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10 Things Your Favorite Women Magazine Won’t Tell You About Gifts For Men in 2017-2018

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what do men want in a woman

Hello, ladies! PG is here.

I understand that searching for a really good present for your brother, dad, colleague or unique birthday gifts for Him is not easy. It’s so tempting to pick something from the numerous lists, compiled by well-known women sites and magazines. It’s also quite difficult to make the man confess about his wishes and usually, you think thank he doesn’t want anything. But do men really already have everything they want/need? Of course, this is not true in most cases. We all have our wishlist.

We feel rather awkwardly and uncomfortable when receiving any gift. Usually, there are several main reasons why:

  • we are Men and it’s Our responsibility to give presents. While receiving the gift we feel an inversion of the gendered roles here (i.e. the woman is an active contributor while the man is a passive recipient).
  • despite our difficulties in expressing of own wishes, somewhere deep inside we expect to receive a surprising gift that we would really like, but most of the time this doesn’t happen(
  • consequently, we have to pretend that we like the gift. But if the man is not an actor, it is very hard for him.

And I’m here to help you avoid these situations as much as possible and give you cool gift ideas for men. Naturally, I am not able to read the wishlist of your man, but I can definitely say, that if you follow the rules mentioned below, you won’t see the disappointment in the eyes of your dad, boyfriend, brother, husband or colleague.

What men do NOT want as presents

1. Sweet romantic stuff

what men want

Don’t get me wrong, men like romance. However, for us, romance is seen in different actions. All these photos, candles, pillows… We just do not need it.

2. Socks, deodorants, bathroom accessories

what men want

Do I really have to give the reasons? Is this how you imagine cool gifts for guys? Forget about socks! Unless the receiver of the gift is your grandson.

Still want something for a bathroom? Check here.

3. Belts, wallets, ties

what men want

Boring and predictable. Moreover, men prefer to buy these things themselves. What’s more important, we’ll have to use it even if we don’t like it. Sad story.

4. DIY gifts (with only one exception)

what men want

We will surely appreciate your efforts. You may even surprise us. For a couple of hours. The next day your gift will be forgotten. Guaranteed.  Exception – see p.9

5. Parfumes

what men want

Your chances to buy him exactly what he wants are a little less, then chances to win a lottery. And even if you know his taste, then there is no surprise part.

What men DO want  to see in presents

6. Usefulness

what men want

What’s the point in a gift, if we cannot use it in our day-to-day life? Men love functional things because they are practical. We are not thrilled at all with things we can only look at.

7. Gadgetness

what men want

It’s not a secret that men are just big boys. And they need toys) We love things with buttons, remote controls, flashing lights and so on. Furthermore – gadgets useful. That is why technology gift is the quickest way to a man’s heart. Today there are a lot of gadgets that can be very unusual gifts for men.

8. Status

what man want

We cannot escape it. Even those of us who insist they don’t care about status, are still aware of it, monitor it, and seek it. That is why, if your presentd can be proudly demonstrated to friends, then these are great gifts for men.

Best present you cannot buy

9. Gifts made by their children

what men want

Any man will be enormously proud of getting it. No amount of riches could buy a better present than that. So if you are thinking about presenting your dad a hand-made gift – go for it! And it doesn’t really matter how old you are and what kind of present it will be. It’s definitely best birthday gifts for men.

Best present you can buy if the stars are in your favor

10. Sports/music events tickets

what men want

An experience like a sporting event or concert is the perfect gift if you are absolutely sure about the tastes of the man and the date of the upcoming event is relatively close. It certainly falls into the category of cool gifts for men. That’s something you can surely impress him.

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10 Things Your Favorite Women Magazine Won’t Tell You About Gifts For Men in 2017-2018


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