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What Your Handwriting Says About You (And Your Personality)?

This article contains everything you need to know what your Handwriting says about you and your personality. The way we write letters and words can define one of over 5000 different personalities. Graphologists in the analysis of the character of the magazine always prefer to use italics. It gives a much better view of the character of the person than the same written in print. The handwriting consists of three levels: the middle one (eg a, e), the upper one (t, l) and the lower one (j, g). The average height of each level is about 3mm. This gives the total font size an average value of 9mm. A value greater than that means large Writing, smaller – small.

If you want to find out what your handwriting says about you, investigate it for the tips below.

What’s your handwriting tells you about your personality?

1. If your letter bends:

  • on the right: You are open to the world around you and other people, you like to make new contacts.
  • on the left: You usually like working alone. If you are right-handed and your letter tilts to the left, it may be a sign of rebellion.
  • not at all: You are a practical person, guided by logic. You keep emotions in check.

2. If the letters you write are:

  • large: You have a strong personality, the writing of many stars consists of uppercase letters. This may suggest that you are a social person and you like to be in the spotlight.
  • small: You are a focused person and easy to concentrate. You tend to be shy and analyze yourself.
  • average: You are balanced and easily adapt to the environment.

3. If the force with which you press the pen when writing is:

  • large: It means commitment and serious treatment. However, if the pressure is too strong, a person may be very tense at times and react nervously to whatever they see as criticism of her, even if it was not really the intent of the interlocutor. Such people react first and then think.
  • small: Indicates sensitivity to the environment and empathy in relation to others. However, if the pressure is uneven, it may mean that there is no vital force.

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4. If the upper-level letters you write (l, t, h, etc.):

  • reach high up: This means that you are ambitious and strive to achieve your goals, but if these letters are too high – it means too high a bar.
  • they are proportional compared to the letters of the lower level: This means that you like to analyze everything and make a reasonable use of your imagination. If you write a wide loop at the top when writing letters like “l”, it means you have a tendency to come up with different original things.

5. If the lower-level letters you write (g, y, j, etc.) have petioles:

  • simple: It means impatience in completing the task.
  • not closed, in the shape of a bow: They mean avoiding aggression and confrontation.
  • written tight and closed, creating a full loop: it means a lot of energy, sensuality and the ability to earn money.
  • written lightly and closed in a full loop: they mean the need for security.
  • they have different shapes: you are emotionally unstable and you need to define your true self.

6. If the distance between words is:

  • large: This means that between the lines you inform others that you need more space for yourself
  • small: Means you need closeness to others. If the magazine lacks finesse, it means that you are a nosy person.

7. If the distance between successive lines of text is:

  • large: this means you need to take a distance and look at things from a greater distance
  • small: it means that you are close to events, if your writing has a rather loose structure, it means that you can keep cool even in stressful situations

8. Middle-level letters (a, c, e, etc.)

The shape of these letters can provide some valuable information. The letters of the middle level represent ego – thanks to them, you get information about how a person behaves and what he feels when he is in public places.

Some people use only one type of writing, but in others, there may be two different styles of writing or more. This means that these people take different masks depending on the environment in which they are. The curve along which the letters of the middle level are arranged is also very important. You will find more information below.

9. Letters located on an arch bent upwards

If the letters of the middle level in each word rise more and more to form the shape of a concave arch. People writing in this way are loyal, caring, independent and trustworthy. They use common schemes. If they choose, they can also be stubborn and unseen. They are hypocrites.

10. Letters located on the arch bending down

The reverse of the situation described above. Letters forming individual words curve in a convex arc, falling at the ends. A person with this type of writing likes to serve other people and get involved in various matters.

11. Letters on a straight line or at an angle

Letters in words are not bent in an arc but arranged along an inclined upward or downward straight line. This type of writing is an analytical type, it means an inquisitive person. Such a person will be the best at working on various types of business projects. In contrast to the type described in the previous step, it does not display care and educational features.

12. Letters on a curve in the shape of a wave

It is a mix of other forms and is usually characterized by mature people with a large skill package. Such people will prove themselves in many different areas and are able to adapt to every situation. They are a source of knowledge, have excellent adaptation abilities.

If you’ve ever wondered what your handwriting says about you, in this article you’ve certainly discovered some psychological facts. Thanks to that, you learned more interesting things about yourself.

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What Your Handwriting Says About You (And Your Personality)?


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