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A Complete Guide to CB Coax Cable

In this article you will learn:

  1. What CB COAX CABLE really does?
  2. Importance & selection of COAX Cable
  3. What affects you CB COAX cable

So let’s start=>

1. What CB COAX CABLE really does?

CB Coax Cable is to do two things: To take received a signal from antenna towards radio, and to transfer the signal from radio towards the antenna. COAX cable plays an important part in radio communication system. It is considered a major factor in the performance of your entire system. Selecting Co-axial for mobile radios has become problematic as more dealers offered a broad range of cables.

2. Importance & selection of COAX Cable


COAX is considered the major factor in the performance of your entire system. Using wrong coax cable will increase chances that system may not operates properly. The main issue with the COAX cable is that it loses some signal power of the entire setup while transmitting. With broken or bad quality wire there will be more RF power loss. The value of power loss per meter is always a matter of concern when introducing new cable to any 2-way radio system. Hundreds of questions face up while choosing CB COAX CABLE. What do you need? What should you buy? How should you buy it? Why should you care? Etc. Etc…


  • The first thing is to check the compatibility with your radio and CB antenna system. Yes, it is true that for exceptional performance you need to do 3X times work. Same is the case with CB COAX. Manufacturing of cable must be of highest quality copper, aluminum, and polyethylene materials and should be built according to the highest standards (High Voltage Tested, Heat Shrink Connectors.)
  • Select the appropriate length of cable for your system. If the cable is long for your setup, there is going to be the loss of power, so it is great to optimize your system by clean out the useless cable.

Note: For ideal transmission TRY to make transmission path as short as possible and avoid the twists and turns in the COAX cable. It will prevent your CB radio from receiving interference.

  • How long your cable will survive. There is no easy answer. Mostly cheaper coax cable breaks or get damaged, so chances of signal loss or no transmission are always present. These types of cable use low-grade material that is not weather resistant and gets rust. So TRY to avoid low-quality CB COAX cable.
  • Select the cable according to your budget. Yes for quality you have to pay its cost. If you are operating in heavy duty & rough conditions, then we recommend you to go with high-quality cable. That is what we have done with our new Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna. Our new MAG MOUNT uses the RG-8X high standard cable that can withstand any abuse and handle higher wattage.

2. What affects your CB COAX cable

COAX cable can damage more quickly than the regular cable. Coaxial cable needs to be managed carefully to increase longevity, so keep it away from situations that will physically damage your cable.

  • Damaged by Water

COAX is not waterproof. Water penetrates inside the coax cable, and it becomes useless or less efficient. Don’t leave the cable in the rain. Water still can enter into the coax cable through connectors since there are small nicks in the outer sheath.

  • Damage by HEAT

Polyethylene and Polyvinyl chloride insulate the cable. Both of these plastics have low melting points, so they get soft very easily. If the cable is near heat for extended periods of time, the position of center conductor in relation to the shielding may chance as the plastic starts to melt. It is always best to keep COAX cable away from sources of heat.

  • Improper Connection

Connectors on either end can take you out of action. Connectors on both sides (antenna system & the CB radio) are the weakest point. Always connect them properly, it benefits you by giving good performance for extended periods of time. Poorly made connections may result from water entering the setup, which starts rust or corrosion on metal. As a result, you will get high SWR readings. Spending a little time on connections may save your cable. Many times center pin of a connector can also be damaged.

We hope you have learned something from this article. Investing in high-quality CB COAX cable always worth it.  High COAX cable can handle more watts of power. We recommend you to use our Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna with your radio. This antennas arsenal includes RG-8X coaxial cable. So, more watts of power is not a problem for Stryker SR-A10 antenna.

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A Complete Guide to CB Coax Cable


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