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How to Raise a Boy to Be a Gentleman

As a parent of a young and carefree boy, you are responsible to guide your son on the path of gentlemanship as he grows older and his personality evolves.

Your contribution as a role model is crucial for the evolution of a true gentleman. Not only you lead by example, but you provide an environment and time that your son needs to learn about true values and integrity.

Truth is, it takes hard work, efforts, and patience to help your son become a proper gent. That’s because to be a gentleman means to have a wild set of positive qualities. It’s more than just good looks and manners. Gentlemanliness about the attitude a man has towards both other people and himself.

It’s up to you to prepare your son to be a gentleman. It’s most efficient if you start during early childhood to determine his moral as a grown-up. Remember to educate and lead, but be tolerant and understanding, too.

We, at Gentleman Zone, are aware of how important, responsible, and challenging this task is. That’s why we want to share some useful techniques to help you raise a young honourable man.

What It Means to Be a Gentleman in Today’s World

To be a modern-day gentleman is beyond having money, nice suits, or a fit body. What defines a gentleman nowadays is his frame of mind.

A real gentleman has a desire to get to know and interact with the world around him. He wants to have a positive impact on it. He aspires to gain intellectual and cultural experience and to carry a conversation.

A true gent treats people with courtesy and is capable of empathy. He is a self-conscious man who stands for his principles and beliefs, while still accepts and respects different opinions.

Young boys develop these positive traits and develop gentleman behaviour thanks to natural learning. Essential to natural learning are effective parenting and influence.

Ways to Help Your Son to Become a Gentleman

  • Encourage empathy;
  • Acceptance/open mindedness;
  • Difference between arrogance and confidence;
  • Actions matching words;
  • Have good work ethic/ be a sportsman;
  • Teach to listen;
  • Make eye contact, shake hands;
  • Do housework;
  • Lead by example.

Learn How to Treat Women Properly

A defining feature of a gentleman is his attitude towards a lady.

According to,  it’s kind and thoughtful to bring her flowers, open the door, and pull the chair for her, but there’s more.

Make sure to guide your son on how to communicate with a female. A true gent talks to and listens to a woman. He shows understanding and support.

Gentlemen are considerate to what a woman feels and needs. It’s important that a man provides her with confidence and protects her, but doesn’t underestimate nor judge.

Teach Your Son Respect

A real gentleman is courteous not only to women but to people in general.

  • Tell your kid to be kind to everyone, especially elderly people, teachers, etc. no matter the circumstances.
  • Let him know that he is free to disagree with others but still be respectful.
  • Explain that offensive words and rude attitude are the wrong way to treat others.
  • Don’t tolerate it if your boy misbehaves towards someone and scold him, so he learns.

Teach Your Boy Politeness and Manners

Every gentleman uses greetings and polite phrases like “please”, “excuse me”, “thank you”, and speaks with the right tone.

  • Use such words regularly when you speak with your youngster, so they become a habit.
  • Practice at home is essential. It helps to establish other polite manners, too.
  •  Show your son the proper way to sit at the table.
  • Remind him to use his spoon or fork, not hands, and to chew with his mouth closed.
  • Teach him other simple stuff like to wait his turn in the line, to be nice when he talks to strangers, etc.

A man with good table manners always makes a pleasant impression.

Advise Your Boy to Help Others

To teach your little one the basic courtesy of a gentleman, make sure that he learns to help others.

Encourage the young one on simple acts like to gentlemanly offer his seat to a pregnant women, carry groceries for an old lady, shoveling snow for an elderly neighbour, etc.

Tell him that even such small acts of kindness make a positive difference in someone’s long day. Your son should also know that even if someone seems like they don’t need help, it’s right to at least offer your assistance and help.

Encourage Honesty

To turn your mini-man into an honourable grown-up, teach him to tell the truth.

Honesty is a quality that speaks for courage and confidence. A gentleman doesn’t keep secrets or hide his mistakes. The true gentleman is aware that it’s not honourable to cover something with a lie.

A real gent is not afraid to be honest.

Raising a Gentleman – Conclusion

This develops self- confidence because your son will go into all situations, from eating at a friend’s house to going on a job interview (later in life), knowing what’s expected of him. He won’t sit there wondering what to do, which dissolves self-confidence. He’ll have an improved image and it will give him an edge.

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How to Raise a Boy to Be a Gentleman


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