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Show me the “DOUGH”

Show Me The “DOUGH”

Now I don’t know where you might be from, but I do know that Cookie Dough Fundraising is HOT TOPIC in my neck of the woods.

I fear it being brought up as I sit around the table of parents who are desperately trying to raise money to replace old playground equipment. Fundraising with Cookie Dough is one of the most successful campaigns a School or group can run, everyone loves cookies! So why do I fear this? Well, many schools love the program, they want to run the program but sadly they cant. According to school officials they are no longer allowed to sell cookie dough to raise money, no exceptions! This brings about much confusion because according to district policy 7.11  (6.2.1)  which states:

The sale of foods with minimum nutritional value in fundraising initiatives,
organized by schools and students, is not permitted. This section does not apply
to parent/community support groups, who may request participation of high
school students, in fundraising activities after school hours.

Now let’s get this clear, this states that foods with minimum nutritional value cannot be used, but also states that this policy does not apply to parent community groups!

So for the past 18 months, I have been trying to get clarification from just about everyone from our local MLA, District Education members, Policy Analysts you name it I have called or emailed them. Sadly I get no clear answers or explanations as to why even though the policy states “Does not apply to parent support groups” that schools are still be denied the right to raise money with cookie dough.

This brings me to my second point! The policy states that “Foods with minimum nutritional value are not permitted”  and policy 7.11 ( 6.2.2) states

Schools, in consultation with their Parent School Support Committee (PSSC), will develop their own plan to promote foods with moderate or maximum nutritional value or non-food items in fundraising efforts

So it’s up to the school?

I completely 100% agree with the above statement, that we should promote more nutritional products, however, several varieties of cookie dough do actually meet the district requirements for moderate nutritional values, but still, schools are not allowed to sell cookie dough.

Let’s imagine you have a small school, with limited parent volunteers who would generally run a fall fundraising campaign and a spring campaign. Let say this small little school raised $5000 profit by selling cookie dough. Now let’s take this away, what you’re left with is 2-3 parent volunteers who every few weeks are trying to coordinate events with each one bringing in a fraction of what they did with cookie dough. The stress this places on the working parents who volunteer there own time to support the school is sad, frustrating and so unfair!

How can school cafeterias serve cinnamon buns, Frozen Yogurt, Rice Krispie Squares, Mookies & Banana Bread on a daily basis but are prohibited from selling cookie dough to replace outdated equipment, fund field trips or fund that new playground?

How can showing a positive attitude give you the chance to earn a pound of bacon at one school, and chips, pop, and candy be acceptable at school dances and yet a school raising funds for new computers or equipment with cookie dough be banned?

There’s no more raising dough with dough in New Brunswick schools!

I will continue my quest for answers.

Stay tuned…

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Show me the “DOUGH”


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