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Why Facebook Has a Bad Effect On Health (6 Negative Effects)

Today I will present you seven bad effects Facebook using. The rapid development of Facebook’s popularity suggests that it offers something we’ve always dreamed about. It allows us to stay in touch with both the missing cousin and the best friend from primary school, as well as 300 other friends, friends and relatives. With just one click we can see what our son ate at supper, and what cat cousin did on the window. However, like all the benefits in life, Facebook’s success is based on something that is invisible, closely related to our psyche. Here are seven evidence that Facebook has a harmful effect on our health.

Six adverse effects of Facebook on health

1. You may feel that your life is not as beautiful as the rest of the world.

Social psychologists prove that people tend to engage in social relations. To answer the question “if I’m better than average,” you have to check other people who are a bit similar to us. Facebook allows us to engage in human relations without much effort quickly. In 2012, a team of researchers from the University of Yale conducted research, which proved that Facebook users tend to think that other people lead a happier life than themselves.

2. This may lead to the appearance of jealousy from the successes of our friends,

Has your cousin published photos of his new car, home, pictures from holidays abroad? Facebook will allow you to share your happiness with your friends, but it will make you feel jealous of their happy life. Buxmann and Krasnova in 2013 proved that watching someone else’s Facebook posts can give us unhealthy jealousy.

3. You are in touch with people you should rather forget about.

Are you sure you want to know what your ex is doing? You’re starting to wonder if he’s just as happy as you are? Did she start dating another guy, or just her friend? These questions remain unanswered and should stay. It was noticed that Facebook users who viewed the profile of their former Partner feel more anxiety in the next relationship.

4. This, in turn, may lead to the appearance of jealousy in your current partner.

Stalking on Facebook does not reveal itself only to the former partner. Suddenly you start to wonder, “Who is Mr. Y? “Why does he like my wife’s posts?” Many marriages have problems because of the relationships that result from the use of Facebook. Checking the profile of your “ex” very often leads to jealousy on the part of your current partner. Psychologists recommend talking to a partner about the subject and setting boundaries that will make both sides feel comfortable.

5. On Facebook, you can reveal information that you do not necessarily want to share with your potential employers.

Do you want your employer to know about the tattoo you made on your friend’s bachelor party? According to research, 40% of users mention Facebook about alcohol consumption and 20% about sexual activities. We often think that we are away from prying eyes, while in the meantime … While 89% of job seekers use social networks, 37% of potential employers actively seek and check (on FB) their prospective employees. If you are in the labor market, it is worth trying to set privacy restrictions if you do not want to delete it entirely.

6. It can be addictive.

Think about the most common addictive substances, such as; coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Interestingly, the addiction from Facebook has been interested in many scientific communities. To test the seriousness of this habit, Hofmann and his colleagues decided to examine the participants of the experiment randomly. It turned out that among the participants, addicted to tobacco, or tending to alcohol – social media have become a more significant desire than stimulants.

If you’ve ever wondered if Facebook has terrible effects on your health, now you have no doubts.

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Why Facebook Has a Bad Effect On Health (6 Negative Effects)


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