance wise this is sublime.

New users of any DNA may find the need to turn down the power a little to what they normally vape at because this is a true reading!

In other words I had my GeekVape Zeus RTA set at 53.7w on my go to mod the Livepor 160 and had to crank it down on the Series B DNA75 as it was just a tad too much for the build in there – trust me the mod I use is generally pretty spot on too!

As I’ve already said we could be here all day talking about the umpteen and then some settings you can fiddle with via the Evolv software – suffice it so say out of the box this performs like a charm.

What I Like

It’s only a couple of mm difference and a couple of design changes but it’s already become my go too MTL mod.

Obviously with the full range of 75w it will take 25mm sub ohm tanks etc easily but given its overall size and the amount of battery life I can get with mouth to lung – that’s how I use it.

dead rabbit dna 75
no overhang

Saying that I am now going to have to find a MTL tank that matches the brushed steel – sorry sandstorm finish – wonder if there will be a black version?

Look I don’t go into the Evolv software I’m a KISS kind of vaper – keep it simple stupid – so all the bells and whistles aren’t for me.

But straight outa the box it works perfectly well and this is indeed as solid as a device you’re ever likely to buy.

Vaping purists will love the sheer amount of tinkering they can do – whilst the rest of us have a very nice well performing – good looking mod on their hands.

dna75 innokin zenith
with the new Innokin Zenith tank on board [review soon]

What I Don’t Like

Not a lot – but I do miss the contrasting door on the version I received – the silver one I received is a little dare I say plain – colour wise that is!

The previous version really did stand out from the crowd with the contrast – but if that’s the only fault I can find then well done JacVapour…again!

Final Review Verdict

The Jacvapour Series B DNA75 25mm is another top quality vape mod and one that comes highly recommended.


  • DNA chip
  • 25mm atties fit nicely
  • Stronger magnets?
  • Nice design
  • Sturdy and stable!
  • Compact


  • None I can find!

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JacVapour Series B DNA75 25mm Mod Review – Sandstorm Edition


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