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How To Increase Productivity In Your Life: Top 12 Suggestions

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to increase Productivity in your life, then you’ll love this article.

Probably at this point you should do something completely different than reading this article. However, some unknown strength effectively distracts you from your duties. Fortunately, the delay in performing tasks is not a disease. It is only a style of thinking that we can completely control. Here are some useful tricks that will help you concentrate, increase your productivity and will not let you get distracted.

How to increase your personal productivity?

1. (10 + 2) * 5

The easiest way to start is with small steps. It will help you in this method(10 + 2) * 5. It is not about calculating mathematical activity, but applying it in life. What does (10 + 2) * 5 mean? 10 minutes of work plus two minutes break multiplied by five and repeated for each hour of work. Just stick to the appointed dates. They are not unattainable. All you need is a bit of willpower, and you can reward yourself with a short break for every 10 minutes you have worked. However, it is not allowed to exceed the break time. Stick to strict deadlines and everything will be back to normal.

2. Use more red and blue colors

Clean up your desk and remove everything that might distract you. According to many studies, the red color effectively stimulates our Brain to function. In order to increase our creativity, we should use more blue. Make the place of your work overflow with these colors. In this way, you will stimulate the brain to act and provide yourself with more willingness to work and energy. You can also use these colors to mark the font, and when reading documents your brain will read the messages you send.

3. Create a survival program

Plan your tasks carefully. Create a plan of what and to what time you must do, and what you will do at each break. A clever arrangement of tasks means that you will not have another backlog, and in addition, make the most of your break. Do not go outside the plan. If the scheduled time to check the private email is over, just turn it off. Set small, achievable goals and follow their fulfillment. After a short time, you will notice that you can accomplish the task deadlines and even the biggest ones design he is not able to ruin your plan.

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4. Never take work home

If you work on a demanding project and you need to finish something after hours, but you do not want to stay in the workplace, never take work home. The house is a place of relaxation and rest. Your sofa in the living room should associate only with this. You’d better go to a cafe or reading room and finish your task there. Not only will it take a lot less time for you, because nothing will distract you, but you will also have a permanent place only for rest, or DOM.

5. Take shortcuts

Wake up your creativity. If you have an important project to do or little time to complete the task, do not think about a few techniques to solve the problem. Take shortcuts. Develop a creative method of work that will help you achieve your goal quickly, without reducing its value. Sometimes the simplest solutions turn out to be the most accurate ones.

6. Entrust some of your coworkers’ tasks

Excessive duties are destructive to our consciousness. When we have too much to do, even the smallest and simplest action takes us twice as long as usual. Why burden yourself with such a number of responsibilities if you can ask for help from a partner or a colleague? Nobody is a machine that can work 24 hours a day. You absolutely need rest, and the amount of your tasks should not exceed the next boundaries. If you feel that what you have to do is too much, just ask for help.

7. Turn off the phone and get rid of other gadgets

As research shows, within eight hours of work, we are able to check our phone up to 150 times. Even the slightest sound or reflex makes us thoughtlessly reach for the phone. And this can effectively dissipate. Therefore, put it away for working time or turn it off completely. The same applies to other gadgets. Do not let anything get you out of the rhythm of work.

8. Get ready to sleep

Before going to sleep, prepare yourself what you need the next day. Pack your purse, get your clothes ready. It will take you about 15 minutes, which in the morning will prove invaluable. Thanks to this simple action you will not forget about anything and you will not be wondering all day if you have taken everything you need. And spare time in the morning to eat breakfast and drink coffee. Your brain needs energy to act and caffeine to stimulate.

9. 10 minute workout in the morning

Take 10 minutes in the morning for simple exercises. It is proven that it stimulates the release of endorphins, increases productivity and makes you simply happier. You can, for example, jog around the house, ride a bike or exercise at home on the mat. There are many possibilities and the effects are great.

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10. Divide the project into parts

If you get a large project to do, simply divide it into parts. Our brain will easily absorb smaller pieces to complete than a large project. Schedule the exact plan so that you can not forget anything and get to work. For each part, give yourself a specific amount of time that you will not exceed. The project will be finished, and you will not feel his weight so much.

11. Motivate yourself

Motivation is an extremely important element of building your productivity. If you go down and repeat yourself that you can not make it, you will not make it with the project, you will not manage the task, it will probably happen. Positive thought! Always look with optimism at your tasks. Put a motivating sign on the blackboard in front of the desk, turn on the soothing music and work. There is nothing impossible for us, and only self-esteem limits us.

12. Prepare snacks

It is true that a walk to the kitchen is only a few moments, but it takes a few minutes to prepare a meal. And you can use this time in a different, more productive way. Before starting work, prepare snacks that you will use in case of hunger. Place them close at hand to have easy access. In this simple way, you will not be distracted every time you get hungry, and the meal will wow you into the time of the break, so that the break was all laid out for pleasure.

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How To Increase Productivity In Your Life: Top 12 Suggestions


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