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9 Best Hacks On How To Study For a History Test (Last Minute)?

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to Study for a History test, then you’ll love this article.

It is difficult to give a simple recipe for how to learn history quickly. Each of us is different, and hence, will prefer different ways of learning. A lot depends on whether we are visual or not. I tried to gather here various tips and hints. Maybe you’ll find something for them. I will add that it is best not to teach at the last minute. And although this article was supposed to be mainly about quick learning, I decided to give here more general guidelines that should be implemented sooner.

How To Study For a History Test?

1. Listen.

You may think that by listening to the stories of a teacher or lecturer you will not remember anything. However, if you try to focus even a little on what he says, you will remember some things while learning. The name, date or place name you have previously heard will not be completely new to you.

2. Take notes.

Of course, it’s best to take notes during the lecture. Do not let them be too detailed (unless you have a divisive attention), because by focusing on writing one, at the same time you stop listening to it on a regular basis. People with divisional attention are much better here – they will write one, hear further information, which will be noticed soon. Handwritten notes can prove irreplaceable while learning.

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3. Do not learn at once too much material.

It’s easy to write, harder to do, but really, you can not master a number of issues in a few hours. At most, it can be done very roughly.

4. From general to specific

If you have a lot of deficiencies in history, you have had a long absence from school or lectures, do not go straight away for bulky materials. Issues, which will be a test or colloquium, first learn from publications in which there are not so many details. If you are studying, you can borrow a story book from your younger siblings attending junior high school. Only when, for example, you learn that the Peloponnesian War was divided into several stages and you are able to replace them (or in the “hard” version you will find that there was such a thing as the Peloponnesian war), you can start teach in turn about each of them.

5. Use a highlighter

If you’re a visualizer, use highlighter options. Mark with them the most important things in the text so that during the next reading or repetition of a given party, focus only on what has been circled in color. And here is one note: do not overdo it with the amount of color, because you will get nystagmus.

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6. Associations

Sometimes a date can be associated with someone’s birthday, a holiday, a name or the name of a city with a known thing to you.

7. And vice versa, that is from the detail to the general (“quasi-cheat”).

When you have mastered a certain range of material and want to capture it, do yourself a quasi-cheat, or notes with the most important information. By rewriting them, you also fix everything. Then, seeing a general slogan, for example, you recall the details you have learned and develop them.

8. Read and repeat aloud

Many help common learning and conversation on given topics. You will tell your friend one thing, something different and as a result you both learn something new. Just reading or speaking out loud on a chosen topic can help you acquire and consolidate the material. And if you are waiting for an oral exam, it will be easier for you to formulate your statements during it.

9. On the day before the test, just fix the material.

No one is able to learn everything, so do not try to instil new facts or dates on the day before the exam. This time should be devoted to repeating previously absorbed issues.

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9 Best Hacks On How To Study For a History Test (Last Minute)?


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