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How to Clean Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain is the strongest and most durable material the fashion industry gets of an animal, but how to clean it?

At Gentleman Zone we know that with time, full-grain Leather develops a patina, which is a soft finish that develops through use and exposure. It is what gives leather depth and character. Since the grain is extremely breathable, it resists moisture quite well.

Whatever full-grain leather products you own, you need to take special care of those items. To keep the beauty, durability, and luster of full-grain leather, they need proper maintenance.

Not all men are skilled in cleaning, so read on to understand the specifics of full-grain leather products and how to clean right!

How To Clean Premium Full-Grain Leather Shoes & Boots

manly leather boots to clean

Full-grain leather boots require delicate and gentle care, or you risk devastating a beautiful pair!

  • Remove the laces so it’s easy to reach the corners of your leather boots.
  • Use a brush with stiff pig-hair bristles and remove excess dirt off them.
  • Wipe the shoes down with a damp cloth.
  • Use a leather cleaner to remove lingering dirt, while still slightly damp.
  • Work the cleaner into the leather.
  • Clean the tongue and crevices around the lace grommets.
  • Let boots sit for a day before conditioning.
  • Choose a conditioner to add a nice finish and prolong footwear life.
  • Apply a small amount to a clean cloth and rub it into the leather.
  • Coat your boots evenly and you don’t leave any spots.
  • Let boots sit for a few hours once conditioned.
  • Then take a clean cloth and wipe once more.
  • Impregnate and apply a waterproofing agent if you notice that leather boots are no longer waterproof.
  • Choose between silicone spray, old-school beeswax, or a liquid-based wax to bring your boots back to their former glory!

Check our guide on winter shoes:

How To Clean and Maintain Your Winter Boots

How To Clean A Full-Grain Leather Wallet

More than a simple accessory in the life of men, a stylish leather wallet is an essential part of the gentleman’s toilette. But beautiful leather needs beauty care.

To clean your wallet:

  • Get a dry cloth.
  • Gently wipe down the leather to remove excess dust and dirt.
  • Choose a cleaner that is suitable for full-grain leather.
  • Apply it on a soft cloth and rub the leather in a circular motion.
  • Work it with a slightly damp cloth so the pores of the leather don’t clog.

The next stage to cleaning a leather wallet is conditioning.

  • Apply the product to a clean cloth,
  • Gently rub over the entire leather wallet.
  • Take special care around any embellishments!

We advise you to clean and condition your full-grain leather wallet at least twice a year. This way you’ll preserve the longevity and natural beauty of your leather piece.

How To Clean A Full-Grain Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with full-grain mens leather jackets! manly leather jackets hanging in a wardrobe

Men all around the world lean toward leather jackets to amp up the style. But in order to keep your full-grain leather jacket in pristine condition for years to come, delicate maintenance is crucial.

So, how to clean your jacket and restore it to its former glory?

  • Take your time to research and buy the right product for cleaning leather jackets.
  • Pour a small amount of it directly on your clean cloth.
  • Test on the inside, so you’re sure it’s risk-free.
  • Spot treat and make sure there is no damage or discoloration of the leather.
  • Rub the cleaner in small, circular motions through the entire jacket evenly.
  • Let your leather jacket dry for at least a day before you proceed with the next step.
  • When the jacket is completely dry, move on to the conditioning phase.

Remember, full-grain leather can dry out and deteriorate if you don’t treat it properly.

To avoid this, we recommend using a conditioner as these products prolong life and maintains the good looks.

How to condition leather jackets:

  • Start with a soft, slightly damp applicator and pour a generous amount of the leather conditioner on it.
  • Work it into the leather delicately, with concentric movements.
  • Apply the conditioner evenly throughout the entire jacket.
  • Give your leather jacket at least 12 hours to dry out when done with conditioning.
  • Polish the jacket for a finishing touch.
  • Use a clean cloth and rub the polisher into the leather with light, circular motions.
  • Don’t overdo. Only light polishing is necessary to make the jacket look as good as new.

How To Clean Leather Furniture – Couch, Sofa, Chair?

Leather couches, leather chairs, and other leather furniture give your space a luxurious and elegant feel.

To preserve the condition of your leather furniture, though, you need to learn proper leather care.

Read on and learn how to clean full-grain leather furniture:

  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove dust, crumbs, and other debris.
  • Use the soft upholstery brush so you don’t mar the leather.
  • Wipe it with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Gently rub stains over with a damp rag, soaked with a small amount of mild soap.
  • Use all-natural soap and avoid harsh chemicals which can be harmful to full-grain leather.
  • Use a special full-grain leather cleaner for stubborn stains and spills.
  • Avoid store-bought, all-purpose cleaners as they could strip leather of its natural oils. This dries leather out and it eventually cracks.

It’s always good to apply a leather conditioner to protect your leather furniture and preserve its looks, but not just any product and any leather.

Carefully read manufacturer instructions for application tips, because guidelines may vary by product.

We recommend you condition your full-grain leather furniture at least twice a year.

Spray the product onto a dry cloth and rub it into the surface of your leather furniture in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

How to Clean Men’s Leather Bags

Just as with all above, having the right product, patience, persistence, and love is a must.

Cleaning Full-grain Leather – The Bottom Line

Full-grain leather stands for strength, beauty, and character because of its natural essence, but it’s mandatory to spend time, effort, and love for proper cleaning and care.

With this guide, we aim to help you maintain and get the most of luxurious leather.

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How to Clean Full-Grain Leather


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