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So…I’ve Done All That, Now What?

So…I’ve Done All That, Now What?

I might have felt like a mission getting all that Evidence together, and then you’re being told there’s still more that you need to do?
Get used to that feeling.
Not to be cynical, but at times it can feel like things are being made difficult on purpose and (as is usually the case with people who have nothing to hide) you’ll start to worry about every little thing you’ve ever done and everywhere you’ve ever gone and whether or not immi are going to see that as a reason to decline your application.

So you’ve got your Police Checks?
And you’ve gathered all your evidence and been your own P.I. in your bank accounts?
And gone through every photo of you together, grabbed old ticket stubs hassled everyone you know and love for a personal statement?
Excellent, you’re ready for a Form 80.

Again, it’s just another step in the process, another formality, if you will. All the evidence you’ve been gathering is supportive of this form and while it can seem counter intuitive and like you’re repeating yourself, it’s essential you spend the time to get this form done.
I would definitely say beast it out in one sitting, and if you can, do it together.
Zac and I spent time racing each other to see who could finish each section quicker and while he sped through the countries visited part of the form (having only been bitten by the travel bug when we met), I was done in record time when it came to immediate family (the only perk of just having one sibling as apposed to seven).

It is a long form.
I was a little flippant when it came to completing it because it was just ‘one form‘, but when I started to scroll through and saw just how many pages I’d done (and how many were left to go) I did get that oh so familiar feeling of being overwhelmed.
A lot of the information you need to provide is similar to the information you gave for your police check’s such as previous addresses, any name changes and basic details.

The only part of the form that took any real thought was the section where you have to fill out what countries you’ve visited in the last 10 years.
As awful as it sounds, I really had to stretch to remember, and try to piece together just when I visited all the wonderful places I’ve been.
My parents are avid travellers and we were spoiled with exciting holidays to new destinations every time – there’s too much world to see to just keep going to the same places.
Which was fantastic when filling in a Form 80 wasn’t even a blip on my radar, but going back through everywhere I’d been and also when took a team effort between Mama K, Papa K, Facebook, my passport and me.
There were times when I’d remembered the years completely wrong, for example, I thought I went to Japan in 2008, because I knew it was during sixth form and I thought it was my last year of sixth form, but I actually went in 2007, I’d applied for the trip when I was still at school and we went just as we’d got in to sixth form. I was just 17 when I went.
I remember feeling so grown up and mature, and responsible and cultured and I was just a baby.
Funny how time gets all wibbly wobbly like that, eh?

The best part about the Form 80 is you can complete it all online.
The version we got sent was a downloadable PDF and you can make all the necessary amendments from your computer. Which a) means no risk of people not being able to read your handwriting (Zac, I’m looking at you babe, I love you, but your handwriting is shocking) and b) makes it easier to send back across to Ana.
It also saves on half a woodland of trees, so that’s an extra plus in my book!

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So…I’ve Done All That, Now What?


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