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7 Biggest Relationship Mistakes That Man Must Avoid!

The biggest relationship mistakes that most men tend to do.

After you finally find a person that deserves your long-term attention, the first habit you will develop is to be more careful.

Careful in what are you saying and how those words come out. It’s totally cool. You want her to have an excellent first impression.

However, after a while, you tend to become more comfortable with your girlfriend and “reveal” more personal things and thoughts.

We all make mistakes in our daily life that affect us in different ways.

However, when it comes to relationships, awareness is one of the most important quality you must have. You must be aware of the dynamics between you are your girl. Being lazy and letting things “go with the flow” will lead to fights and finally to a predictable break-up.

By the way. I wrote an article that can help to get your girlfriend back, just in case. But I hope you are not in that situation.

Let’s see what are the biggest mistakes a man can do in a relationship.

Being incongruent.

What does that mean? It means that your thoughts and actions are not in alignment. For example, she said something that bothers you but you don’t tell her. You must assume that will happen again, so eventually, you gotta tell her.

Don’t be scared. Communication is the key to a long-term relationship. She won’t know what bothers you if you don’t tell her.

Expressing emotions too fast.

7 Biggest Relationship Mistakes That Man Must Avoid!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s almost impossible to have feelings for someone you just met.

I’m talking about 2-3 weeks. This is the stage when you get to know each other better. If you start saying things like “I love you” or “You are the most important person in my life” she will be like “Ok, I was wrong when I thought he is a man”.

I’m not saying a man should not reveal his feelings. But is she doing the same? If the answer is not maybe you need to reconsider.

Joking too much.

Look, I got it. Being funny is attractive, we all know that. I’m quite sure 99% of girls think that being funny is attractive, especially in a guy.

But you know what will happen if you joking more than being serious? You will be seen a clown.

You are not a stand-up comedy guy. Finding a balance between serious and funny is the right thing to do here.

Many guys fake their thoughts and emotions through amusement. From time to time you need to be real and serious. Let your girlfriend see that side of you.

Not being present.

That happens usually when you stay with her all the time.

What I’m talking about here?

You are at the point when you see her presence as something normal. That’s ok.  But many times when that happens, you don’t feel the need to listen and talk to her that much.

I got it. If you live together it’s normal to have moments of silence. But from time to time, genuinely ask her how is she doing? In the end, she is your woman and you should listen to her. At the same time, she should listen to you.

If you don’t talk anymore, the relationship is not going in the right direction.

Trying too hard or not trying at all.

This is where most men get confused. Not knowing how much time and effort you should put in your relationship is quite a big issue. Even if it seems not a big deal. You have to find a balance.

It’s not ok to be a puppy and do everything she asks for. She will get bored eventually, leading to nothing good. At least, if she is not doing the same for you, cut this thought off your brain.

At the same time, it’s not ok if you don’t give her any of your attention at all.

You need to treat her well, but be careful to not fall into the trap.

What trap? By that, I mean you don’t want to reach the point when she is not seeing you as a boyfriend anymore, but more like a friend or a provider. The type of guy who is always there for her and does anything she says.

Find the right balance and you relationship quality will probably increase.

Being selfish.

I bet you already know, but I will tell you again just in case you forgot.

When you are in a relationship it’s not just about you anymore. I know it sounds obvious, but that’s a mistake easy to make. I get it, you like to stay focused on yourself. Maybe you try to improve your look or make more money.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind there is another person in your life that need your attention. That’s your girlfriend.

From time to time, show a little more compassion. Genuinely, show that you care about her. Do not tell, but show, ok?

She needs to feel the man next to her still have interest, and not just for himself.

Being afraid to lose her

7 Biggest Relationship Mistakes That Man Must Avoid!

This is the last one on the list but not less important than others.

Let me tell you a fact. At any point, if she wants to leave you, it’s her decision. During the time you spend with her, at any point, you should not be afraid to lose her. People come and go and that’s ok.

Acting out of scarcity it’s not going to make her stay more in your life. Contrary, she may stay less because neediness kills attraction. So, there is no point no trying hard to keep her next to you.

However my friend, I always recommend getting into a healthy relationship. I mean, the person you are sharing most of your time, should make you feel not. A relationship should be something constructive in your life, not a thing that sucks the energy out of you.

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7 Biggest Relationship Mistakes That Man Must Avoid!


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