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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend

Probably it’s not a good feeling knowing your ex-girlfriend moved on and she got a new Boyfriend.

She forgot about you. That’s the real truth, and it sucks. While you are thinking about her, she probably thinks about that new guy. You are not alone my friend. Every man on this earth goes through similar situations at least one time in life.

I’ve been there. And I will probably have to face shitty situations like that again.

No problem, I like challenges. If you don’t, I highly recommend changing that. Because getting your ex-girlfriend back from her new boyfriend, it’s a damn good challenge. If you decided that is what you really wanna do, then you go all in.

Having doubts will hold you back. So first you need to decide, then start taking action

All right, now you should feel more energized.

There is some good news. It doesn’t matter why your ex-girlfriend broke up with you or you broke up with her. Since she has somebody, that means she moved on. So, the reasons why you guys broke up are no longer an issue.

Every man has a different opinion on this subject and different ways to get his girl back.

In the past, I had my own, and to be honest, I didn’t work.

Since then, I started dating more girls, reading more books about self-development and getting advice from the best.

And now, I think I am capable of sharing some advice with other guys. Keep reading.

You are going to need a structured plan. It’s not like a step-by-step robotic plan, it’s more like the steps you should follow. The way you follow those steps can be different for each person.

But first, let me tell you something.

No one can guarantee you’re going to get your ex back following specific steps. If someone says so, they’re lying. We are dealing with a human being here (your ex). Every person is different. You need to understand that. You know her better than I do.

This is why I suggest being skeptical when you are reading online blogs. No one knows you, and no one knows your ex-girlfriend.

There is no science. You will get her back or you won’t. It’s not that complicated.

However, I’m confident you have a good chance if you follow my advice. But please don’t forget to follow your gut as well.

Ok, now let’s see what you can do.

Don’t contact her for while

The last things you want to do is being needy and overwhelming her with calls or texts. She moved on, so if you desire to have a chance to get her back, you should do the same. At least pretend, you got the point.

How long should you not contact her?

Between 25-45 days in my opinion. I would suggest giving your ex-girl space for about a month.

Why is that?

Well, the benefits would be:

  • That gives you time to put yourself together. You genuinely shouldn’t feel the need to contact her.
  • Her being no present in your life seems not to be a problem anymore.
  • After a while, you will feel comfortable, chill on your balls, haha. The fact she has a new boyfriend doesn’t affect you in any way.

However, I bet your mind is giving reasons to contact her as soon as possible. The reasons can be:

  • You are afraid she will fall in love with her new boyfriend
  • The thought she has sex with him makes you sick.
  • She might totally forget about me.

Getting your girlfriend back is a long process.

If you are not patient, I suggest going get a new girlfriend. The whole thing is going to test you mentally and emotionally.

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t contact her when she just got into a new Relationship.

You know that feeling when you just meet a new girl and you like her? The conversation is great, you almost don’t see any defect in her. She seems perfect.

However, after a while, the things are unlikely to remain that way.

Did you get the point? Give your ex-girlfriend some time. She might get bored of the new guy sooner than you think. Keep reading, I will give you some tips that accelerate this process.

In the meantime, work on yourself.

These days relationships don’t last, it’s a fact. After about a month, people tend to get bored. It’s understandable because you can meet people very easy these days. We have Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Or you can even go on tinder if you like.

The best part of a relationship is the beginning.

However, the honeymoon will pass and you will have your shot.

As I said, let your ex-girlfriend alone with her new boyfriend.

Instead of trying to contact her, focus on your life. Get some new clothes, go to the gym and hang out with your friends. Girls can be included too.

While she probably starts fighting with the new guy, your life is getting better.

Becoming friend with your ex

If you do this right, her actual boyfriend will freak out, haha!

I am gonna be honest here. This is a tricky move, but you want your ex-girl back, right?

You probably wouldn’t like if your new girlfriend and her ex would be friends. Personally, I wouldn’t accept it. For me, past is in the past, and it should stay there! If you can’t move on, that is your problem. That is my mentality, and I’m not gonna change it for a single girl, even if it sounds jerky.

The good part is here.

Your ex-girlfriend probably won’t have a problem if you become friends.

I mean, you contact her after one or two months. You moved on and now you want to see how is she doing. Totally ok in her eyes, but now in her boyfriend’s.

They will start to argue, and many times the argument will end up with a fight.

If the new dude doesn’t know how to handle the situation you can cause huge damage to their relationships. And many times, they can break up.

Is she in love with him?

You don’t have to worry about that, love is a strange thing!

People often confuse love with attachment. I can guarantee you, she can’t fall in love with someone in one month. If she says so, she’s is wrong. Girls are driven by emotions, remember? I wrote an article about girl’s emotions and the whole “how to get your ex-girlfriend back” subject, you can give it a look.

Slowly create attraction.

Timing is everything.

You should get back into your ex’s life when her actual relationship is shaking!

Now, you must play your cards right. Creating attraction again takes a while but it should worth it!

While her guy is acting more jealous every day you are there for her.

After you got her friendship, you can start flirting with her and eventually ask her out.

If she accepts to go out with you, it’s perfect! That means she doesn’t care about his boyfriend opinion. Right now, you have the biggest chances to get her back!

However, many times the girl won’t react as you expected. Thy is why you should adapt.

You need to know when to stop and when to go forward.

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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend


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