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How To Write a Check: The Definitive Guide

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Want to know how to write a check? Then you’re in the right place.

A third Party check is a personal or business check that is signed as payment to another person. Financial institutions in the United States have no obligation to accept third-party checks, and many banks are less likely to be than to take in the past. However, you should be in a situation where signing up for independent checks is your best choice, knowing the best practices in the process will increase your chances of success.

How To Write a Check:

1. Consider your options.

Given the growing banking and identification security regulations in the US, it will probably be difficult to find a bank that will accept third-party checks. If you have a bank account and can deposit money or pay a check displayed to you, it will almost certainly be easier for you, and then you can issue your check (or pass money) to a third party. Signing a check may seem practical (simply by omitting an intermediary), but nowadays it is unlikely. Look for electronic transfers of funds to a third party, either through your existing bank account or services such as PayPal, if you are looking for another suitable option. If the check is displayed for you; if you do not have a bank account; and if you need to pay a third party the amount of the check that is issued to you, this is the only real scenario you want to try to sign a check.

2. Verify that the person you want to sign a check, a third party, accepts signed checks.

Ask this person whether they used third-party checks in their bank earlier. This will increase your chances of success, given that there are no laws that require banks to accept third party checks.

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3. Verify that a third party bank takes such checks and find out specific bank practices.

If you can not immediately contact this person, but you know your bank branch, you can call the bank’s customer service number to request a specific confirmation of this kind. Ask if the bank for receiving a third party check requires some special procedures. Some banks have set their own rules governing these procedures, such as the requirement that both parties have an account at this bank to ensure that funds can be transferred.

4. Be prepared to go personally with the third party to her bank.

The completion of the signing process personally may be required by the bank and will almost certainly unreasonably increase your chances of success. Provide the correct identification information, especially if it is not your bank.

5. Sign the back of the check as usual, but place your signature at the top of the confirmation area.

If there are three lines here, sign up here. There is no room for a fancy signature of the “Tom Smith” type because you will need the whole space to complete the process.

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6. Fill in the “Pay Recipients” and the third party name in the middle (or second row) of the confirmation area.

If you need more space, you can try to use the VPP (for the benefit of the participants), but you may want to check with the bank first. Write neatly, especially the name of the third party. Check to spell.

7. Do not let the third party sign a check until it is covered or redeemed.

Let the third party (recipient) sign a check at the bottom (or third row) of the confirmation area. If a third party is not present, type “X” where a third party should sign or add a note about a friendly reminder of the check signature.

8. Put a check on the payee to put in your bank as usual.

As long as the bank accepts a third party check, the exact reimbursement process should be the same as a check issued directly to a particular person

9. Open a bank account, insert a check, and then pay to a third party.

As already mentioned, you probably think about signing a check because you do not have a bank account. If possible, open an account and do so because this situation (and possibly others) will be easier. To open a current account with a US bank, you usually need to be 18 years old or more; provide necessary information such as name, surname, address, contact details (telephone/email) and social security number;  and government-issued ID card.  You should be able to find a current account at no charge at any of the local banks. Also, check out online banks where more typical free accounts are available.

10. Ask the original exhibitor of the check to invalidate it and write a new check for a third party.

Of course, you’re more likely to work with your aunt Edna than the big corporation that sent you a discount check.

11. Ask the original check issuer to add “or holder” for your check (and future checks issued to you).

Checks with the creditor “or holder” followed by the payee’s name can be entered or redeemed (usually according to bank policy) by the person submitting the check. The third party should be prepared to provide an identity card when depositing or paying a check, according to the principle of the financial institution, especially if the check is higher. Checks listed for “reimbursement or holder” or “holder” will work similarly.

12. Use Bank Services.

You will pay a fee for this service, but you will walk with money that can be spent by a third party. Check-pay fees typically range between 1% and 12% of the check value, so purchases of the best offers can be paid out. Several national retailers, including Wal-Mart, provide this service.  You will need a photo ID to pay for your check.

You will not have proof of receipt of your check in your bank statement. Because the check was initially exposed to you, you might want to copy the check as a receipt before signing it. Third-party checks may be the target of various types of fraud,  so be part of signing a check with a third party only with someone you know and trust.

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How To Write a Check: The Definitive Guide


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