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Langrisser SEA Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Langrisser SEA. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increase your Heroes overall total power, some basic strategies and leveling your heroes fast in the game.

Complete each Chapter on the World Map until Chapter 14

Once you have already finished the tutorial, the first goal is to complete Chapters in the World Map. This is because you will get to unlock various features in the game as you progress further. Look for a town/city with the ‘NEXT’ symbol above it. This is where the new chapter will be unlocked for you to complete. Once you finished Chapter 14, you can do the other features or continue on with the Story.

As you look around the map, there will be an enemy icon where you can attack them to gain more loot. Each of them will have a level requirement. I highly suggest having all your heroes 2 or more levels above the level requirement so that you have an easier time defeating all the enemies. You will also see a treasure chest where you can tap on it to collect free rewards.

Obtaining SSR/SR characters + Rerolling

There are a lot of ways to obtain SSR/SR characters in the game. Certain SSRs/SRs are much stronger than others. Here is the Tier List from Langrisser Wiki if you want to know which characters are strong in PvE (T0= Strongest to T5= Weakest).

  • Summon (World Map->Summon) – This is where you can spend both Trinity Vouchers and Trinity Crystals to obtain new heroes and a chance to obtain an SSR character. Be sure to save up yourTrinity Vouchers and Trinity Crystals until you can use the “Summons 10x” as you will be able to obtain a guarantee SR character for free. Always aim for the limited time summons as there is a higher chance certain heroes will appear from your summons.
  • Path Of Light (World Map->Path Of Light) – Each day, you can complete each objective for a reward and a point. Achieving 60 points will reward you with Cherie, an SSR hero.

If you are not happy with the characters that you have received, you can try rerolling your account by uninstalling your app and reinstalling again (If you are using a guest user).

Battle Tip 1: Take a look around before starting the battle

Once you selected a stage/Chapter, you will move to the ‘Preparation Phase’. This is where you can set up your heroes before starting the Battle. Before doing so, always look around your map and see where the enemies are placed. You can check each of your hero’s and enemy’s detailed stats and skills by tapping them. To replace a hero, drag the desired hero icon over to the unit that you want to replace on the map.

As you tap any of the units, you will see 2 colored squares, Red and Blue. The Blue squares are where your hero or your enemy can move during their turn while the Red squares are where your hero or your enemy cannot move.

Also, be sure to check the Victory and Defeat conditions (Tap the square icon at the top right). Some battles will have different Victory and Defeat conditions (For example, protect ??? or defeat ???). This will help you prioritize which friendly units to protect first or which enemy units to kill first.

Battle Tip 2: Take advantage of the Priority System

Each hero and enemy has its own unit priority where a certain unit priority has an advantage over the other (Deals more damage and receive less damage). You can take a look at the Priority System chart at the top left of the screen.

  • Infantry (Red) – Strong against Lancer (Green)
  • Lancer (Green) – Strong against Cavalry (Blue)
  • Cavalry (Blue) – Strong against Infantry (Red)
  • Holy (White) – Strong against Demon (Black)
  • Archer (Purple) – Strong against Flier (Yellow)
  • Aquatic, Mage and Assassin units do not have any priority.

You can actually change your unit’s priority by tapping on the hero unit and tap ‘ Change’.

Battle Tip 3: Hero skills

Each hero will have its own set of skills. You can check and change your hero skills by tapping on the hero unit and tap ‘Skills’. There are 2 notable skills that I will mention, however. The first is heroes that have AOE skills. These heroes can attack multiple enemy units at the same time (even inflicting debuffs) which is great for finishing off enemies with low HP in a single move.

The second is heroes that has Guard skills. Once it is activated, whenever an enemy unit attacks 1 of your hero units, the hero with the guard skill will enter battle instead, protecting your hero unit who has been targeted. This can be a lifesaver especially if 1 of your heroes is at low HP and you want another hero to protect them.

Battle Tip 4: Melee and Ranged units

Units that are melee will usually have a Range of 1 while units that are ranged will have a Range of 2 or more. Ranged units allow them to attack units from a distance without being attacked at all. However, Ranged units that attack or being attacked at melee range (Range of 1) will deal less damage and received more damage. So if you have any of your Ranged heroes being deployed, always keep your distance as much as possible.

Battle Tip 5: Make use of the Terrain

Certain parts of the Terrain will grant any unit defensive bonuses which reduce the damage taken if that unit attacks or being attacked. To check which Terrain contains these bonuses, select any of the areas and you will see the % DEF at the top right.

Battle Tip 6: Look for chests!

Around the map, there will be chests where you collect during the battle for bonus items including Trinity Vouchers, Trinity Crystals and more. To collect the chest, move your unit over to the area with the chest and it will automatically open that chest. I suggest doing so only if your team are about to complete the victory conditions.

Do the Time Rift stages

After completing a few Chapters, you will realize that you will be unable to proceed further. That is where you will have to complete the Time Rift stages in order to continue with the main story. These stages are the same as what you have encountered before. The difference is that there will be more hidden objectives (3-star completion + Hidden Chest + Feats) for you to complete for additional rewards.

Be sure to complete each stage with a 3-star completion. This is because you will be able to unlock the Sweep feature which instantly completes the stage for you without going through the whole battle. You will also be able to collect all the star chest rewards for that Chapter. It is also a great way to farm EXP, Scrolls, and Ribbons.

Do the Secret Realm dungeons

The Secret Realm dungeons are where you can either do 5 types of dungeons for additional items which will help to enhance your heroes in the game. Each type of dungeon will have a limit of daily rewards per day (Additional item drops after each completion). You can choose to do any of them as much as you want as long as you have enough stamina to do so.

  • Aniki’s Gym – This is where you can obtain military training materials and vitamin drinks here. (Infantry, Archer and Assassin training materials will be dropped on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday) (Lancer, Flier and Aquatic training materials will be dropped on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday) (Cavalry, Holy and Demon training materials will be dropped on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Angelica’s Special Training School – This is where you can obtain Hero EXP potions here.
  • Goddess Trial – This is where you can obtain high rarity equipment and Hammers here.
  • Stolen Treasure – This is where you can obtain tons of Gold here. (Requires Treasure keys)
  • Bonding Realm – This is where you can obtain Hero Bond gifts and Bond Power materials here. Each enemy in the dungeon will have 1 General and 2 Deputy Generals. The enemy’s generals will be granted Bond Power by the Deputy General. Defeat the enemy’s deputy generals which the Bond Power will be removed from the generals.

Increase your hero’s total power!

There are a couple of ways to increase your hero’s total power (World Map->Hero->Select a Hero->Details). If you are unsure how to obtain certain materials, tap on the material icon that you want to find and the game will automatically show you the ways to obtain them.

  • Level-up (Info) (Tap the ‘+’ icon to level up) – You can use Hero EXP potions to increase a character’s level instantly.
  • Equipment – You can equip each character with equipment to increase their stats. If you are unsure which equipment to equip, you can tap “Quick Equip” to allow the game to automatically equip your hero based on stats. You can also forge equipment to increase their level and stats further. (Requires unwanted equipment or Hammers (Recommended for more EXP))
  • Class – This is where you can advance and upgrade your hero’s class to make them stronger and unlock new skills + soldiers. You will need advancing materials which can be mainly obtained from the Time Rift stages and reach the level requirement. Once you are able to advance to the max rank of that class, you can tap ‘Upgrade Class’ where you can get to choose which class to change. Be sure to think this through which class to choose as you will not be able to reverse the change unless you have Rune Stones.
  • Upgrade StarsMemory Shards for each hero can be obtained from either the Gate Of Fate or from the Summon. Once you have enough Memory Shards, you can tap the ‘Upgrade Stars’ to increase its star tier by 1 + increase growth for all stats.

Level up your soldiers through Training!

Other than heroes, you can also train your soldiers to increase their level and stats (World Map->Training). The Training feature works the same as the ‘Upgrade Class’ feature. You will need military training materials and vitamin drinks in order to upgrade your soldiers.

There is also an Expedition feature where you can send your heroes on Expedition for more military training materials. You can only send up to 3 heroes in each Expedition. Each day, there will be a list of recommended heroes shown on the left which increases the Efficiency (Success Chance) so take advantage of this. Usually, the higher the level of heroes, the higher the Efficiency. (Difficulty also varies. Higher Difficulty = Lower Efficiency = Better rewards)

Increase your hero’s intimacy!

The Bonds feature (World Map->Bonds) allows you to increase any of your hero’s intimacy for additional stats.

  • Bond Power – Once your hero reaches a certain Intimacy level, you can unlock and upgrade each Bond to increase all heroes and soldiers’ overall stats. (Requires Bond Power materials)
  • Gate of Fate – Once your hero reaches a certain Intimacy level, 1 of the stages from the Gate of Fate will be unlocked, allowing you to farm Memory Shards for that hero.
  • Gifting – This is where you can send Hero Bond gifts to your hero to increase its intimacy. Some of the gifts will greatly increase its intimacy so take advantage of this. (The ones with the Intimacy Up)

Complete Events and Missions!

Be sure to check out the Events/Event where you can complete and fight against event bosses for more rewards. Also, remember to do the Missions especially the Daily ones first as they will give tons of EXP and will reset daily. You can complete the Challenge and Feat Missions if you want for more Trinity Crystals and other rewards as they do not have any time limit.

Compete in Arena battles

You can battle against other players at the Arena (World Map->Arena) to climb up in the standings. The higher your ranking, the more rewards you will receive. There are 3 different opponents which you can choose before the battle. Always go for the one with the lowest level so that your team has a power advantage over the opponent. You can also use the ‘Auto-Battle’ to gain x2 more points but you will not be able to control your heroes. (The game will automatically control your heroes instead) Make sure to also set up your team for defense (Tap ‘Defense Formation’) against opponents who will attack your team.

Thank you so much for reading this guide. If you are new to this game, you can download this game on either IOS or Android. You can also check other game guides like Astral Chronicles and King Of Kings.

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Langrisser SEA Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies


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