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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: Insane Tips To Win Her Again

A life-changing guide on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, tips that work!

How to get your ex-Girlfriend back. That’s a subject that bothers all men at least once in their life.
What if I tell you right now there is a specific step-by-step system that will increase your chances almost to 100% to get your ex-girlfriend back?
It doesn’t matter what age you are, why you broke up and what is your life situation in general. If you are both alive, you are good to go. I don’t claim myself a guru, not even close.
I’m a regular guy who learned his lessons from the past and right now I’m happy to share my experience with you. Keep reading because you are on the right path!

It’s hard after a break-up!

Let’s get started. First of all, I will introduce myself, my name is Matt, and I’m 29 years old. Personally, I had to deal with many breakups and to be honest most of the time I had no idea what to do in that situation.
I always ignored everyone who wanted to help me with any kind of advice.

It’s true.

Nobody knows how you feel and the only person who handles your life is you.
But trust me, after a break-up you don’t think well, you would do almost anything to get her back, and you have all the chances to make things worse.

Your friends are always a good choice if you want to get out of that bad mood.

Of course most of the time they give you only lousy advice like:

“F**k her bro. She is a s**t”, “Let go out and get some girls” or “Let’s drink tonight, it will make you feel better for sure.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your buddies have good intentions, but they don’t know what you are going through. And it’s ok to go out, have a drink and a good time with your people. However, you must realize this is a distraction, and it’s not going to win your girl back.

How to get your ex girlfriend back

Who stopped the relationship?

1. You broke up with her.

That can happen for many reasons. Maybe you don’t feel attraction for her anymore. Or the idea of having a girlfriend but still going out with other girls don’t sound so good.

Breaking up with a girl means that you are a guy with options.

More options + more social status = more ego.

Guess what you need to get rid off from that equation? You’re right, your EGO.

The best thing you can do right now is to be gentle and sincere. I know, sounds kind of gay. But trust me, not many times I tell guys to put themselves in that position. A position where you are vulnerable. But that should say to the girl that you have serious thoughts about your Relationship.

So, don’t be a jerk, be honest with her, explain why you broke up and why you want her back. That should be easier than you think.

2. She broke up with you.

Fact: females end 80 % of the relationships. Why does that happen? The primary factor is the lack of attraction.

Maybe right now you don’t understand why she did that. You are angry, and that is just fine. You are looking for answers. I will give you some.

Every man should know the relationship dynamics that he can apply to get a girl attracted. And it’s not the look. I hope you know that. Down below, I will list the main reasons that might be caused the break-up.

This is why she broke up with you.

You do everything she asks.

It’s ok to be a gentleman from time to time, but doing that every day will get her bored. Do you still think if you love her you should do anything for her? Forget about it. You are not a slave, and she is not a queen.

Woman smells desperation the same way a shark smells blood. That is a trap you don’t want to fall into again, be careful next time.

You always put in much effort than her.

Effort in what exactly? In everything.

For example, calling her more often that she does. What does that say about you? It means that you are seeking for her attention. She wants a man, not a puppy.

You are too nice

Let me tell you one thing. Every girl and woman love to see the men next to her acting like he has nothing to lose. This point is connected to the first one I just explained above.

What I’m trying to say is that you are scared to lose her. You act and play too safely. You don’t want to bother her in any way. She is your girl, right? She stays with you because she is attracted to your personality, right again?

At the begging, when you guys met, you weren’t scared to lose her because you had nothing to lose.

Keep in mind, she is not your object. So, if you want to keep a girl around don’t change the way you act in order to make her feel good. Deep down inside, she wants you to stand up for yourself, even if she is not telling that.

A man is not afraid to upset people, including his girlfriend. He is who he is, and he doesn’t care if people don’t like him. This is how a strong man with his own life and purpose looks like. Stop acting like you have something to lose. You don’t!

You express your feelings more than she does.

This is another thing that many guys don’t consider. I understand that you love her and have feelings for her, but take a break from time to time.

If you keep telling how much you love her, more than she does there is a significant problem. Remember when I said men and woman are different? They are equal, yes, but not the same. Scientifically, it’s a fact that male brain works more logically. At the same time, girls are driven by intuition and emotions.

So, I’m sure it’s not normal if she is expressing her feelings less than you. It should be otherwise.

You put your balls in her hands.

Now you don’t have any left. You are screwed, haha!

Here is another thing that makes men look likes clown. After you keep complimenting and telling how much you love her, now she is sure that you are under her shoe.

She is not asking questions because she knows all answers she needs. But you, you don’t know what is wrong and why she’s so cold and indifferent.

She has nothing to fight for in this relationship. She already got you. Instead of acting a little bit hard to get just for the of the interaction you choose not to. Big mistake, told you, her brain doesn’t work like yours.

You always contact her first.

I hope you will not do this again in the future. Let me tell you what is the “rule” that works for me. I contact the girl once. Then I expect her to contact me twice. It’s not that much of a rule, but this is how it usually happens.

It happens naturally because I’m busy most of the day. If she has interest in reaching me out, that’s cool. If not, that’s cool. But they always have!

If you keep trying to reach her out, you are communicating that you have nothing better to do. You are not busy, your life is boring, and she is the best thing you have. Attraction killed again, RIP!

If she won’t contact you, that means she is not interested. So, there is no point in trying to reach her out, make sense?

Sex it’s not like in the beginning.

In that case, most of the time she is turned off by the reasons I just talked about.
But there can be other reasons as well. Maybe you are lazy in bed, you don’t put any effort, and you expect your girl to do the job.

My friend, sex life can save a relationship, so you want to be good at it. If you are not in the mood, try to be.

Eat healthier, exercise, but you have to get it up and use it correctly. And don’t ask your girlfriend if she wants to have sex, make her want, that is the main difference between a boy and men.

If you are still wondering if the size matter, don’t bother too much. The main difference is made my the way you use it, not the size.

Get back slow and safely!

So, who can help you? For the moment, nobody, that’s the hard truth. By that I mean you should LET IT GO for a while, give yourself time to reflect.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is trying to stop her, asking a lot of question and explanations. I beg you not to do that, you will be needy, and this will only lead to much work to do in order to get her back later.

It’s her decision, and you can’t force her to stay. And I know exactly how you feel, you feel like a part of you is leaving, like you are cut in two pieces.

Because you spent so much time with someone it doesn’t mean you can control her life.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it either. Certain things will help you for sure if you apply in the right order what I’m about to teach you.

I got her back, and I’m writing this next to her!

Well, my story is pretty impressive. At a certain point in our life, we all face relationship problems. We don’t know exactly how to get a girlfriend and more importantly how to keep it.

I’m very lazy and let’s face it. We are all somehow. Once I have that girl, I get so comfortable. I think she is going to stay with me forever, no matter what I do or I don’t.

Nothing far from the truth, nobody owes you anything and no one should feel obligated to stay with you. Doing that I lost many relationships and it was frustrating knowing I can’t do anything about it.

However, I was wrong.

I could but I was so stuck in my head, and I had misconceptions about how a healthy relationship looks like and what girls are looking for in a guy.

About a year ago I discovered an online course that teaches you how to get your ex-girlfriend back. I’ve always been skeptical about these online “gurus”. But right now I can say that dude literally changed my life. He guided me step-by-step through the whole process of getting my girl back.

When I applied what I was learning from that course, I started to see a difference in my girlfriend’s behavior very fast. After 2-3 weeks we were back together. She is still my girlfriend right now and assists me while I’m writing this, funny huh?

I will leave a link below if you want to check out the program that any guy should consider to give it a look. You will find here simple tricks that will help you for sure to get your ex back and not only.

Your mindset will be changed as well. I wouldn’t say you will become another person, just a better version of yourself will come out to the surface.
A version that any girl and woman love being around!

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

What I’ve learned?

As I said, this program changed my life, my vision, and my mindset. Right now I will try to show you what kind of stuff you will learn from the program. Of course, I will not copy paste, I will make a summary for you to get the point!

Let’s face it, woman and men are equal. Are they the same? Hell no. There are many types and characters out there. Every girl is different but at the end of the day, any girl including your ex-girlfriend want a single thing from you.


If she smells that you are weak, that you are an attention seeking puppy, of course, she will lose interest in you. I assume that you are a confident guy since you got into a relationship with a girl. She saw something in you. But right now you need to be aware of the fact she does not see you as a partner anymore.

Good news, you can fix that.

The next tips will increase your chances to win your ex-girlfriend significantly. However, if you want to go deeper and learn everything you need to know, check the program. Let’s cut the bullshit and get to the facts to see what you can do:

Get your life together.

This step is the most important: accept the fact that she is not a part of your life anymore. Usually, it takes a while, but there is no rush. The time is your wingman. To speed up this process, start doing things that you enjoy. Play a sport, hang out with your buddies or go on a trip. I’m sure you have your own methods to make yourself feel good.

After that, you should be better and somehow released. It’s the time when you realize the life is not that bad without her.

After doing what I just said above, you shouldn’t have any negative emotion for her. It’s the point when you are neutral, and your brain seems to start working again, haha! Your judgment is not blurred by hate, guilt or jealousy anymore. If you still have negative emotions, go back to the first step!

Now you can start hanging out with other girls, I bet you are in the mood. Abundance my friend, a man should have options. If you girlfriend sees that, it’s even better!

After the first three steps, you should be just fine. You are not a different man but at least you feel good. At this point, you don’t feel the scars of the break-up anymore.

Leave her alone & improve yourself!

After you start getting your life together, you feel tempted to call or text her. Don’t do that. It’s not the time yet. You have a little bit more work to do before you make this move. Eventually, when you decide to call or text her, it will look natural, be patient! As I said, the time is your wingman when it comes to getting your ex-girlfriend back.

You should feel better now. You are a confident single guy with many options, and your life goes pretty well. Let’s make it even better! Start improving yourself, have an active social life, go to the gym, start dressing with style and make more money than before.

It’s not easy, but this is how improvement looks like.

Your ex will notice you for sure, and she will be impressed and eventually, intrigued. If you play your cards the right way, she will even feel sorry for losing you.

Strangely, when you reach this point, you start asking yourself if you really want her back. Now, you feel good about yourself, and during the whole process you’ve been through you learned many things. If the answer is “yes” and you want her back, good news! It’s almost the time to go for it.

Get in touch with her and make a move wisely.

There are different ways to do that depending on her personality and how your relationship ended. Basically, you have to set up a meeting. Don’t get so enthused. Remember, she is not your girlfriend anymore, so don’t hurry things up.

I won’t tell you how to text her, but you should consider three things.

First, text her like a friend, there is nothing between you two anymore.

Second, be neutral. If she is busy that’s ok, don’t insist, schedule the meeting another time. And third, keep it simple and funny. No need to take yourself too seriously and don’t overthink, just go for it.

When you meet her, keep it cool and don’t push it too much.  You see how simple I wrote that statement? The way you interact when you see her after a long time should be as simple as that. Your life is changed now. You have things going on and more people to hang out with.

At the same time, you are a fresh and busy man. Doing exciting stuff will increase your social status. You will sub-communicate: “Look, I wanted to see you but I have others things to do as well. I don’t have much time to spend.”

I hope you see how I’m trying to implement the alpha male mindset here. It’s not necessarily about the words you say. It’s more about the presence you give to the girl. She must see you are different now and this should attract her again.

At the same time, you don’t want to become that arrogant guy, from time to time crack a joke, use self-amusement and ironize yourself if you feel she might think you are too self-absorbed.

You are an important guy but don’t take yourself that seriously.

Hopefully, during the conversation, you will reach a point when her eyes are on you. You know that look, she is fully engaging with you and she’s laughing at every stupid joke you say. If this happens often that means she is attracted to you. You made it, buddy! From here it shouldn’t be hard for you two to get together again.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

It’s not easy but you will get her back!

Getting your girlfriend back it’s not a small challenge and it’s not for everyone. Realizing that you need to improve yourself is the most important step in the whole process of making her want you back.

And to be honest, this is not the only benefit.

Because of that, you will attract more prosperity and you will live life to the maximum. Improving yourself it’s not easy but it feels good. Everyone wants to look better, to have more friends and to make more money. Self-development is the keyword of the whole article.

How do I stand in front of a computer telling you all these stuff?

I told you, a year ago I wasn’t capable of such a thing. I was confused and angry at myself. Until someone recommended me an online course that teaches you how to get your ex-girlfriend back. I was skeptical, thinking I known everything I need to know about this subject.

However, I was almost in depression and I eventually bought it. It helped me get my girlfriend back in about 3 weeks.

And here I am now sharing all these stuff with you. This is just a small part of what I’ve learned, but I hope you got value from this.

I recommend you to go check out the course because it has a huge discount. You will save $298 if you access it today. I don’t know how long it will last but you guys have a great deal right there. Back in the days, I purchased it with $300, damn. However, I don’t regret it, haha.

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