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Aurora 7 Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

Welcome to the dummies guide on how to be stronger in Aurora 7. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, obtaining more Gold + Light Stones and increase your overall BP (Power).

1. Do the Story first

Once you finish with the tutorial, do the story stages as far as you can (Menu->Story). For each stage completed you will obtain player EXP, hero EXP, Gold, and other EQ items. You will be able to unlock new features as you complete new stages. Each stage will have its own recommended BP so check that your current BP is above the recommended BP to make the stage easier. Try to also complete each stage with 3-stars. This is where you can use the ‘Sweep’ option for that stage which instantly completes the stage for you without going through the whole battle.

Before each battle, you will get to set up your party. You will be allowed to bring up to 3 heroes in a party. Each hero will have 1 of the 4 types of ‘Realm’ and you can see the enemy’s Realm for each stage at the top left. Your hero can deal more damage on enemies depending on the Realm type.

  • Goddess – Strong against Witch and weak against Oz
  • Witch – Strong against Fairy Tale and weak against Goddess
  • Fairy Tale – Strong against Oz and weak against Witch
  • Oz – Strong against Goddess and weak against Fairy Tale

2. Battle Tips: Auto or Manual?

If you want to ‘Auto-Pilot’ your battles you can do so by tapping either the “Auto” button. It allows your hero to automatically move, attack enemies and use their skills except for the summon Skill and ultimate skill.  I would say it is great to use if you are farming or you are kinda new to the game. On harder battles, however, it is a good idea to not use the Auto mode and play manually as it is easier to avoid enemy/boss attacks. In the end, it is up to you.

3. Do Challenges each day!

Challenges are basically different modes which you can items and currency that is not found in the Story (Main Menu->Challenge). You will unlock each of them as you progress further in the game.

  • Golden Eggs (2 times per day) – A minigame where you can tap the chicken for Golden Eggs. These Golden Eggs can be used for the Dark Chapter Story stages and Biography stages.
  • Dreamland (3 times per day) – This is the best way to obtain tons of Dream Dust, Light Stones, and Gold.
  • Solo PVP – This is where you can battle against other players for Arena Coins. These Arena Coins can be exchanged at the PVP Store. Be sure to do the Solo PVP 6 times daily to claim all the PVP participation rewards (Tap the chests below to claim).
  • Giant Challenge (Once per day) (Opens from 12:00-23:00) – This is where you either go solo or with another player to battle against the Giant for Hero Fragments, Light Stones and EX Crystals.
  • Team PVP – Similar to Solo PVP but you will obtain Arena Badges instead. These Arena Badges can be exchanged at the PVP Store. Be sure to do the Team PVP 6 times daily to claim all the PVP participation rewards (Tap the chests below to claim).
  • Mirror Trials – This is where you can battle different heroes for Trials Coins which can be exchanged at the Mirror Store.
  • Red Garden – This is where you can climb each stage to obtain Star Iron and Gold. Enemies and bosses will become stronger as you progress through the stages but better the rewards.

4. Upgrade your heroes!

There are a couple of ways to increase your hero’s BP, making them stronger (Main Menu->Heroes->Select a hero->Details).

Level Up

This is where you can use EXP potions to level up your heroes. These can be obtained from doing the Dark Chapter Story Stages.

Star Up

If you have enough Hero Fragments, they can be used to perform ‘Star Up’ which greatly increase your overall growth stats and increase its star tier by 1. Upon reaching a certain star tier, you will also be able to unlock a new skill for that hero. To know how to obtain Hero Fragments, tap the ‘+’ icon and the game will show you the places to obtain (Mainly from Dark Chapter Story stages and Biography stages).

Skill Level Up

This is where you can use skill points to level up any of the skills which increase the damage and effectiveness (Tap the ‘+’ icon to level up a skill). Every 5 minutes, 1 skill point will be recharged and you can only store up to 20 skill points. Take note that you can only level up skills up to the hero’s current level.

EX skills

This is where you can use your EX Crystals to unlock new EX skills for that hero.


Each hero will have 5 different heroes which contained a certain type of stat. You will need to fulfill the requirements in order to activate which increases your hero’s BP (Reach a certain hero level to level ?).

Try to max level as many heroes as you can. This is because of the RB Power system which is the total BP for all heroes. Upon reaching a certain RB Power, you can tap the ‘Lv Up’ button from the ‘Heroes’ menu to increase your BP.

5. Power Of Light

The Power Of Light feature is an equipment system where you can equip/replace 6 different types of EQ items to increase the overall BP and stats to all heroes. There are 2 types of stats for each EQ item (Basic and Additional stats). Each EQ item has 6 additional stats which you can extract (replace or add a random stat) on 1 EQ item to another (Select the EQ that you want to extract and tap ‘Extract’). The extracted EQ will be consumed and converted into Light Stones.

Upgrade EQ

You can consume Light Stones and Gold to level up your equipped EQ items. Subsequent levels will increase the cost of Light Stones and Gold required. Changing EQ items will not affect the level of all your equipped EQ items.

Enhance EQ

Each EQ item will have 6 different items which are required in order to enhance (Increases ATK, Armor and HP). To know how to obtain these items, tap the ‘+’ icon on the bottom right and the game will show you the which Story stages that particular item will drop.

Star Up EQ

This is where you can use Star Iron to ‘Star Up’ an EQ item to increase the bonus percentage of a stat.

6. Level up your Summons!

Summons are basically your companions which can be called during a battle (Once per battle). You can level up each of them using Dream Dust (Also increases BP). Once a certain Summon reaches max level, it will be evolved into a new Summon.

7. Runes

This is where you can embed runes to increase stats for each EQ item and Summons. You will unlock more rune slots as you reached a certain level. Runes can be obtained either from Story stages or by purchasing them using Diamonds.

8. How do I get more heroes?

You can obtain more heroes quickly by using the Special Gacha (Main Menu->Gacha). This is where you can spend Diamonds or keys to obtain better rarity heroes. Save at least 1800 Diamonds to purchase the x10 Special Gacha. This is where you will be able to have 11 chances instead of 10 = more chances of obtaining a high rarity hero.

9. Add friends!

Be sure to add or accept as many friends as you can. This is because you can collect and send Golden Eggs to all your friends (Tap the ‘Claim All’ and ‘Send Gifts’ buttons).

10. Do both the Missions and the Events

Be sure to complete the Daily Missions as they give tons of player EXP, making you level up quickly. You can also do the Events (Red Joker/Reward/Event/Carnival/7 Days Login) as they give tons of rewards if you completed them.

Thank you so much for reading this guide. If you are new to this game, you can download this game on either IOS or Android. You can also check other game guides like Astral Chronicles and Langrisser SEA.

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Aurora 7 Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies


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