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 10 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain [Memory, Plasticity And Cells]

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Want to know interesting facts about the brain? In this article, you will discover interesting facts about Brain you should know if you want to make better use of it. The brain, called the processor of our body, is still a mystery for scientists because it is only examined in 40 percent. Average Kowalski has only basic knowledge about the brain (though not always).

We lose a lot without knowing the surprising properties of our brain because we can not consciously use them in practice, and consequently make life easier. In order to supplement the knowledge about the most important organ in our body, we have created a list of curiosities about action and construction on our brain, many of whom we do not know! Most of them will definitely surprise you.

10 unbelievable facts about the human brain

1. The brain is almost 80 percent water

This is one of the most important facts about building the brain. As it turns out, we are not all aware of that. Meanwhile, our brain is 80 percent muscular tissue, not water. Hence its characteristic consistency similar to jelly. When a part of the brain is cut out, the rest moves to its place in the skull.

2. The brain does not feel pain

This is one of the most surprising curiosities about our brain! The brain does not feel pain because there are no nerve receptors in its vicinity that could register the pain.

3. The brain is two percent of body mass.

It’s amazing, but our brain consumes as much as 20 percent of the energy produced by our body, representing only two percent of the entire body’s weight! For proper operation, our brain needs oxygen especially, so it is worth to provide it to the body on a regular basis – through physical activity and daily ventilation of the workplace and the flat.

4. The man’s brain is about 150 grams heavier than the female brain.

This is, of course, true but one important fact should be noted – the burden of the brain does not translate into the efficiency of its work. To the disappointment of some, it should be noted that men are not smarter than women! However, studies confirm that there are marked differences in the performance of the male and female brains. What does it mean? The female brain has a denser grid of neurons, thanks to which it works better, consumes less energy and is aging much slower than the brain of a man! In addition, women can boast of greater linguistic and manual skills than men. A dense network of neurons is also responsible for empathy. The male brain, on the other hand, works better in spatial orientation and logical thinking.

5. Music improves brain function

Research conducted at Stanford University has shown that music works just the same for each of us. First, it stimulates gray cells to work, secondly, it increases the release of dopamine, improves mood and protects against depression, and thirdly improves memory and concentration. No wonder we listen to it so eagerly! We differ only in musical tastes.

6. Diet has a significant impact on the work of the brain

A properly balanced diet is the basis for the health of our body, but above all, the proper functioning of the brain. What is worth eating and what should we avoid to make our brain work efficiently? We should supply to the body a lot of products that contain vitamins B12 and E, as well as omega-3 acids. We find them in nuts, green leafy vegetables, as well as wholegrain bread. Negative effects on the brain are mainly processed products, including fast-food, sweet and caloric drinks, stimulants and alcohol. To ensure the health of the brain, it is also worth remembering the hours when we eat meals. We should eat them at regular intervals, and eat the last meal not later than three hours before bedtime. Thanks to this, our brain will be able to rest freely.

7. It is not true that we use only 10 percent of our brain

For years, there has been a myth – transmitted from generation to generation – that we use only 10 percent of our brain in our entire life. It’s not true. In every action, we use the brain 100 percent, but not always well. Researchers stress that to get the most out of the benefits of the brain, people need to have a lot of knowledge about how it works. Thanks to this we will use it much more effectively.

8. Neurons are created not only in childhood

By refusing a popular myth on the subject of brain activity, it should be noted that the process of creating new neurons in the brain lasts a lifetime. It is not true that the so-called neurogenesis occurs only in childhood. What’s more interesting, the more you train your brain, the more new neurons it creates. The condition of your brain depends, to a large extent, on you!

9. The brain consists of 100 billion neurons!

This number sounds definitely impressive and, in a way, it illustrates the possibilities of the human brain! If it consists of 100 billion neurons, each of them can create up to 10,000 connections with other nerve cells. One neuron reaches a length of up to several meters.

10. In one second, about 100 megabytes of information reaches our brain

This fact confirms the huge capacity of the brain and encourages its more effective use. The brain acquires a huge amount of information, but it also generates an amazing number of thoughts. It is assumed that during the day the brain produces about 70,000 different thoughts.

If you’ve ever wondered what are some interesting facts about the brain, in the above article you met 10 facts, that probably blow your mind.

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 10 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain [Memory, Plasticity And Cells]


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