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How To Recognize a Narcissist: 8 Traits Of Narcissistic Personality

This article has everything you need to know about how to recognize a narcissist.

According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was a young boy in whom all nymphs were in love, especially one of them. But he did not pay any attention to them. The nymphs decided to take revenge, asking Aphrodite to punish the boy. One day, when Narcissus wanted to drink water from the spring, he saw his reflection in the water, and he fell in love with it without any memory. He spent all day admiring his face, and finally died of love and longing for his reflection. The story is very old, but there are plenty of such narcissistic narcissists today. Life next to Narcissus can be very tedious and tiring. So how do you recognize such a person staring at yourself? A few tips below.

8 traits of narcissistic personality:

1. Lack of empathy. 

If a person lacks the ability to empathize and everything reverses so that the topic goes down on it anyway, it is not good. Every narcissus is interested only in himself. If, for example, you feel bad, you have a hard headache, a narcissist instead of cheering you, give a pill, advise something to talk about yourself and how it once hurt his head, three times more than you now and it is his compassion. Remember this when choosing friends, friends and partner.

2. Exaggeration. 

Each of us occasionally overdo something. However, the narcissus exaggerates too much. Often, it just throws it in the eye. Every story ends with the success and triumph of our narcissus, no one can escape the oppression all alone. No one else succeeds, only narcissus. Everyone loves him, loves him and everyone wants to spend time with him. Do not believe in this type of boast. This is a typical sign that someone is a narcissist.

3. The need for constant attention.

Narcissus will always need a lot of attention and he will strive to get that attention to himself. He still wants to be complimented, plastered, listened and – most importantly – admired. Everywhere and for everything.

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4. Do not give courtesy and favors. 

Well, unless it brings some benefits to the narcissus. Narcissus thinks that everything belongs to him ‘because yes’. So why do you need unnecessary thanking and giving back? Arrogance is a common feature of narcissistic people.

5. Hub of the Universe. 

Everything must always be around the narcissus. We go to the cinema because I want to, let’s eat in another restaurant because I do not like the food served here, we will not play tennis, because I do not want to, listen to my stories, all others are boring, I will tell you what to do, because only I know it best. The worst thing you can hear from the narcissus is ‘I like to stay with you, thanks to that I feel so special’. I know, it sounds awful, but they really do.

6. Failing to criticize. 

Not just not dealing with her, but not taking her into consciousness. ‘How can she tell me that I do not know it since it is me and only I know how to approach a given topic and fix the problem. Without me, nothing can happen. They criticize me because they envy me. I am unique, they do not understand this because they are average, poor people. ‘ – this is typical narcissus reasoning. Narcissus will not be bothered with criticism, because he will simply think that he is wrong, directed at him from envy and jealousy. And thanks to such reasoning, instead of thinking a few things, he will feel better, because in the end someone is jealous of something.

7. Boast. 

Narcissus will always brag with his achievements and the fact that he will find a way out of every situation that he will invent everything. Only his solutions proved to be the best and he could always beat the competition with his intelligence. It is usually difficult to withstand such a person for more than a few minutes.

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8. Manipulation of people. 

Narcissus mastered the ability to manipulate people. For what? To achieve your goals and goals. And he always has many. Narcissus will do everything to go out on the best, most needed, desirable and all the same. Saying ‘dead to the end’ will work here almost one hundred percent. It is important to be successful, no matter that on the way you will fly a few heads.

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How To Recognize a Narcissist: 8 Traits Of Narcissistic Personality


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