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Crown Four Kingdoms Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Crown Four Kingdoms. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increasing your character’s CAP (Power) and leveling your Character fast in the game.

Do the Quests and Instance mode for fast EXP

Prioritize doing the Main quests first as they give your character a lot of EXP and other rewards once you completed them. Once you are unable to continue doing the Main quests due to your character below the level requirement, do the Explore quests and the Instance mode (Tap the character icon at the top left side of the screen->Instance) daily for more EXP. You can tap the quest that you want to complete at the left side of the screen below the quest tab and the game will automatically do the quest for you without you doing anything. Here are some of the recommended Instance stages that you have to complete daily:

  • Story stages
  • Trial stages
  • Special stages
  • Abyss stages
  • Relic stages
  • Raid stages
  • Event stages

During battles, make sure to set your character on Auto mode (Auto) for your character to attack enemies automatically.

Do all the kingdom tasks

During the tutorial, you are given a choice to select a kingdom. I advise doing all the kingdom tasks daily to increase your kingdom’s rank. The higher your kingdom rank is, the more stat bonuses your character will receive + stronger lord skills and the more Gold that you can collect per day. Here are some of the kingdom tasks you must do daily:

  • Kingdom Mission – Do all the missions for materials that can be used to upgrade different buildings
  • War Info –  You can declare war and battle against other kingdoms for rewards
  • Town – Devote all your buildings (Tap Devote All) to gain devotion points to increase kingdom rank
  • Kingdom Info – You can either devote using Gold or gems to gain more devotion points

Checking your inventory

You may obtain chests or items for your character that you might not even notice so always check your character’s inventory to see all the items that you have obtained (Tap the character icon at the top left side of the screen->Inventory). If you have gear that has better stats than your current gear, always replace them to give a free CAP boost to your character. If you have chests, straight away open these as they contain special items that will help you further into the game. There are also potions which can be used to increase your character’s stats temporarily.

Redeem your Offline rewards

Whenever you log in, make sure to always redeem your offline rewards as your character will obtain offline EXP. You can either redeem offline EXP using Gold, gems or none at all. I suggest if you have the spare gems, I suggest redeeming using gems as your character will obtain 500% bonus offline EXP compared to the others. If not, use your Gold to redeem instead.

Level up your Mount

You will be given a Welsh Corgi Mount after the tutorial so equip it as it provides better stats in the early game. If you tap the Talent Tree, this is where you can use your talent points to unlock different stats to your character. To level up your Mount, you will need Mount Energy. Mount Energy can only be obtained from the Shop (Main Menu->Shop) and the Vault (Main Menu->Vault) using gems.

Upgrade all your skills and unlock talents

If you have not done so, I advise using all your Gold to upgrade your character skills. Take note that each subsequent level will increase the number of Gold required to upgrade a skill. Once a skill reaches level 99, you can upgrade one more time to increase the rank of the skill but it will reset back to level 1. The higher the rank of the skill, the stronger the effects of that skill. There are multiple ways to obtain Gold but the 2 main ways are doing the Treasure of Sultan (Under Instance stages) and Event stages.

Every time your character levels up, you will obtain a potential point. These potential points can be used to unlock talents (Tap the character icon at the top left side of the screen->Talent->Talent). Each talent contains its own stat that will increase your character’s CAP once it is unlocked. You can also reset your potential points in case you messed up but you will have to pay in Gold to do so. You can tap on any of the talents to check the effect before unlocking them.

Do all the Life Skills

There are 4 Life Skill activities that you can do daily. I suggest doing all of them as they reward you with different items.

  • Alchemy – This is where you can either manually produce potions which you will have to play a mini-game or deploy your heroes to produce potions for you.
  • Wanted – Find the mole mini-game. This is where you can obtain Standard Wing Fortification Scrolls which can be used to level up your Wings (Core->Wings).
  • Sail – Control the ship mini-game. This is where you can obtain necklaces. The controls are kinda rigged however so hopefully, the developers can fix this.
  • Perform – Ascending or descending number sequence mini-game. You can also deploy your heroes to produce cloaks.

Strengthening your character’s gear

If you have equipment scrolls, you can use them to upgrade the level of your character’s gear. You can also upgrade the level of your character’s costumes using costume scrolls. Equipment scrolls can be obtained from recycling your unwanted gear. As for costume scrolls, you can obtain from the Illusional Flame Land (Instance->Raid) and the Vault using gems. You can also ‘Inlay’ you gear using M-Stones to increase its gear stats even further. To unlock more Inlay slots you will have to use gems but I would not recommend it unless you have obtained endgame equipment.

Make sure to also evolve your character’s gear once they reach max level. If you have orange rarity gear and is already level 50, you can enchant them for bonus stats to that gear. You will need Enchant Scrolls which can be obtained from doing the Battle of Devil Castle (Instance->Raid).

Acquire and level up your heroes

Try to acquire as many heroes as you can. Unlocking a hero will give huge bonus stats to your character. You will need hero shards in order to acquire them which can be obtained from the Shop, doing the Land of Holy Soul (Instance->Trial) or through Hero Link. To level up your heroes, you will need Adventure Experience which can be obtained from the Vault.

Joining a Guild and do the Arena

If you have not done so, I would suggest joining a Guild as soon as you can. You can unlock some of the Guild features such as:

  • Talent – This is where you can use your Guild talent points to unlock guild talents to increase your character’s stats. You can consume either Gold or gems to obtain Guild talent points.
  • Guild War – This is where your Guild can battle against other Guilds for various rewards. Must be Guild level 10 to do so.
  • Devil Fortress – This is where you and your Guild members can join raids to battle against raid bosses for high rarity rewards.
  • Guild Shop – You can exchange your Guild coins for items here. Must be Guild level 2 to unlock.

Make sure to tap the Reward to collect your daily Guild reward chest. I also advise doing the Arena 5 times daily (Arena->Duel). The higher your rank, the more gems you will receive.

Daily Logins and Events

Even if you do not play this game often, I would suggest to at least log in every day for the daily rewards (Check-in). Check out the events where you can complete some of them for free rewards (Main->Events). I recommend also to do the daily quests then the weekly quests since they reward you with free gems and equipment scrolls. You can do the Explore quests for more gem + EXP rewards if you want.

Becoming VIP

After playing this game for a while, you will realize that some of the events are impossible to complete. That’s because you will have to reach a certain VIP level in order to unlock/complete. If you are going to spend a lot of time in this game and wants to boost your character’s power much faster than the rest, it is best to recharge diamonds using real money (sucks to be F2P). The game does reward you a lot if you recharge diamonds for the first time and the more money you spend on diamonds, the greater the VIP rewards that you will get daily.

If you are new to this game, you can download this game on either IOS or Android.

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Crown Four Kingdoms Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies


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